TRAMPOLENE – ” Beautiful Pain “

Posted: December 24, 2017 in MUSIC
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Produced by Trampolene with Josh Green, the title track from Trampolene’s ‘Beautiful Pain EP’ (released in July ) is indeed beautiful; painful, not at all, to listen to anyway.

“You give me such a beautiful pain / God knows why I need it again / Why do I pick my body up off the floor / when giving in is the only cure” are the opening lines to the song, which was premiered on Huw Stephens Radio One show . The Swansea boys know how to pull on the heartstrings, but if you were expecting a slushy ballad, you’d be wrong.

The pain and joy of falling in love lyrics are woven into a building rocker – complete with a ‘bad ass guitar solo’ in its latter half – that opens on a delicate note, but soon picks up with Jack Jones‘ rawly expressive vocal and a thumping bassline. The lyrics are on the audio video’s notes, so you can all sing along – which is no doubt what every Trampolene fan will be doing


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