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winston surfshirt

Unknown at the start of this year, Winston Surfshirt have built themselves an indie-electronic empire in 2017, capturing Australia’s attention with their long-winded yet fantastic debut album Sponge Cake. Their surfy, laid-back vibes have soundtracked much of our year (and will no doubt continue across the summer), with stand-out singles including Be About You and Ali D marking themselves as year highlights and Hottest 100 favourites. Their slick sound also caught the attention of names including Elton John and Beats 1 taste-maker Zane Lowe, who can potentially push the New South Wales ensemble into the international waters come 2018.

the three members of the Babe Rainbow are Kool Breeze, Dr. Love-Wisdom, and the Hothouse Flower, based in Byron Bay in New South Wales Australia, Jangly psychedelic Pop, be careful because there is an Canadian band with the same name



Heard of The babe Rainbow , Well, you should, because they’re going to be big but because there just isn’t any way to get their music out of your head. It’s beyond catchy.

To quickly fill you in, The Babe Rainbow is a three piece act hailing from the pristine Rainbow Bay (hence the name, probably) – which is relatively close to the Gold Coast. They have ties to Bleeding Knees Club, through their friendJordan Malane (who is in BKC, duh). Most importantly, they’ve just offered up a debut single and accompanying video clip.

The  debut bsingle is entitled ‘Love Forever’, and is about as love filled as you can get. Part lo-fi, part surf-rock, part slacker, part slick pop – this track is drenched in hazey summery vibes. Recorded in the hinterland surrounding Byron Bay byS. Joseph, you can really feel the influence of the location within the track, as this organic instrumentation and raw quality – much like that area of the world.