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Born to a musical family in rural Wales, Greta Isaac started writing songs as a child, often in her native Welsh language. The poetic traditions and storytelling of her homeland continue to shape and influence her artistic process; one that has culminated in her forthcoming EP “Pessimist” due out next spring.

Cramming joy, sorrow and hope into each of her explosive pop tracks, Greta Isaac is about to embark on the release of a collection of songs written across an 18-month period of self-reflection.

Greta, with other writers and producers wrote in their bedrooms, tracked vocals in tiny box studios and worked on the tracks bit by bit over months and months, letting them breathe before coming back to them when it felt right. Her first offering “Power” combines a sharp message with choral arrangements and minimal background music; an almost a cappella song about the effect of poisoned compliments. Singer-songwriter, Greta Isaac, expresses the effect of poisoned compliments in her commanding new single “Power”.

Greta says, “This is about how I feel being looked at as a woman and how I can feel useless without the affirmation of the male gaze. Each line starts as a compliment then slowly transitions to sinister promises. The idea of being complimented about my appearance and when I haven’t accepted them, or actively challenged them, my appearance and my femininity is used as a weapon against me”.

‘Pessimist‘ is the lead track from Welsh Singer Songwriter Greta Isaac’s forthcoming EP. Built upon insistent nagging guitar loops, beguiling multi faceted vocals and bombastic choruses that have hints of Taylor Swift, releasing the frustration and self annoyance at constantly dragging yourself down. It comes after an 18-month period of artistic and personal self-reflection for Isaac. She says: “I wrote this song about seeing the contrast between having this very childlike carefree mindset and that suddenly switching into this negative, exhausted state of mind. This song is a perspective song, an ode to myself.” Fantasically refreshing! 

With her clear talent for crafting the catchiest of pop melodies, the forthcoming EP Pessimist takes influence from the poetic traditions of the musical family in rural Wales where she grew up. Now in London and working closely with writers and producers like Martin Luke Brown and Matt Zara, this new single becomes especially personal for Greta with its bedroom written lyrics and tiny box studio recordings. 


With their songs appearing on Black Mirror and Made In Chelsea before their debut album was even released, Kidsmoke are proving that there’s plenty of life in guitar music yet. Echoing the sounds and mood of both The War On Drugs and The Cure in equal measure, the North Wales five-piece have stumbled upon a brand of glistening guitar-pop and heartlands rock that is packed to the rafters with shimmering arpeggiated guitar melodies and lustrous, beautifully crafted rhythms and vocal hooks. By way of a bright blue beginner’s guitar Sophie Ballamy tells us how it all began, “When I was about 13 a few of my friends at school were learning guitar and I just thought it was the coolest thing ever.

My Dad is pretty handy on guitar, but I’d somehow never known about that before, so when I mentioned I’d like to learn he dug out an old electric guitar from somewhere that my uncle had built. That was it, I was hooked. I’m not sure what that guitar was or where it is now – all I know is that it was bright blue, and I immediately wanted to be Jimi Hendrix.” I tend to play quite intricate, melodic guitar parts for Kidsmoke so I think that’s where that comes from. For me, it’s most important to put down what’s right for the song, so whatever I end up playing it’s always carefully considered.

There were a lot of different influences really, but I think you can hear how much we love 80s bands like The Cure, Prefab Sprout and The Smiths – there’s a balance of light and dark that runs through a lot of our work and you can definitely hear that in those bands.

Kidsmoke are proud to present “The Bluest You”, from their album ”A Vision In The Dark” (released via Libertino Records, 2020)

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Welsh four-piece Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard have shared their new single ‘Double Denim Hop’ via Communion Records.

Premiered by Steve Lamacq on his BBC Radio 6 Music show, the new single was written by frontman and guitarist Tom Rees shortly after moving back to his hometown Barry after finishing university and “just bathing in melodrama as I worked out what I was going to do with the rest of my life like any other straight edge 21 year old who should have maybe spent a couple more years partying, just to loosen up a little.” For new friends and rockers, this song is our pride and joy, really the formation of us. For long time rockers, we’ve created a disco version too, to keep your feet moving, with a hot new vid shot by us in isolation,

The original track and a new disco version of ‘Double Denim Hop’ are both out now.

“I went on a real big disco trip when I was 18/19, I actually played in a disco band called Chronic Strut at that time too which I had completely forgotten about until right this second,” Rees adds on the dancefloor version. “This journey through disco offered a bit of a fresh perspective on the ‘70s rock vibe, just because it seemed to be a bit more energetic and above all, positive. Listening to a lot of early ‘70s Lennon can really make you cynical and bitter, so it’s good to have some Kool and the Gang to balance it out, plus with K and the G you get to go outside and dance with other people, as opposed to crying for John Lennon alone in your bedroom.”

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard release their debut EP ‘The Non-Stop’ on July 10th

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Esoteric Antenna are delighted to announce the release of “State Of Dystopia”, the wonderful new album by Son Of Man. The album is the long awaited follow up to the band’s acclaimed self-titled debut album issued in 2016.

Hailing from the heartlands of Welsh rock, Son Of Man features members drawn from legendary Welsh bands, namely George Jones (Guitars & Vocals), Bob Richards (Drums & Vocals), Glenn Quinn (Guitars, Bass & Vocals) Richie Galloni (Lead Vocals) and Marco James (Keyboards & Vocals) Featuring former members of MAN and Sassafras, playing original music along with the music of founding MAN member Micky Jones. . They have earned much acclaim for their powerful live concerts and now this established classic rock band bring you their second album – State of Dystopia.  A State of Dystopia is defined as an imagined state or society in which there is great suffering or injustice. Typically, one that is totalitarian or post-apocalyptic. The album is an eclectic mix of original tracks laced with the themes of life and love, war, peace and hope. The band’s trademark guitar sound and melodic harmonies is present, along with a powerful rhythm section, tempered with tides of keyboards and one of the greatest voices in rock today. State of Dystopia is a fine rock album for our times.

Band Members
George Jones,
Bob Richards,
Glenn Quinn,
Marco James,
Richie Galloni,

It gives us great pleasure to announce our new album “State of Dystopia is availiable for pre-order now via Esoteric Recordings / Cherry Red Records

ADWAITH – ” Lan y Môr “

Posted: February 17, 2020 in MUSIC
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Carmarthen’s own Welsh Music Prize winning wonders, Adwaith. The post-punk trio took time out from working on their second album and a hectic touring schedule (including an upcoming date in Russia of all places!), to release their re-interpretation of the Welsh folk-song, Ar Lan y Môr, translating as On The Waterfront.

If the lyrics are traditional folk, the music couldn’t be much further removed, building around surfy-guitars and a delightfully fuzzy bass line, which, without accusing anyone of plagiarism, could have been lifted straight from Belle And Sebastian’s brilliantly trippy number, Legal Man. Like all the best cover versions, Adwaith take something they love and make it entirely their own; proudly Welsh, defiantly creative, and, as they always are, utterly wonderful.


Lan y Môr is out now via Libertino Records.

Be it on her more minimalist, acoustic-leaning 2009 debut album Me Oh My or critically acclaimed, liquid-riffed 2013 LP Mug Museum as well as 2016’s Crab Day, Cate Le Bon’s solo work – and indeed also her production work, such as that carried out on recent Deerhunter album Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? (2019) – has always resisted pigeonholing, walking the tightrope between krautrock aloofness and heartbreaking tenderness; deadpan served with a twinkle in the eye, a flick of the fringe and a lick of the Telecaster. The multifaceted nature of Le Bon’s art – its ability to take on multiple meanings and hold motivations which are not immediately obvious – is evident right down to the album’s very name, Reward. “Cate Le Bon writes songs in the absurdist tradition, as both as an escape and a mirror to the world. Her music is elliptical and sparse, using familiar sounds—chiming electric guitar, saxophone—to create her own alien landscape. ‘Daylight Matters’, the swooning first single from her new album Reward, isn’t so much a reinvention as it is a grand unveiling.”

The Welsh singer/songwriter/guitarist Cate Le Bon released a new album, Reward, this year via Mexican Summer. It was among our essential new releases . Now that the album is out, one of its best album tracks that wasn’t already released as a pre-release single, album opener “Miami.” Le Bon’s music is hard to define, she’s truly her own artist, and “Miami” is fantastic introduction to Reward.

Previously Le Bon shared Reward’s first single, “Daylight Matters,” as well as a video for “Daylight Matters.” Then she shared another new song from the album, “Home to You,” via a video for the track. Le Bon doesn’t feature in the video directed by Phil Collins (no, not that Phil Collins). It was filmed in Lunik IX neighborhood of Košice (Eastern Slovakia), which houses a Roma community who, as a press release states, “due to successive governmental and municipal policies, often live in slums and on isolated, dilapidated estates. Then she shared another song from the album, “The Light” .

In terms of her solo work, Reward is the follow-up to 2016’s Crab Day, although last year she also released Hippo Lite, her second album with DRINKS, a collaboration with Tim Presley of White Fence. 

Le Bon has spent a year living in isolation in the Lake District in the UK, by day making wood furniture and by night playing piano and writing songs. “There’s a strange romanticism to going a little bit crazy and playing the piano to yourself and singing into the night,” Le Bon said in a previous press release.

Of the album title, Le Bon said: “People hear the word ‘reward’ and they think that it’s a positive word, and to me it’s quite a sinister word in that it depends on the relationship between the giver and the receiver. I feel like it’s really indicative of the times we’re living in where words are used as slogans, and everything is slowly losing its meaning.”

The album features Stella Mozgawa of Warpaint, H. Hawkline, and Samur Khouja. The latter co-produced Reward with Le Bon.

Novo will be performing at SXSW 2019

Novo Amor, a.k.a. singer-songwriter Ali Lacey, pieces together his songs using only the finest and most fragile organic ingredients: lightly plucked acoustic guitars and banjos, tender bits of piano, subtle string sweeps. But most exquisite of all is Lacey’s own falsetto — imagine Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, but more straightforwardly angelic — Novo Amor sends the whole arrangement hurtling heavenward.


The Welsh multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter whose 2018 album “Birthplace” is packed full of cinematic soundscapes undercut with more than a little melancholy.

Lifted from the ‘Bathing Beach’ EP out May 26th on vinyl and digital

KIDSMOKE – ” Passenger “

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Kidsmoke is performing at SXSW 2019.

The first sound to jump out from Kidsmoke’s “Passenger” is that clear, fluid guitar line — it could have been transplanted directly from a Cure album 30 years ago, and damned if it isn’t irresistible. From there, the Welsh pop-rock band cycles through an array of sweet and sunny hooks, each more glimmery than the one before. Imagine Real Estate with a bit more pep and a bit less nostalgic melancholy, and there you have it: a summery, shined-to-a-sheen jewel that’d elicit smiles in any era.


Kidsmoke’s songs to-date are like exquisite, detail-rich pastoral-pop miniatures” – The Sunday Times

Kidsmoke are Lance (Vocals/Guitar), James (Bass/Vocals), Sophie (Guitar/Vocals) and Ash (Drums). Their shimmering brand of dreamy indie-pop has seen them make waves in their native North Wales.