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Out of the modern musical abyss comes Jackson Scott, a 22-year-old artist living in Asheville, NC. Finding pure metaphysical euphoria within the depths of cassette recorders and guitar pedals, he enjoys the simple things in life such as playing music with friends and falling into existential voids. After touring extensively for his debut album Melbourne in 2013, Jackson returned home to record an album that he could listen to in absolutely any negative or positive state of mind.

His second album Sunshine Redux is a translation of this paradoxical psyche, a kaleidoscope of sounds ranging from 60’s flower power to 90’s hip-hop production techniques. Veering from punk rock explosions to gentle sonic nightmares, it is his most cohesive musical undertaking yet.


Another episode in the wonderful Ola’s Kool Kitchen Radio show this week we have tracks from,

the three members of the Babe Rainbow are Kool Breeze, Dr. Love-Wisdom, and the Hothouse Flower, based in Byron Bay in New South Wales Australia, Jangly psychedelic Pop, be careful because there is an Canadian band with the same name



This young musical maestro goes by the name of Nick Sowersby. Having only just released his debut record, the blissed-out, euphoric dream-pop meets neo-psychedelica Wonderer, Sunbeam Sound Machine has left a late but most definite mark on the year.


We hate to make obvious comparisons, but we’ve not witnessed a talent like this since a young Perth lad by the name of Kevin Parker stormed into the music scene some years ago, and the DIY aesthetic that runs in Parkers veins is ramped in Sowersby too.

Gazing into 2015, we are certain the one-man-musical-machine will be one of the most sought out Aussie artists on the touring circuit.



Milwaukee’s true believers. Though stuck in the heartland so not of the “Paisley Underground” of the West Coast, nor of the huge revivalism going on simultaneously on the East Coast, a la the Chesterfield Kings, etc., Plasticland had the musical chops along with the damn-near-perfect surrealist lyrics to make you question exactly when this album came out. Worshippers at the feet of the Pretty Things, they deliver a storming brace of tracks which would’ve made May, Povey, Taylor and co. very proud indeed.

Plasticland were an American Neo-Psychedelic and Garage rock band, formed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1980 with two members of Arousing Polaris, Glenn Rehse and John Frankovic.


 The New Highway Hymnal turned a number of new heads with their closing set at the Allston DIY Fest, a quintessential event for the young Boston music community. By now, the band has released one album 2012’s “Whispers,” and one EP, evolving from basement psych to trying their hand at more shoegazey realms, and will continued their summer festival tradition at the helm of Fuzzstival 2014. The band released a new single, “Television,” once again going for a new spin on their signature reverby sound. The tune is a positive reflection of the addition of new guitarist Charlie Northern (also of TeleVibes). Not only does it gain another full-bodied dimension, pushing the gazy aesthetic even further, but the band sounds more vibrant than ever, adding a more melodic, almost surfy feel, and allowing its calamitous sound to be tamed by oohs and whistles. It’s a promising sign of what is to come for NHH.