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There’s a lot going on for The Goon SaxShe Knows, the scorching first single from their wonderful and devastating second album We’re Not Talking has just been released. The album is available from the lovely people at Wichita recordings

The band are about to embark on a European tour with Franke Cosmos, a sold out headline show in London and their first US tour.

The Goon Sax are James Harrison, Louis Forster and Riley Jones from Brisbane. The band were Still in high school when they made their first album Up To Anything in 2016, their brand of awkwardly transcendent teenage guitar pop took them into end of year lists for BBC 6Music, Billboard and Rough Trade, and earned them rave reviews from the Guardian, Pitchfork, Spin, Uncut, Rolling Stone and elsewhere. According to Metacritic, Up To Anything was the 8th best-reviewed debut album anywhere in the world in 2016.

We are beyond delighted to welcome The Goon Sax to the Wichita family!


The Goon Sax are James Harrison, Louis Forster and Riley Jones from Brisbane, Australia.

Still in high school when they made their first album Up To Anything in 2016, their brand of awkwardly transcendent teenage guitar pop took them into end of year lists for BBC6, Billboard and Rough Trade, and earned them raves from the Guardian, Pitchfork, Spin, Uncut, Rolling Stone and elsewhere. According to Metacritic, Up To Anything was the 8th best-reviewed debut album anywhere in the world in 2016.

The Goon Sax toured UK and Europe twice on that record, played shows with Whitney, US Girls, Teenage Fanclub, Twerps and Blank Realm, graduated school, and then turned their focus to album number two. They flew to Melbourne to record with James Cecil and Cameron Bird, respectively former/current members of Architecture In Helsinki.
Upcoming album We’re Not Talking shows how much can change between the ages of 17 and 19. It’s a record that takes the enthusiasms of youth and twists them into darker, more sophisticated shapes, full of lines like “When the bus went past your house and past your stop my eyes filled with tears” and “I’ve got a few things above my bed but it feels so empty, I’ve got spaces to fill and we’re not talking.” Relationships are now laced with hesitation, remorse, misunderstanding and ultimately compassion. 


Strings, horns, even castanets sneak their way onto the album, but We’re Not Talking isn’t glossy throwaway pop. Sounds stick out at surprising angles, cow-bells become lead instruments and brief home-recorded fragments appear unexpectedly. This is a record made by restless artists, defying expectations as if hardly noticing, and its complexity makes We’re Not Talking even more of a marvel.

Releases September 14th, 2018
The Band
James – Guitar, Bass, keys, Vocals
Riley – Percussion, Vocals
Louis – Guitar, Bass, keys, Vocals
Lizzie Welsh – Violin
Biddy Connor – Viola
Madison Foley – TrumpetAll songs written by The Goon Sax. 

Brisbane’s celebrated strum’n’drum teens The Goon Sax  With upcoming dates in the UK, France, Germany and other exotic locales, Goon Sax are heading off into a stripy-shirted future of castles, pumperknickel, gondolas and warm beer, and who knows when they’ll be back!
Their 2016’s debut album “Up To Anything” brought the band crashing into hearts the world over, earning them end of year best of list nods from Bloggers,Billboard Magazine, BBC 6 and Rough Trade, and spots on bills all over europe including Brighton’s renowned Great Escape..the band might play a raft of new tracks destined for album number two.


One Of our favourite bands of the year was Brisbane teen-trio, The Goon Sax. The band continued in a fine lineage of Australian indie-pop heroes, from The Lucksmiths to Architecture In Helsinki, and not least The Go-Betweens, who’s member Robert Forster is the father of The Goon Sax’s Louis.

The music on Up To Anything, the band’s debut release is a sublime study on teenage living outside of the cool crowd; it revels in the mundane yet soul-crushing details of growing up, from getting dodgy haircuts off your mum, coming to terms with your sexual preferences and triumphantly tucking into ice cream on your own. Musically, their sound is lo-fi and delightfully unfussy; Boyfriend with its huge chorus and meandering guitars interludes cut through with pulsing rushes of bass and drums, the chugging electric guitars and melodic bass of Sweaty Hands, and the mass sing-along finale of the triumphantly un-triumphant Ice Cream, that is enough to bring a smile to even the most cynical of folk. Best of all is their first single, Sometimes Accidentally, blending a tumbling guitar line with low rumbling bass and perfectly primal drums, it seems to teeter on the edge of falling apart but cling on for its life, lyrically too it seems to be about everything and nothing all at once, even its grand statement seems delightfully unsure of itself, “I don’t care about much, but one of the things I care about is you.” The Goon Sax tap into all the insecurities and doubts of youth and they do so with such exquisite attention to detail, that as a listener you feel you are living those formative days all over again with them.

It’s been an excellent year so far for teenage Australian trio The Goon Sax; they’ve released a critically acclaimed debut album, Up To Anything, and are about to embark on their first UK tour, as well as performing on national radio for Marc Riley. To celebrate their first trip to Europe,

The Goon Sax are pretty special. The Australian trio hail from Brisbane, and their thin, wiry, poetic sound ranks alongside Galaxie 500, The Velvet Underground’s twilight third record, or The Go Betweens.
Too young to know any better, the teen sensations have stumbled onto fresh ground, with their lo-fi take enforcing a real sense of originality. In many ways Sweaty Hands is classic The Goon Sax, effortlessly inviting the listener into the world of teenage romance with all its awkwardness, boredom and self-doubt. Sweaty Hands is one of the albums finest moments, from the primal drum beat to the rolling bass lines its melodic simplicity shines, as Louis’ lyrics take us on a tour of his neighbourhood, his mind constantly drifting back to an un-introduced, “you”. His ability to make the most everyday situation sound like some grand romantic quandary is un-flashily stunning, “I think about you in the elevator alone, and all the things I won’t say when I get home”.
New album ‘Up To Anything’ is a pastoral, hazy, thrill of a record, with The Goon Sax set to follow this with a substantial UK tour.
Check out the video for ‘Sweaty Hands’ its the fourth and most likely final video from The Goon Sax’s debut album Up To Anything, released in March 2016 by Chapter Music on vinyl, CD and digital. Catch the Goon Sax on UK/Spain tour in September,

The Goon Sax

The Goon Sax, the Brisbane three-piece we first mentioned somewhile ago now, are heading to the UK for their first UK tour.
Following the release of their debut album ‘Up To Anything’ in April, the teens – Louis Forster, James Harrison and Riley Jones, all 17-18 years old – they make their first appearance in the UK on September 27th at London’s Shacklewell Arms. See all other dates below.

Tour dates:
22 Teatro del Arte, Madrid – Spain
23 Lata de Bombillas, Zaragoza – Spain
27 Shacklewell Arms, London
28 Headrow House, Leeds
29 Eagle Inn, Manchester
30 Mono, Glasgow

They also shared the new retro video for recent single and album title track, ‘Up To Anything’.

Singer Louis Forster had this to say about the track:

“‘Up To Anything’ is the second last song I wrote for the album of the same name. I remember sitting down on the couch in my living room, it was 2 in the afternoon, the middle of summer and I hadn’t changed out of my pyjamas yet. I was waiting for James to come over, and suddenly I was playing the riff, the rest of the song came very quickly after that. The lyrics were just a snapshot of my life, which at that time felt tiresome and slow. A few weeks later I showed it to the band, and it became the standard opener for our set.”

The LUMINEERS  –  Cleopatra

The Colorado folk rockers follow-up their surprise hit debut—no pressure at all—in an attempt to either become the American Mumford & Sons or keep it at arm’s length. Four years have passed since The Lumineers released their debut self-titled album. They hit the alternative landscape with such a strong force, it’s a surprise how long it took for them to return. Now after that long wait, the second album, called ‘Cleopatra’ is released. Frontman Wesley Schultz and co-founder Jeremiah Fraites got back to basics when it came time to write for the 11-track collection. And while the raw, jangly guitars, parlor-room piano chords, and marching band snare rolls from the first record remain intact, ‘Cleopatra’ has a welcome, added heft.
LP – Housed in Gatefold Sleeve.

ELIZA and the BEAR  –  Eliza and the Bear

Just in time to soundtrack your summer and beyond, five-piece Eliza and the Bear unveil their debut album ‘Eliza and the Bear’ and the new single ‘It Gets Cold’. With its fist-in-the-air sensibility and hopeful urgency, the song is both epic and intimate in equal measure. For fans of Of Monsters and Men, Mumford and Sons and Phoenix.

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FRIGHTENED RABBIT  –  The Painting of a Panic Attack

The fifth release from this Scottish indie rock band has occasioned some less-than-glowing notices, which I don’t understand at all. Certainly Scott Hutchison’s songs of alienation and confusion sound cleaner than they ever have, but he’s still the same fucked up witness to life’s messy emotions and whiplash curveballs. If the pristine production—which they’ve been working towards since the get-go—is what brings them to the masses, I can live with that. And so can you

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M83   –   Junk

Along with Daft Punk and Air, Anthony Gonzalez has done more to make French pop palatable to the international market than anyone. There was a time, not so long ago dear readers, when the idea of French rock and pop stars was a joke. Who’s laughing now, silly Americans?

Parquet Courts - Human Performance - Artwork

PARQUET COURTS  –   Human Performance

Like everyone else, I was turned onto this Brooklyn-by-way-of-Texas quartet upon exposure to their sophomore release, Light Up Gold, and it’s smart neo-indie, especially—again like everyone else—when I heard “Stoned and Starving” for the first time and immediately made it 20, 30, etc. Subsequent releases—either as Parquet Courts or Parkay Quarts—have made progress in tiny increments. Human Performanceis a giant step—not necessarily in composition, they’ve always been good at their Velvet Underground-meets-The Strokes vibe, but in production (which means they spent some time in the studio instead of just bashing the tunes out). Don’t worry. They haven’t turned into Muse or whatnot; but they’ve given some love and attention to the process, kind of like when Hüsker Dü signed to Warner Bros.

TELEMAN    –   Brilliant Sanity

Yet another in a long line of eccentric, fey voiced English pop bands and, bless ‘em all, they continue to tickle and entertain me. These guys are up there with Dutch Uncles and Field Music, so if you know or like those you have no excuse not to get on this. Teleman return with their second album on Moshi Moshi which was recorded by Dan Carey at his South London studio. The art of songwriting has been the driving force behind Teleman’s second album ‘Brilliant Sanity’: the process of crafting of the immaculate pop song, the dogged pursuit of the perfect hook. The result is an album that appears fastidiously and impeccably made, but also charged with joy. ‘Brilliant Sanity’ shows Sanders as an accomplished and distinctive lyricist, with a passion for the music of words themselves and an eye for the singular image. You can see this preoccupation with strong imagery throughout ‘Brilliant Sanity’ – in the deftness of its song titles – ‘Tangerine’, for instance, or ‘Canvas Shoe’, in its recurrent references to devilry and fire, and in its most lingering lines – a reference to a ‘Chinese burn’ in ‘Glory Hallelujah’, for instance, or in the declaration “Every time I’m alone with you / The air gets heavy and drips like glue” of first single, ‘Fall in Time’.
LP – With Download.

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The DANDY WARHOLS  –   Distortland

The Dandy Warhols spent 2015 writing new music and the band closed out the year with a packed-to-capacity tour of the U.S. West Coast and South including a three-night stint at Los Angeles’ Teregram Ballroom. Signing to Dine Alone was another highlight of the year, not only for the band, but for label owner/founder,

Album 10 reminds us that when they are on their game they were a great link from glam to grunge.

The GOON SAX  –  Up To Anything

Chapter Music release ‘Up To Anything’, the debut album by Brisbane trio The Goon Sax. Louis Forster, James Harrison and Riley Jones are all 17-18 years old. They make pop music. They have refined tastes – they love the Pastels, Talking Heads, Galaxie 500, Bob Dylan and Arthur Russell. On ‘Up To Anything’ they pull off the almost impossible, capturing the awkwardness, self-doubt and visceral excitement of teenage life, while still in the thick of actually living it. Goon Sax songs are both immediately charming and deceptively deep – Sweaty Hands examines a point in a relationship where you’re seen at your worst, while Telephone addresses the heartbreaking realisation that nothing you offer your crush is enough.


Record Store Day 2016 Release. A follow up / companion piece to 2015’s well received ‘Out To Sea’ opus released on Agitated Records. 5 tracks of magick-karpet wreck’d psychedelic morass. The raft ran aground, you have to get your ears on and wander the deserted shores of this desolate isle (metaphorically speaking, but you get the ‘drift’ right?) Aim for the high ground, build a fire, look to the horizons and let it all flow. These tracks were from the same sessions that spawned ‘Out To Sea’, there’s a natural flow, a cohesion that makes the whole trip worth taking. Recorded / Engineered by Phil Manly / Lucky Cat studios.  5 tacks, cut at 45 rpm, lush transparent green vinyl in an edition of 600 Copies Only.


This Saturday, terrific teen trio The Goon Sax kick off their Up To Anything album launch tour in sunny Sydney. The album has been getting hot press all over the world, including rave reviews in Mojo,Pitchfork, Uncut and Rolling Stone!, Chapter Music is excited to announce a new tour in the form of Brisbane teenagers Louis Forster, Riley Jones and James Harrison, aka The Goon Sax.

We fell in love with the trio The Goon Sax since the release of their early singles ‘Sometimes Accidentally’ and standout ‘Boyfriend’ which we called “a hooky three minutes that ride a down tempo wave of both laconic wit and painful longing.”

Signed last year to Chapter Music on the strength of an unsolicited demo, (the first time that has ever happened in the label’s history), the young collective have gone on to slay critics’ hearts internationally and play with the likes of US Girls, Twerps, Blank Realm and Crayon Fields,

The Goon Sax make pop music. They love the Pastels, Talking Heads, Galaxie 500, the Apartments, Woody Guthrie and Prince. The band formed at high school in 2013 when James and Louis began workshopping song ideas in James’ bedroom. Riley joined in March 2014, after a month of drum lessons, and the band played their first show a few months later. They’ve since played with the likes of Twerps, Blank Realm, Darren Hanlon and others.

CH132 Goon Sax RGB

Ludicrously talented teenage trio The Goon Sax had already grabbed our attention with barnstorming singles Boyfriend and Sometimes Accidentally, and featured in our ones to watch in 2016. This week to much excitement around these parts, they have confirmed details of their upcoming debut album, Up To Anything which will be released on Chapter Music next month.

They’ve also this week shared the albums title track, yet more evidence for the theory that they’re probably the most exciting Indie-Pop band on the planet. Here The Goon Sax are blending the glorious lo-fi melancholy of Galaxie 500 with the poppier moments of The Vaselines or Teenage Fanclub. As ever the lyrics tumble out as a stream of consciousness, painting vivid pictures of the mundane and sometimes lugubrious process of growing up, and wanting to be someone, singer Louis Foster noting, “I only do these things, so I can tell you about doing them”. Thrilling stuff, The Goon Sax take us back to memories of our teenage years, even though they’re still living through theirs, roll on the album.


The album Up To Anything is released on vinyl, digital and CD by Chapter Music on Friday March 11, 2016 Out Apr 8 in UK). Pre-orders available now (including instant downloads of this track plus previous singles Sometimes Accidentally and Boyfriend):


Fresh faced Brisbane trio The Goon Sax are a band who’s influences seem almost too old for their years. They may still be in their teenage years but they cite the likes of The Pastels, Galaxie 500 and Talking Heads as influences, and make the sort of music last heard being pedalled by Postcard Records at least a decade before any of these three were even born.

Whilst we’ll have to wait for their debut album, they’ve already shared two tantalising snapshots of what to expect in the shape of singles Boyfriend and Sometimes Accidentally. Boyfriend is a plea for, “a boyfriend or just anything real”, set to a fizzing-stab of drums and guitar; whilst Sometimes Accidentally is a glorious slice of downbeat jangle-pop. Music for your heartbroken inner teenager hasn’t sounded this fresh or exciting in a very long time.
first single from The Goon Sax debut album Up To Anything, to be released by Chapter Music in 2016.