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With a sonic style that swirls effortlessly inside a generous melding of warm psych-folk, explosive garage psych and entrancingly fuzzy sixties sounding musings (or retro-psych as the kids like to call it these days), ‘The Dandelion’ began life as a solo project by ‘The Dolly Rocker Movement’ frontman, Daniel J Poulter, eventually releasing it’s debut long player ‘The Strange Case Of The Dandelion’ back in 2013. Shortly after the release however,  Poulter walked out and the super talented Nathalie de Silver took over songwriting duties, subsequently releasing some impressive collections of music alongside a revolving door of live musicians.

With a brilliant self-titled EP released in 2014, a very interesting sophomore release in 2015 called ‘Seeds Flowers and Magical Powers of The Dandelion’ and a dedicated worldwide following, ‘The Dandelion’ have announced a brand new thirteen track album entitled ‘Old Habits & New Ways Of The Dandelion’ via the Greek-based independent record label ‘Blackspin Records’, and have just launched a lengthy European tour throughout April taking in France, Spain, Greece, England, Scotland, Belgium, Austria, Croatia & Germany to support the album. ‘Old Habits & New Ways Of The Dandelion’ is penned in for official release on April 1st 2019 and will be available on various vinyl formats


The Dandelion (Sydney, Australia) The unstoppable 60’s garage druids are back after a 2 year break…
THE NEW LP “Old Habits & New Ways of The Dandelion” will be out April 1st! On Deluxe SpiderChild cassette with foldout lyric sheet & CD / colored Vinyl via Blackspin Records,


The current line up though, consists of Nathalie de Silver – vocals/guitar/songwriting/producer,Laura Murdoch – organ/vocals/theremin, Josh White – drums/vocals & Lauren Crew – bass. 

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The Dandelion weave an old kind of magic. Their own mix of musical spells are not unlike those woven in the 1960’s. With a sound like seeds turning into flowers they bring gifts for the Goddess of magical powers.


This song is from Old Habits & New Ways of The Dandelion. Written Recorded & Performed by Natalie de Silver

Our new LP Old Habits & New Ways of The Dandelion will be officially released April 1st!! It will be available in all relevant formats Vinyl & CD via de Silver Recordings.
We’ll be performing songs from this album live for the first time this coming Saturday March 30 at The Lansdowne before heading off on our European tour the following day

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My ode to the widely misunderstood fallen angel & morning star. Many people associate Lucifer with pure evil but Lucifers energy is only evil if it’s used for ill intentions and purposes. And although its true that Lucifer represents the darker side of ourselves, this dark energy can be used to protect us against those who wish to do us harm. When Lucifers energy is used appropriately there is no evil on this planet that can match its power. The only thing that can conquer Lucifer is LOVE. This song is available on a 7” record via Six Tonnes De Chair Records

The Dandelion is a studio project and live band led by Natalie de Silver who writes, records and produces the band’s original material.
The Dandelion originally began as a solo recording project for Daniel Poulter (1981-2014) who recorded Strange Case of The Dandelion. A live band was formed in 2013 featuring Alison Hobbes on Organ, Stella Rennex on Bass and Josh White on Drums. This line up also features in 3 recorded songs (Malkaus, Ode to Love, Spring Dance) on The Dandelion’s 2nd LP titled Seeds Flowers and Magical Powers of The Dandelion.
During the recording of “Seeds Flowers & Magical Powers of The Dandelion” 2014/2015, Daniel gracefully handed over all creative duties to Natalie de Silver who can be heard subtlety coming through the album’s mix and main themes.
In 2017 Natalie begun working on a third album titled “Old Habits & New Ways of The Dandelion. This record is still currently in the making but will be released in the coming months.


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The Dandelion weave an old kind of magic. A mix of musical spells not unlike those woven in the 1960’s.

With a sound like seeds turning into flowers
They bring gifts for the Goddess of magical powers


This song is from the album “ Old Habits New Ways of The Dandelion”


Written recorded and performed by Natalie de Silver in 2018


Sydney psych poppers The Dandelion have just announced their upcoming debut LP, titled Seeds, Flowers and Magical Powers of The Dandelion”The first taste of the record comes in the form of a little psychedelic folk pop gem called “A Sweet Death Song”.

The album was recorded over three different studios, produced mainly by front-woman Danatalia de Silver on a Tascam casette recorder. Influenced by 60s folk and psychedelia, the track is a swirling, breathy slice of pop featuring brittle guitars and whacky organs.

It’s becoming widely known that psychedelic music has seen resurgence in recent years due, in no small part, to the radio-friendly psych explorations of our friend Kevin Parker. Thanks to their colossal impact on listeners and artists alike, it’s difficult not to draw comparisons when faced with emerging psych acts. However, in their second full length album, The Dandelion have proven themselves worthy of isolation from such connections with a relentless sound that wears their unique stamp proudly.

The Dandelion album

“Seeds, Flowers and Magical Powers of the Dandelion” is the title for the follow up to The Dandelion’s well-received debut full-length effort, “Strange Case of the Dandelion”. The new release shows a band that has built upon the solid foundation that was their debut without venturing too far from their signature retro soundscapes.

Seeds, Flowers and Magical Powers of the Dandelion sees the Sydney four-piece take 60s influences into strange, ghostly, entrancing new territory without straying too far from doing what they do best.

Album opener, I Stole the Medicine Man is a predominantly instrumental track that sets the tone of warm, fuzzy guitar leads swimming in a pool of 60s vibes courtesy of rumbling, Ringo-esque drums and comforting bass. We are also introduced to one of the album’s mainstays, an electric organ sound that remains in your consciousness long after the headphones are removed.

Perhaps one of the catchiest riffs of the LP is the anchoring motif of In The Shadow of Light played initially on a sweet sounding classical guitar and soon mirrored and developed by every instrument, meandering together cementing the jangling hook. Lyrically, the LP is focused predominantly on supernatural, mystic musings on love, life and ethereal wonderings through space and time.

The vocals are reminiscent of Marc Bolan’s sweet serenade of old and complement the instrumentals perfectly, although occasionally becoming buried under a vast bed of reverb, rendering some stories difficult to decipher. The album takes on more of a folk atmosphere in Garden Witchcraft which sounds like the soundtrack to a dance orgy of gnomes in the depths of a tangled forest. Ode To Love pairs vocals creating a trippy conversation of love and loss.

The lush textures in just keep building with each track. Layers of fuzzed out guitar married with menacing circus organ and airy flute lines riding on the rumbling rhythm section becomes a familiar friend on the journey of this LP. The electric organ, in particular, is a definitive and recurring sound of this album and stays within the mind of the listener.

Flavours of sitar are a welcome differentiation in the likes of Malkaus and Spring Dance –  the latter being one of the album’s highlights. The sounds made famous by the Beatles, the Byrds andTim Buckley, among others, in the psychedelic era of the 60s come to mind vividly with almost every track. Towards the end of the album, the realization sets in of how truly unrelenting it is. The assault of 60s psych is overwhelming and surrounds you in an iridescent sea of sound.

A Sweet Death Song is a shining example of one of the standout elements of the instrumentation for The Dandelion in it’s glitchy, harsh clean guitars tremolo picked to within an inch of their lives. The chainsaw effect of such intense string plucking engulfs the album in a whole new perspective of energy.


Here it is in it’s entirety! 12 months in the making. “Seeds Flowers and Magical Powers of The Dandelion”.The Dandelion weave an old kind of magic. Their own mix of musical spells are not unlike those woven in the 1960’s. With asound like seeds turning into flowers they bring gifts for the Goddess of magical powers.

The Dandelion’s debut 2013 release “Strange Case Of The Dandelion” a 13 track album of Musical Spells. It’s available here along with some past Dolly Rocker Movement releases. 2nd long player by The Dandelion. Recorded at 3 different home studios over 12 months Seeds, Flowers and Magical Powers of The Dandelion is a collection of musical spells projecting images of galactic space travel, pagan witchcraft, love, ethereal energies and a blend of east meets west rhythms and melodies.


The Dandelion weave an old kind of magic. A mix of musical spells not unlike those woven in the 1960’s. Considering the strange case of The Dandelion is made all the more strange given that the name of their debut disc is The Strange Case of The Dandelion,” and the strangest thing happened when we fell instantaneously in love with their songs. 

It’s not that the music planted by The Dandelion is so strange – in many ways, it strikes our ears not as not nearly as strange as it is comforting, familiar even. Which in itself is very, very strange. Throughout “The Strange Case,” and beginning with the lead-off mood-setter “Strange Case Opening,” And hooks. So many hooks. Those sing-able, hummable, memorable hooks. We love hooks.

In just under thirty-six minutes, these thirteen tales of Australian bohemia never overstay their welcome, which lends to repeat multiple listens, or perhaps multiple repeat listens. Whatever the case – we’re madly in love with these songs.

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The Dandelion are a psychedelica band from Sydney AustraliaThe Dandelion is lead by transexual woman Danatalia de Silver who began her life/musical career as Daniel Poulter aka Daniel Darling and lead previous groups such as The Dolly Rocker Movement and Kill City Creeps.
She recorded the first Dandelion album titled “Strange Case of The Dandelion” (2013) entirely on her own and it was originally intended to be just a solo/studio project. An offer came along in early 2014 to support long-time friends The Frowning Clouds and this enticed Danatalia to get a group together and start performing again.
The first line up of The Dandelion included Stella Rennex on Bass, Alison Hobbes on Organ and Joshua White on Drums.
The music is an old kind of magic. A mix of musical spells not unlike those woven in the 1960’s.
With a sound like seeds turning into flowers


This record is quite irresistable with its massive psychedelic overtones.  My favorite track “Here Comes Love”.
You probably won’t like this unless you’re over 50. But hey this is trippy and psychedelic. “I Turned On As You Turned Around”. Great hippie-folk-psychedelic album of The Dolly Rocker Movement’s leader  A side project. I like all that makes DanielFavorite track: Ships to Tarshish.  My favourite Australian musician and performer. This album is trippy and awesome.



Fronted by the one and only Danatalia de Silver, who began her life/musical career as Daniel Poulter aka Daniel Darling and lead previous groups such as The Dolly Rocker Movement and Kill City Creeps, The Dandelion are four piece from Sydney who weave retro nostalgia with swirling, driving psych rock and pop.

A follow on from their 2013 release “Strange Case Of The Dandelion” their new single ‘In The Shadow Of Light’ the quartet bring their own mix of musical spells with a sound which they describe as like “seeds turning into flowers they bring gifts for the Goddess of magical powers.”

Check out the single below, and if you like what you hear be sure to visit the band’s Facebook and Bandcamp.