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We’ve really enjoyed Constructive Summer the past few months especially the shows where we play Stay Positive from front to back. It’s been thrilling to play songs we haven’t tackled a lot in the past 10 years and we hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have. Now we’re excited to announce in celebration of 10 years of Stay Positive, a reissue of the album on vinyl that’s been put together with our friends at Vagrant Records. Here’s the rundown on the 10 Year Anniversary Deluxe Edition:

—3LP Triple Gatefold w/Die Cut Jacket
—Cut at 45RPM
—Original Album Plus 8 B-sides
—Remastered by Dave Gardner
—Limited Edition Colored Vinyl

The official street date is December 7th. Keep your eyes open for an opportunity to order the album on limited edition colored vinyl directly, with the option to purchase a vintage reissue Stay Positive t-shirt and poster.

There are still a limited amount of tickets available for the first two shows of Massive Nights III at Brooklyn Bowl November 28 & 29. As with previous Massive Nights shows at Brooklyn Bowl, we’ll have surprise openers each night and the Wednesday, November 28th show will be a Stay Positive celebration, with the album being performed in full. Thanks for listening, thanks for understanding and….Stay Positive!
The Hold Steady

The Hold Steady crush New York City from this West 4th Street rooftop, busting out the hits from their album Stay Positive. And yup, if you’re wondering, the gong actually does get used.

The Hold Steady – Stay Positive [Reissue/2880] 3xLP (Vagrant)
10th anniversary reissue on 3xLP triple gatefold with die cut jacket. Cut at 45rpm for audiophiles. Includes original album, rarities, plus three never before released tracks.

Today marks the anniversary of the release of Boys and Girls in America. People often mention to me that this album had a huge impact on them.

The Hold Steady made a new generation of indie kids feel like they were reborn when they first heard Boys and Girls In America. Released October. 3rd, 2006, it was the Brooklyn band’s third album turned them into darlings of the indie rock world. It was among the Best Album’s of 2006. The Guardian gave it five out of five stars, saying, “Finn’s lyrics, combining precise observation with poetic sensibility — he is an astonishing writer — would mean less without the power of the band behind him.”

While Separation Sunday had done really well , Boys & Girls kicked everything into a higher gear- more shows, bigger shows, more travel, more craziness. Craig Finn explains

The album was the first written with Franz and piano fully integrated into the band. We were also coming off a lot of touring for SepSunday, and had built and tested a well oiled rock and roll machine (and also a well oiled rock and roll lifestyle). We had fans that were eagerly awaiting the next release- that was new. And we worked with a top notch producer in John Agnello, who brought out some things that we hadn’t previously thought of. The recording at Water Music in Hoboken was an absolute blast. One thing that I still marvel at is “You Can Make Him Like You”– it came together in about 10 minutes, and still is a song I love to play.

A lot of the praise was centered on frontman’s Craig Finn’s ability to use Springsteen-like storytelling and instrumentation to tell tales of modern skater kids, hood rats and druggies. Boys and Girls in America sounded like a punk rock take on Darkness On The Edge Of Town there’s a piano break in opening track “Stuck Between Stations” so reminiscent of E Streeter Roy Bittan that for a moment the song could be a Boss outtake.

Finn acknowledged the similarities even while pushing back against them

“Obviously that classic bar-rock thing is something we go for, and Springsteen has done it very well,” Finn said. “But I hate to make such a one-to-one comparison because a lot has happened musically since the E Street Band made those records 30 years ago.” “I think the [Springsteen] comparison ends with the guitars,” guitarist Tad Kubler said

He was right, a lot had happened. And nearly every trend in straight-ahead rock ‘n’ roll was absorbed by the Hold Steady to make Boys and Girls in America. Obviously alternative icons such as the Clash and the Replacements but so were mainstream rock in ’70s bands like Kiss and particulary Cheap Trick sounds, fans found plenty to dig on the LP. Perhaps one of the reasons this album still connects with people is that Boys and Girls in America STILL have such a sad time together. Some of the mysteries discussed on this album are far from being solved.

Early adopters of the album championed this hybrid style and its rejection of the strutting, preening soundtrack of New York. The album gave the Hold Steady a massive cult following, but it didn’t turn them into stars. Finn believed that their less-commercial sound may have proved difficult in turning their critical acclaim into massive sales.

Still, for a moment, it seemed as if the band would become huge, and the Hold Steady became the first band in 15 years to make the cover of the Village Voice. The Boys and Girls in America tour unfolded with a feel of you-gotta-see-this-band-before-they-are-huge.

But for the band, it still represented a watershed moment — selling 100,000 physical copies isn’t something most rock bands can do these days. And thankfully, a cult can keep a career alive for a long time.

We are so happy to share our new record “Something More”. We poured everything we could into every song. And now it feels so good to know that they are your songs just as much as they are ours. This record came out of yearning for something more from this often insane world. Now we hope that you pass it on. Listen as loud as you possibly can. Scream along in the car. Keep in touch. Let us know how you feel after listening. Let’s grow together. And as always, thank you for always supporting our band.
Van, Sara, Brian, Greg, And Wales

MOLLY IS A BABE Video! Sometimes its hard to come up with an idea for a music video. That was certainly not the case for “Molly Is A Babe.” Ever since we all started touring together, we fell in love with Reno and went out of our way to stay there whenever we could. Its such a glorious mess of flashy lights and empty hotel rooms. We’ve been daydreaming and brainstorming ideas and excuses to shoot a video there for years. Luckily, Reno also inspired our new song,

Band Members
Van Pierszalowski
Brian DaMert
Greg Sellin
Andrew Wales
Sara DaMert

The New Album ‘SOMETHING MORE!’ Available Now


Electronic artist and singer Pat Grossi, more commonly known as Active Child, has been rather inactive musically since the release of his pivotal debut album “You Are All I See” back in 2011. However, Pat is readying for his triumphant return on to the scene with his upcoming sophomore effort Mercy, which is set to be out on June 16th via Vagrant Records. Last month he released the delicate first single off of the project entitled “1999”, and today he has decided to follow it up with the second single “Never Look Back”. 

This track is a bit more upbeat than “1999” but is just as emotional. His brand of atmospheric R&B is just as potent as it was 4 years ago, as Pat effectively blends bits of distorted guitar licks and faint drums seamlessly with his airy falsetto resulting in a poignant collage of sound.


The New Album ‘What’s Real’ Available April 7th, 2015, “What’s Real” sees the San Francisco band pull together one of the catchier indie rock songs I’ve heard in a little while. The end result is something demonstrably “their own.” The group churns out frenetic pop anthems like nobody’s business, and though they’ve moved to Los Angeles, We’re only 8 days away from the release of Waters’ album What’s Real (not that I’m counting or anything), and to celebrate, the San Francisco quintet have unveiled the title song. Frontman Van Pierszalowski recently said that he wanted “What’s Real” to feel “almost gospel-like in the verses, and then explode into the choruses.” Sure enough he achieves exactly that on this explosive power pop anthem, which Pierszalowski added was “about separating from your fake friends and finding real ones” – something I’m sure many of us can associate with.

The group is heading out on tour with Matt & Kim this spring in the US , but not before announcing their newest release via Vagrant Records,

“I wanted to write songs about heartbreak, about finding clarity about feeling stuck in your hometown,” says front man Van Pierszalowski about the album. “And I wrote it with the hope that people connect with it in a visceral way. In an emotional way.”  That’s a notion prevalent in WATERS sound it’s real, and sometimes it’s written in anguish, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dance along to it.

“Stupid Games” below, is a prime example of that. Listen below, and grab the album when it drops April 7.

and some more songs from the album “Whats Real”


Justin Townes Earle played a couple of songs from ‘Single Mothers’ Album for Rhapsody .Justin Townes Earle  is an American singer-songwriter and musician. Earle recently signed with Vagrant Records and has released five albums with Bloodshot Records since 2007. He released the album Single Mothers in September 2014 on Vagrant records with a follow up album named Absent Fathers released in January 2015. He is also the son of prolific alternative country artist Steve Earle, and is named after Townes Van Zandt. 


Once compared to a man who wears many suits, in thirty-two short years Justin Townes Earle has experienced more than most, both personally and professionally Between releasing four full-length-critically-acclaimed albums, constant touring, multiple stints in rehab, a new found sobriety, being born Steve Earle’s son, amicable and not-so-amicable break-ups with record labels, and facing the trials and tribulations of everyday life, it’s safe to say JTE has quite the story to tell. His fifth album (Vagrant Records) serves as the perfect platform for such narrations. Entitled “Single Mothers”, the album showcases exactly why Justin Townes Earle is considered a forefather of Contemporary Americana. With his heart and soul still rooted in Nashville, Single Mothers shows Justin’s continued combination of catchy songs and authenticity. The album was recorded live with his four-piece touring band with only days of rehearsal leading up to recording to keep the ideas fresh. No overdubs, no other singers, no additional players – just a real, heartfelt performance capturing the moment. Justin will be at the Nottingham Glee Club on the 4th February with the added bonus of Andrew Combs as support a more than worthy headliner on his own


Americana singer-songwriter Justin Townes Earle is back with a new album, Single Mothers, on a new label, Vagrant Records.
Justin is the son of the artist Steve Earle, but lived with his mother, Carol Ann Hunter, from the age of 2 onward. We’ll talk about Single Mothers, about his struggles with sobriety, and about why he keeps himself so busy. Justin Townes Earle performs “My Baby Drives” for a World Cafe Session with host, David Dye. Recorded at WXPN in Philadelphia on 9/11/14.