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The Blinders, Manchester-based three-piece formerly of Doncaster, are arguably one of the most vital of the current crop of emerging new artists, combining visceral political punk rock with enigmatic, psychedelic rawness and poetic overtones.
The band’s three members – Thomas Haywood (vocals/guitar), Charlie McGough (bass), Matt Neale (drums/percussion)
For a band who’s cracked such a wicked song as ‘Swine’, and the ‘Hidden Horror Dance’ EP


The EP for the band was something brand new and we’d never tried a sound like that before. Everything before that was very middle of the road. We felt like it wasn’t getting anywhere, we enjoyed playing it, but it wasn’t getting anywhere. Then we listened to a band called The Wytches, plus got into ‘Humbug’ by Arctic Monkeys, and then through there we developed a sound from that.  Me and Charlie got dead into politics at school and through that, it came into the music, you know? You write about what you know. From there, we had the EP and especially the single ‘Swine.’ That’s a sort of manifestation of all of that put together. That’s our proudest work.


The Blinders are raging, angry, hell bent driven on a mission to to stamp their punkadelic politicised soul onto mainstream consciousness. The band attempts to be in your face at all times, smelting loud and visceral political punk rock with enigmatic, psychedelic poetry and tones.

Their diverse, unique combination of raw music creates the ‘Punkadelic’ sound which forces the trio to give everything they’ve got in their frenzied performances, leaving only blood-stained instruments behind. One of the most exciting new bands to emerge try and catch them live in 2017. Following up their ‘Hidden Horror Dance’ EP from earlier this year, the trio – Thomas Haywood (vocals/guitar), Charlie McGough (bass), Matt Neale (drums/ percussion) – worked with renowned’ producer Gavin Monaghan at his Magic Garden Studio in Wolverhampton on ‘Swine’. Imbued with a ferocious, visceral punk rock energy that is as in-your-face as you could get, the track is dealt a further winning hand by a liberal dose of Yorkshire swagger by Haywood

Fellow 2017 ones to watch Cabbage recently tweeted about The Blinders: “this band should be championed by all. UP THE BLINDERS. Spectacular”, which is a pretty singing and dancing endorsement.

Originally from Doncaster but now calling Manchester home, The Blinders stomp like late stage Arctic Monkeys  a sound they quite accurately call ‘punkadelic’ with oodles of Link Wray rumble thrown in. They’re as unapologetically brutal and honest as Cabbage in their charged lyrics, and as they even admit in their official biog, they’re earning something of a reputation for “frenzied performances, leaving only blood-stained instruments behind”.

If that doesn’t get you out of the house, nothing will check their tour dates here.

The Blinders are a three-piece alternative group from Doncaster who are now based in Manchester.

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Wrong Way is a new independent record label specialising in Psychedelia, Shoegaze, Spacerock, Leftfield and Krautrock. Vinyl is our passion.

A match made in heaven … UK’s tonal magicians 93MillionMilesFromTheSun and Presents For Sally have been friends for a long time, and UK’s Wrong Way Records finally brought them together on a limited edition 8 track pink and yellow split vinyl.

Doncaster’s 93MillionMilesFromTheSun have four studio albums, a compilation and a good amount of EP’s under their belt, and the whole lot of them managed to seduce our ears in an irresistible way. The four songs by Nick Noble continue the path in a remarkable way and offer the listeners a wonderfully sparkling, highly catchyshoegaze/noise pop wall-of-sound, filled with swirling guitars, fuzzy reverberation, psychedelic injections, acoustic colours and crunchy splinters, accompanied by Nick’s emotional vocals and coated with an embracing melancholic twist. From the epic, dynamically circling opener “I’m Waiting” to the closing gem “Edge Of Nowhere” with its romantically swirling, yearning sunrise atmosphere – the band passionately mixed an addictive and magic cocktail.
Presents For Sally first emerged on the radar in 2008 when the band’s song “Flowers Falling Sideways” appeared on the line-up for a shoegaze compilation entitled “The Secret Garden”. Since then, the band served us two splendid full-length trips as well as several captivating singles and EP’s. The four songs on this split album confirm once more that Presents For Sally are one of the most talented crews to surface on the shoegaze/indie rock radar: the band’s way to create tonal diamonds that run the gamut from pop sensibility to reverberant atmospheres and crashing wall-of-sound spirals that beg to be played at high volumes is highly remarkable. Matt Etherton, Anna Etherton and Phil Russel continue their drop of magnetically alluring, irresistibly melodic treats. From the groovy’n’spicy mid-tempo opener “An Arms Reach Away” (sung by Matt) to smooth’n’relaxing pearls with a dreamy vibe like “1000 Magic Lands” (sung by Anna), the band created a tempting and delightful sound journey from start to finish.



93MillionMilesFromTheSun are a melodic shoegaze trio from Doncaster, South Yorkshire,  I’ve posted about the band before, and I put spaces between the words, but it’s my understanding that the official way to do it is without spaces. . They’ve been making records since 2008, but the only constant member has been Nick Noble (aka “Nick Mainline”). It’s hard to get an accurate count, but since 2009, they’ve released four proper albums, a bunch of EPs and a bunch of singles and special releases. This year alone, they’ve released the four-song Watch Her Fall EP, a three-song EP of Ride covers entitled Ride, the four-song Nothing Left Inside EP, and then the new album Fall Into Nothing, which has 15 songs and clocks in a chunky 72 minutes. They also, apparently, reissued the 2012 album Towards The Light. This is a band that I knew about for a long time, but I only started listening to them at the end of last year.



4th album is finally here on deluxe 6 sided Digipack CD and Download on White Light Recordings. 15 tracks of noisy bliss. Enjoy, As stereotypical visions of people and places go, the good folks of Doncaster aren’t exactly at the top of the list when thoughts turn to embracing new, experimental music. Indeed, having spent the occasional stag night in DN1 and its dens of iniquity also known as night clubs, the nearest anyone could expect to come to encountering new music would be the “Indie half hour” in Seventh Heaven, where Oasis, The Enemy and Ocean Colour Scene are the so-called alternative. Thank heavens for small mercies then, as 93 Million Miles From The Sun not only manage to dampen stereotypes, but their self-produced, self-titled debut long player could (whisper it) just be one of 2009’s most exquisite offerings on the album front. Combining layered, textured guitars over an array of effects and choral vocals, 93 Million Miles From The Sun is one of those records that, while evoking memories of the likes of Slowdive in their heyday or even a more sonically enhanced Maps, stands tall and proud in its own right due to the dazzling range of variation across its thirteen tracks. Another key element of 93 Million Miles From The Sun’s extensive make-up is that not only do they express a desire to take their sonic experimentation one step further, but they also never lose sight of the fact that beneath all the reverb and delay lay actual songs that would sound just as affecting stripped down

Includes unlimited streaming of “Fall Into Nothing” via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.