The DANDELION – ” Lucifer The Light & Knife / Spring Dance “

Posted: December 5, 2018 in MUSIC
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My ode to the widely misunderstood fallen angel & morning star. Many people associate Lucifer with pure evil but Lucifers energy is only evil if it’s used for ill intentions and purposes. And although its true that Lucifer represents the darker side of ourselves, this dark energy can be used to protect us against those who wish to do us harm. When Lucifers energy is used appropriately there is no evil on this planet that can match its power. The only thing that can conquer Lucifer is LOVE. This song is available on a 7” record via Six Tonnes De Chair Records

The Dandelion is a studio project and live band led by Natalie de Silver who writes, records and produces the band’s original material.
The Dandelion originally began as a solo recording project for Daniel Poulter (1981-2014) who recorded Strange Case of The Dandelion. A live band was formed in 2013 featuring Alison Hobbes on Organ, Stella Rennex on Bass and Josh White on Drums. This line up also features in 3 recorded songs (Malkaus, Ode to Love, Spring Dance) on The Dandelion’s 2nd LP titled Seeds Flowers and Magical Powers of The Dandelion.
During the recording of “Seeds Flowers & Magical Powers of The Dandelion” 2014/2015, Daniel gracefully handed over all creative duties to Natalie de Silver who can be heard subtlety coming through the album’s mix and main themes.
In 2017 Natalie begun working on a third album titled “Old Habits & New Ways of The Dandelion. This record is still currently in the making but will be released in the coming months.



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