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Tim Burgess has announced that his fifth solo album I Love The New Sky” will be available from 22nd May via Bella Union Records, celebrating the news with the release of its new lead track Empathy For The DevilHe’s also revealed a whole slew of live shows to take place across the UK and US between March and July.

Solo artist, singer, label boss, DJ and author, Burgess hasn’t let his role as The Charlatans frontman define him. Each of the tracks on the new album are self-penned. On his writing process, Burgess said that most of the creative process took place “in Norfolk, in the middle of the countryside, with the nearest shop eight miles away. There are no distractions, and I guess that way things happen. I wrote everything on acoustic guitar, and the chords were really considered. The guitar lines would lead the melody, and the melody would inform the lyrics – just dreaming away with music.”

Burgess worked with Grumbling Fur’s Daniel O’Sullivan—whose solo albums came out on Burgess’ label, O Genesis—to arrange and produce the new album, as well as help record the bass, drums and piano for all twelve of the new tracks.

I Love The New Sky will be available from 22nd May via Bella Union Records.

The Silver Field, is Coral Rose, her debut album, “Rooms”, out on Tim Burgess’s O Genesis Recordings that comes out this new year. Was recorded in Coral Rose’s bedroom using loops and layers generated by instruments such as the double bass, cello, guitar, mandolin, harmonium, harmonica and a bagpipe chanter, with her father’s old SPX-90 drenching the rich sounds in delays and reverts, Rooms is the introduction to the sound world of Coral Rose and friends. A touching sound collage patching together voice, tapes, bass, strings, reeds, drums, small sounds, big sounds, sunlight, moonlight, a lot of water.

Rooms is a coming out album in queer sense, and Rose feels it shows her encountering herself as an adult and more specifically, a human being. Coral Rose explains, “This plays out through the metaphor of leaving a house behind – a house of the stuff that builds up around you as you grow up – leaving that behind to make your own decisions about how to live. The last track, ‘Rooms’, is just a little snippet but to me it’s a moment of looking back, seeing it all in a new light with a different perspective from outside, seeing all the feelings and meanings that were once so all-encompassing as something different – as just part of the landscape.” The Silver Field takes the field recording techniques and moves them inside housing them in a touching patchwork of the homespun and the barely awake, magical.

Coral Rose co-opted mates Cathy Lucas from Vanishing Twin and Kiran Bhatt from Red River Dialect and has for “Rooms” embraced an earthy recording process, weaving real tape loops among digital time lines for a texture that’s off-kilter but on point. The reel to reel player used was picked up for a mere pound at a car boot after Coral spoke to the kindred spirited seller about Daphne Oram, and if you really concentrate you can hear the ghosts in the machine, warm warps and pleasing wobbliness. Literally home spun genius, and following on from some inspired recent releases on O Genesis.


The Brian Jonestown Massacre have revealed a new track, ‘Fact 67’ featuring Tim Burgess, along with new album ‘Don’t Get Lost’, which will be released on February 24th – just four months after the release of their last album ‘Third World Pyramid’.

Brian Jonestown Massacre premiere “Fact 67” the lead single from their forthcoming new album, “Don’t Get Lost”.

Featuring legendary Mancunian Tim Burgess, Fact 67 is the first single to be taken from the forthcoming album Don’t Get Lost, and sees The Charlatans frontman drape his iconic vocal over propulsive, hypnotic instrumentation.  The double LP – the 16th full-length release from BJM – will be available on 180grm yellow vinyl and was recorded and produced at Anton Newcombe’s new Cobra Studio in Berlin. Also joining the band on this album are Emil Nikolaisen from the Norwegian band Serena-Maneesh & Pete Fraser (The Pogues, New Young Pony Club) on saxophone; plus guest vocal performances from Tim Burgess (‘Fact 67’), Tess Parks (‘Groove Is In The Heart’, ‘Throbbing Gristle’, ‘Dropping Bombs On The Sun’), Shaun Rivers (‘One Slow Breath’) and Friederike Bienert (‘Ich Bin Klang’).


Tim Burgess


Signed special edition of Tim Book Two: follow-up to Telling Stories, the hugely successful memoir of Tim Burgess, singer of The Charlatans.
Limited to 500 copies in 2012, Tim published his hugely successful and critically acclaimed memoir, Telling Stories. Tim really enjoyed his new role as an author, and so here it is: Tim Book Two – a tale of Tim’s lifelong passion for records, the shops that sell them, and the people who make them. Designed by acclaimed artist Pete Fowler, signed by Tim Burgess and Pete Fowler with a foreward by Ian Rankin

“Tim Burgess is a crusader and vinyl’s epic voyager.
He knows why pop’s art, a culture and a cure. Learn and listen. He knows good things” – Johnny Marr