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Watch Lucy Dacus perform a few new songs from her new album ‘Historian’ at the PledgeHouse day stage. The extraordinary singer songwriter Lucy Dacus, is one of the most heavily-buzzed acts playing Austin this week. Some artists just have a presence, captivating listeners from the first note, and Lucy Dacus is very much among them. Whether her songs come in a quiet wash or a rocking churn, her powerful and expressive voice cuts like an airplane wing through atmosphere, pulling the music up and up and up. Songs like “Night Shift” — the title track to her new album Historian reward the attention with uneasy, engaging lyrics.

You might not have caught the buzz for Lucy Dacus’s superb released 2016 album ‘No Burden,’ but you’d have to have your head in the sand to miss the wild anticipation for her sophomore LP ‘Historian.’ Her lilting and confessional brand of indie-rock will make for a riveting live set.

Historian is a record that’s great for introspection and Thinking About Your Life™, but it’s also the perfect kind of music for a late afternoon outdoor set in Texas, Lucy Dacus’s music can feel like a bit of a slow burn, but the layered, aching guitars sound like they’re a lost recording session from every influential guitarist from the 90s. It’s great.

Songs performed: 0:57 Historians 4:22 Nonbeliever 12:55 Body to Flame 16:32 I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore

Welcome to the world of Natalie Prass co-produced by Matthew E. White. It looks a lot like our own, but it’s all painted in bright smears of blue and light pink. There are a lot more horns this time. The year of the ’70s singer-songwriter never really took off again, but Prass album certainly did, and that’s mainly due to the boundless creative energy she exhibits on her debut, where the limits are only as high as her ambition. The 2015 album from the Nashville-based singer/songwriter. Not only one of the sharpest up-and-coming songwriters in Nashville, Natalie Prass possesses a rare artistic method she infuses into all her endeavors. She handcrafts album artwork and flyers and organizes local vinyl listening parties/drawing sessions, and there appears to be little end to the homespun creativity of this bright young talent. She’s also no slouch in the pipes department either — the girl can sing. While her delicate alto evokes clear benchmarks of influence — see early Rilo Kiley, Feist, Karen Carpenter, etc. Natalie Prass never seems weighed down by the artists she’s absorbed. Instead, she has developed a refreshing guitar-grounded musical vocabulary and a knack for infectious and entrancing tunes. Still, it’s a spirit of invitation and friendship that continues to be Prass’ most pronounced attribute.

By crafting ornate, grandiose arrangements about heartbreak and loss and desire, she imbues all of these emotions with the dramatic flair they deserve.

Natalie’s live set also got better as the year went on, but she was never short of surprises throughout it all. One night at the Los Angeles’ Troubadour, Prass brought out Ryan Adams on stage for a couple songs that left the crowd speechless (and she was opening for San Fermin mind you). Prass essentially courses through the entirety of her brilliant debut album (Top Albums of 2015) and her incredible backing band is just as mesmerizing as she is. Trey Pollard on guitar, Michael Libramento on bass and Scott Clark on drums all—like Prass—hail from Richmond, Va. and are all essential to enacting Prass’s live experience. In late October, Natalie performed at a few of our festivals this year, her set was highly intimate. She had a few drinks in her and the confidence of her budding career came through with every joke and every gorgeous note as she was among  one of the best live performances I saw all year

Lucy Dacus Shares Second <i>Historian</i> Single, the Anthemic "Addictions"

Historian, will be the sophomore album from Richmond, Va. native Lucy Dacus, counting down the days until its March release. Our anticipation has only intensified with the release of “Addictions,” the second single from Dacus’ impending record.

The second track on Historian, “Addictions” is an honest, horn-assisted anthem, accompanied by a video directed by the singer-songwriter herself. Dacus, a former film student, was able to put her cinematic skills to use in the making of the video, in part a love letter to her native Richmond. A nameless protagonist explores the city, viewing it through a magical, black-and-white frame while reflecting upon her past. This visual device separates the reality of the present (the world of color) from the fantasies of the past (the black-and-white world), reinforcing the central idea of “Addictions”—how we come to rely upon substances, activities, places or people, and how hard it can be to leave them in the past. “You’ve got addictions too, it’s true,” Dacus insists as the song crescendos, forcing each one of us to look inward and take stock of all we’re holding on to.

Historian is out on March 2nd via Matador Records. You can revisit the album’s initial announcement—and its superlative first single, “Night Shift”

One of three records in this list which came out via the ever-excellent Keeled Scales label, Twain’s ‘Rare Feeling’ musters just that; the kind of stupefying reaction that comes from hearing a voice so piercing and true you wonder how it exists in the underground, such is the exquisite magic it possesses.

A wilting, lilting country-rock record, Twain is the working project of one Mt. Davidson, a creator of terrifically moving songs, with a name like a mountain and a voice that could move them from their very foundations. A rare and genuine find; a gleaming nugget of gold in a barrel of silt.


Indie-folk outfit Twain delivers an intimate set of songs. Paired with his guitar, he will send chills down your spines with beautiful renditions of songs off of his sophomore album “Rare Feeling”. He purges feelings of loneliness and confusion. He seamlessly strings together pitch-perfect musicality and raw emotion, exuding warmth with a quiet intensity.
With effortlessly stunning guitar and vocal riffs, he explores profound concepts in songs such as “Hank & Georgia,” which he states, “is the metaphor for the conflict between the masculine and feminine that one feels internally.” When he sings, he takes his time and sustains notes that evaporate into a whirlpool of emotion.

Band Members
executive Twains:
mt davidson 
peter urzo pezzimenti 
ken ‘2xh2odog’ woodward 

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We’re excited to announce the singing of VA-based band Gold Connections! Gold Connections’ debut EP was home-recorded in the spring of 2014 in Williamsburg, VA, and features production, engineering, and mixing by Will Toledo (Car Seat Headrest). It is comprised…“New Religion” is an animal of its own. Languid atmospherics give birth to howlingly aggressive rock ‘n’ roll.” “Just when you think great guitar music is on its way out, there’s always a track or two that keep you holding onto the thin threads that represent today’s indie-rock scene. Gold Connections’ new track “Icarus” is a solid reason to clutch hold of the great roots of guitar music, and to keep fighting for it to stay alive.”


Gold Connections – “New Religion”
Off the self-titled debut EP out March 31st on Fat Possum Records