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This is the third full release from Seattle’s Meagan Grandall, a project now 10 years old. A sweeping, symphonic expression of loss and the ache that comes with it, I have listened to this album this year at home, and in my car at the loudest possible volume while in the worst possible mood. Lemolo has been with me for many years now as a favorite, but Swansea was there for me this year. Another great collection of captivating dream pop from Meagan Grandall. The lush sounds and production are warm and welcoming, with intelligent arrangements full of varied instrumentation that never fails to impress..


Meagan Grandall: Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Synth, Bass, Violin, and Vibraphone
Nathan Yaccino: Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Bass, Cello, and Vibraphone
Alex Guy: Violin and Viola
Maria Scherer Wilson: Cello
Jon Karschney: French Horn

released October 11th, 2019

All songs written by Meagan Grandall ,Lemolo is the Seattle dream pop project of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

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Soundwire was formed by Simon Court and Peter Moore in Swansea, UK, in 2011.
They are influenced by the likes of Spacemen 3, The Velvet Underground, Neu!, Death In Vegas, The Stooges, Jesus and Mary Chain, and My Bloody Valentine, amongst many others. 

They have previously worked with Tim Holmes (formerly of Death In Vegas), and Thighpaulsandra from Spiritualized / Coil. They appeared on a number of releases from the now defunct psychedelic label, Northern Star Records, and they released a single ‘We Rise’ late last year.

Band Members
Simon Court – Vocals
Peter Moore – Guitar, Keyboards, Programming
Chris Davies – Guitar
David Jones – Bass Guitar
Philip Stanton – Drums, Percussion

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Produced by Trampolene with Josh Green, the title track from Trampolene’s ‘Beautiful Pain EP’ (released in July ) is indeed beautiful; painful, not at all, to listen to anyway.

“You give me such a beautiful pain / God knows why I need it again / Why do I pick my body up off the floor / when giving in is the only cure” are the opening lines to the song, which was premiered on Huw Stephens Radio One show . The Swansea boys know how to pull on the heartstrings, but if you were expecting a slushy ballad, you’d be wrong.

The pain and joy of falling in love lyrics are woven into a building rocker – complete with a ‘bad ass guitar solo’ in its latter half – that opens on a delicate note, but soon picks up with Jack Jones‘ rawly expressive vocal and a thumping bassline. The lyrics are on the audio video’s notes, so you can all sing along – which is no doubt what every Trampolene fan will be doing


Beach Fatigue was recorded with Charlie Francis at both Giant Wafer Studio and Music Box in Cardiff – with assistance from Lewis Griffiths. Mastering was provided by Gareth Williams.

The cover image of the wave was provided by Daniel Coulmann and the artwork and labels were put together by Adam Chard of Croatoan Design.

Side A

1 – Deathproof

This song first surfaced as a demo – receiving lots of praise and plays from BBC Radio Wales’ Adam Walton. It also introduced us to the very supportive blog Sweeping The Nation – who said “if they were from east London rather than Swansea you’d have heard far too much about them by now.” And even Future of the Left’s Andrew Falkous enjoyed, before noting our amateurish recording techniques “that track was pretty good but where was it recorded … from next door?” We recorded it twice more since – and this is the ‘proper’ version.

2 – Broken Bone

Another song released as a demo single – this was to coincide with our first appearance at Swn Festival in 2013. On the back of our surprisingly good gig the song received a warm reception from those in attendance – and it has stayed in our set since. Broken Bone was one of the first songs we recorded with Charlie Francis at Music Box, but we re-recorded it at Giant Wafer during the album session, minus the B-52 style keyboards from the original.

3 – To Die For

Originally titled Chuck Norris during the writing and recording – To Die For is our attempt at some kind of Western-Space-Opera. It contains one of our favourite opening lines and the break features some Kaoss pad wizardry from Charlie which makes Ben sound like R2D2 at times. Adam Walton labelled it ‘Surf-Prog’…Make of that what you will.

4 – Carousel

Carousel is the shortest song on the album at only 1 Minute 42 Seconds – mainly due to our mistake in playing a shortened chorus during the recording – but you would never have known that. It also features Amy doing a swear at the beginning – probably when she realised said mistake. Oops.

5 – Drunken Grrrls

This was the first single we released under the new name – which received some nice radio plays including Chris Hawkins, Tom Robinson and Huw Stephens. The feel isn’t too dissimilar to our previous output as Heavy Petting Zoo – being a surf-rock styled song, and it is about what we (arguably – but probably not) do best – drinking!

6 – Cut Throat

One of the most fun songs on the album, Cut Throat is a live favourite which features a lyric that everyone enjoys “You, me, her – outside!” and some crazy vocals – particularly the penultimate verse. Bill seems to be playing an attempted John Bonham medley and Charlie is going mad on the organs. And everyone loves a refrain – so luckily there’s a big one at the end.

7 – Who’s Afraid?

Adam Walton labeled Amy’s performance as “unhinged” in this song – with the uncompromising break and sinister laugh. It again features Charlie’s dramatic use of organ – although don’t expect to hear it in church anytime soon. Who’s Afraid quickly became a set-closer, quite often scaring audiences away – rightfully so.

Side B

8 – Isabelle

This was quickly recorded at Music Box and released as a split single with The Joy Formidable as part of their Aruthrol singles club in 2015. It was the last release as Heavy Petting Zoo – and it is a fast paced surf-punk-rock song and empowering tribute to Isabella of France.

9 – Crash

Our other 7″ single was Crash – which came out on the Too Pure Singles Club thanks to the excellent Paul Riddlesworth. During this period we pretended to be a proper band and played at Green Man, Reading & Leeds – all during the same week. It is the longest on the album and features a distinctive intro from Ben which progresses into some hypnotic rhythms against the drums.

10 – Crusade

Recorded during the same session as Crash at Giant Wafer, just before Christmas 2013. One reviewer has already misheard the chorus as “Beg for money” – despite the sibilance and song title suggesting otherwise…It features an extra floor tom player – something seemingly every indie band has adopted at some stage. Very original.

11 – High Horse

Our most pop song – High Horse – contains an infectious chorus, synchronised fills from Charlie on the Rhodes piano and Bill on drums, and a My Generation style breakdown.

12 – Shallow Grave

Amy tried her best to sabotage this song by writing some bizarre lyrics, but it back-fired and turned into a great semi-epic worthy of ending the album. The heartbeat-style opening of kick drums and manipulated synths grow into a dark and uplifting blues piece – with a breakdown that could have gone on for an age, but no one really wants that.

All songs written and recorded by Beach Fatigue
Piano, synthesiser and organs by Charlie Francis
Recorded and mixed by Charlie Francis at Giant Wafer and Music Box


the new single “Crash” from the band based in Swansea Wales, Heavy Petting Zoo who performed at Green Man last weekend, and with a great set at last years SWN festival in Cardiff, with comparissons to Siouxsie Sue, The Horrors and The Cramps, they have supported Eagulls recently and hope to tour the UK soon,