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In Another Life marks the third studio album for Active Child, the first in 5 years. Since 2017, we’ve been getting glimpses of a project in the works but never a full album. Alas, the wait is over and fans get 10 fresh and epic new songs from the harpist who’s falsetto is a work of art. I was trying to come up with an RIYL to some friends and he is really hard to pindown. My mashup was “James Blake, Antony & The Johnsons, Rhye, Joanna Newsom, Craft Spells & Jonquil were put in a blender, then something like Active Child might pop out, maybe” Crude, but whatever.

The eponymous single is simply remarkable. Starting softly and slowly building to a more broader, deeper sound until the climax of the full band gives way to a cascade of simplicity at the end is really some excellent composition. The ride is complete with operatic vocalization that moves your inner being in ways that haven’t been done since “A Seat at the Table” or “Limit to Your Love”.

Thankfully the album doesn’t just put out one stellar track but oscillates from one track to the next providing a steady stream but slower, melodic songs to more electro pop like sounds all being emphasized by strings and his harp. A major highlight is “Set Me Free” which grasps your soul and tugs hard on it, especially if you watch the music video. Another highlight is “Weightless” which is another song contemplating humanities worst inevitable fear, death and growing old. The song also has an unintentional double meaning for our current situation we are in with lyrics like: no contact / never ever leaves / stuck inside of me. The album rounds out with “Cruel World” which was originally dropped in 2017 but was never properly released until now. I found it an uplifting end to the album, basically pointing out how terrible the world is but it’s worth it to keep your head up because time is short.

Overall, the album is the type you put on, relax on the couch and listen to as if you were watching a well made TV show that is though provoking, has a well formulated story line, and gives you pause as you ponder life’s brutal nature.

Official Video by Active Child, from the new album ’In Another Life’


Electronic artist and singer Pat Grossi, more commonly known as Active Child, has been rather inactive musically since the release of his pivotal debut album “You Are All I See” back in 2011. However, Pat is readying for his triumphant return on to the scene with his upcoming sophomore effort Mercy, which is set to be out on June 16th via Vagrant Records. Last month he released the delicate first single off of the project entitled “1999”, and today he has decided to follow it up with the second single “Never Look Back”. 

This track is a bit more upbeat than “1999” but is just as emotional. His brand of atmospheric R&B is just as potent as it was 4 years ago, as Pat effectively blends bits of distorted guitar licks and faint drums seamlessly with his airy falsetto resulting in a poignant collage of sound.


Active Child has announced at last a new album titled “Mercy”, its the long-awaited follow up to his debut LP You Are All I See, here he shares the lead single “1999”.  Its been such a long time but that all changes with “Mercy”, though, which will see release on Vagrant Records in June. This new song is the first taste of the project we’re getting, and it sounds like there’s some awfully nice steel guitar in there. Active Child talks  about the song’s meaning:

It’s a song about growing up, a song about the fragility of love, and our instinctual, perpetual search for that someone. I can remember my little nieces and nephews laughing and playing in my studio the day i started work on what would become ‘1999.’ Their innocence and curiosity of everything inspired me that day. There’s a cycle to the song’s structure and lyrics, a repetition that is hypnotic I think, much like the cycle of growing up, its so easy to lose track of time, but always important I think to keep track of your own growth.”

The Los Angeles-based producer released his debut back in 2011, and although we had the “Rapor EP”  in 2013, we’ve been hankering for something more substantial for a fair old while now. Thankfully, Active Child‘s heard our calls, and is preparing his second album for the masses.

Live on KEXP, Active Child, Active Child is the working name of electronic music artist Pat Grossi. His debut album, “You Are All I See”, was released in 2011 and garnered substantial reviews from media outlets like Pitchfork Media and Drowned in Sound. ‘Rapor EP’ Available Now.