The DANDELION – ” A Sweet Death Song “

Posted: September 2, 2015 in MUSIC
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The Dandelion weave an old kind of magic. A mix of musical spells not unlike those woven in the 1960’s. Considering the strange case of The Dandelion is made all the more strange given that the name of their debut disc is The Strange Case of The Dandelion,” and the strangest thing happened when we fell instantaneously in love with their songs. 

It’s not that the music planted by The Dandelion is so strange – in many ways, it strikes our ears not as not nearly as strange as it is comforting, familiar even. Which in itself is very, very strange. Throughout “The Strange Case,” and beginning with the lead-off mood-setter “Strange Case Opening,” And hooks. So many hooks. Those sing-able, hummable, memorable hooks. We love hooks.

In just under thirty-six minutes, these thirteen tales of Australian bohemia never overstay their welcome, which lends to repeat multiple listens, or perhaps multiple repeat listens. Whatever the case – we’re madly in love with these songs.

 photo 50d08c787ebcb5dda462be324b8d69bc_zps3e46de8f.jpg


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