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New footage Of Prince from his final European tour has been uploaded to his official YouTube channel. The spectacular clip features the entire 21-minute “CRAZY2COOL” medley – a mash-up of Prince hits “Let’s Go Crazy”, “Take Me With U”, “Raspberry Beret” and “U Got The Look” plus “The Time’s Cool” and Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” – recorded 1st June 2014 at Le Zénith, Paris, France.

The video has been released to celebrate the new partnership between The Prince Estate and French football club, Paris Saint-Germain. Prince’s love for the French capital city is well known – he kept an apartment in Paris for many years and performed there on countless occasions, including and a historic 16th June 1990 performance at the Parc des Princes, the home of Paris Saint-Germain. To celebrate his love for the city, an exclusive, limited-edition 7” vinyl single and two limited-edition apparel capsules are being released. The limited-edition vinyl is available now from PSG’s Paris Megastore and online at PSG.FR and PRINCE.COM; the apparel collections will be available exclusively from the PSG Megastore, the PSG Champs-Élysées store and PSG.FR from 24 May.

The 7” vinyl, released in collaboration with Warner Records, features the hits “Partyman“, originally released on Prince’s 1989 soundtrack to the film, Batman, and a previously unreleased live version of “The Time’s Cool“, taken that CRAZY2COOL medley at the 1st June 2014 Le Zénith.

In addition, Paris Saint-Germain has collaborated with GRAMMY-nominated creative director and Prince associate Trevor Guy and Prince’s personal late-career clothing designers, Cathy Robinson and Lori Marcuz of Toronto-based studio, Call & Response, to develop a bespoke premium fashion capsule that honours Prince’s status as an style icon. The exclusive collection includes an official 2020-21 PSG fourth kit shirt printed with Prince’s u symbol alongside gold and metallic hand-sewn leather features.

PSG are also launching a “Prince of the Parc” streetwear essentials collection, which consists of Prince-inspired t-shirts, crewnecks, hoodies and hats.

Vinyle PSG x Prince - Partyman/Cool - Edition Limitée
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On the morning of February 4th, 2007,The producers woke up that morning and looked out their windows, they feared the worst. A torrential rainstorm had overtaken Miami in the middle of Florida’s dry season and, not only were the Chicago Bears set to face off against the Indianapolis Colts a few hours later, one of the greatest performers on Earth was scheduled to take the stage at halftime. We will be hard-pressed to find a Super Bowl performance as dramatic or breath-taking, as the night the man known for “Purple Rain” used a whole lot of Florida rain to his advantage.

Prince, a music icon who had literally never appeared onstage without high heels on, was set to perform on a slippery tile surface — with not one, but four electric guitars — in the middle of a subtropical downpour. Sitting in a production truck outside the stadium, Super Bowl XLI halftime show producer Don Mischer called Prince to gauge the situation. “I want you to know it’s raining,” he told the star. “Are you okay?”, Then after a moment, to the surprise and excitement of everyone in the vehicle, Prince responded, “Can you make it rain harder?”

Rather than rattling off a long list of his tried and true hits or seizing the opportunity of such a huge national audience to promote a new single, Prince surprised people everywhere by covering a number of other artists’ songs.

So, in addition to “Let’s Go Crazy,” “Baby I’m a Star,” a “1999” interlude, and “Purple Rain,” he performed renditions of Bob Dylan’s “All Along the Watchtower,” Creedance Clearwater Revival’s “Proud Mary,” Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” and Foo Fighters’ “Best of You.”

Rising up from the ground, out of the unpronounceable “Love Symbol” that had replaced his name in 1993 amid a spat with Warner Bros., Prince appeared in a bell-bottomed aqua suit with a halfway unbuttoned orange blouse underneath. At the end of Prince’s set, when he finally played “Purple Rain,” a billowing backdrop rose from the ground and created a larger than life silhouette of the artist performing one of the most beloved guitar solos in rock music history.

 in 2015, Billboard named Prince’s 2007 performance the best Super Bowl halftime show of all time.

February 4th, 2007, Miami Gardens, FL Featuring Florida A&M University Marching 100

Setlist: We Will Rock You Let’s Go Crazy Baby, I’m a Star Proud Mary (Creedence Clearwater Revival cover) All Along the Watchtower (Bob Dylan cover) Best of You (Foo Fighters cover) Purple Rain

Prince – “Purple Rain” – The Concert 10-Inch Double Album on Purple Vinyl in Gatefold Sleeve Limited To Just 2000 Numbered Copies!. This limited edition 10-inch collector’s double album pressed on purple vinyl comes in a gatefold sleeve. This is the ultimate anthology featuring Prince performing tracks drawn from his classic album “Purple Rain”.

The live-to-air broadcasts collected together on this anthology reflect Prince at his very best. This is Prince with no second chances, no prospect of retakes and no overdubs. Here is the ultimate proof of the quality of Prince as a revolutionary music phenomenon and an inspiring artist. Prince had an incredible ability to deliver the most amazing performances in the live arena. The evidence of that fact lies in the wide variety of performances which were broadcast live-to-air without a safety net.

The tracks on this album are drawn from two legendary shows. Firstly there is a wonderful show from on Syracuse On March 30th, 1985, Prince and the Revolution performed in Syracuse at the Carrier Dome where they taped Prince and the Revolution: Live, which was distributed on VHS after the tour was completed on July 29th, 1985. The concert was also broadcast live throughout Europe.

Also featured is the landmark Madrid radio broadcast on 22nd June 1990.

The deluxe limited collector’s set includes a unique QR code which unlocks a full-length E-book and audio documentary.

Track Listing:

Side A
1. Let’s Go Crazy
2. I Woud Die 4 U
3. Little Red Corvette

Side B
1. Computer Blue
2. Darling Nikki
3. The Beautiful Ones

Side C
1. Purple Rain
2. Take Me With U
3. When Doves Cry

Side D
1. 1999
2. Kiss
3. Baby I’m A Star


Release date: 7th January 2021

Prince Aladdin Sampler

Nearly four years after Prince’s passing, The Artist’s work still lives on. Next Tuesday, on the anniversary of his passing, CBS will air a tribute concert recorded earlier this year, and Legacy Recordings’ next wave of CD and vinyl reissues, covering The Rainbow Children and One Nite Alone eras, will release next month after being delayed due to the COVID-19 situation.

Now, ahead of the planned release date of the new Up All Nite With Prince box set, The Prince Estate has surprised fans with the first commercial release of four tracks taken from the DVD included with the set, Live At The Aladdin Las Vegas.

Recorded at the end of 2002 and featuring the same loose, funky vibe as the sets heard on One Nite AloneLive!, Live At The Aladdin Las Vegas featured tracks from The Rainbow Children (“The Work Pt. 1,” “1+1+1 Is 3,” “The Everlasting Now”), a handful of choice covers (James Brown’s “Pass The Peas,” Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”) and some deep cuts from Prince’s already voluminous discography.

It’s that latter category that gets center stage on the Live At The Aladdin Las Vegas Sampler EP (which was originally issued as a radio promo to coincide with the DVD’s original release in 2003). Here, you’ll hear horn-infused versions of “Pop Life” (from Around The World In a Day)and “Strange Relationship” (from Sign “O” The Times), plus “Gotta Broken Heart Again” (from 1980’s Dirty Mind) and the heartrending “Sometimes It Snows In April,” the closer to 1986’s Parade.

In other Prince news, the estate has posted this lovely tribute video featuring fans and footage of the Minneapolis area, set to The Artist’s “Gold.”

PrinceLive At The Aladdin Las Vegas Sampler (NPG/Legacy, 2020 – originally released as NPG/Hip-O 12/15/2002

PRINCE – ” Purple Rain “

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The first-ever performance from Prince of his iconic song ‘Purple Rain’ is either a triumphant win or a big fat L—depending on which side of the fence you’re on. Either way, it’s fantastic watching.

Yes, it would appear there’s an almost continuous war being waged for those of us who binge on the “early performance” material of our favourite artists. While it is very easy to see why an artist may want to harness any early-career bootleg potential it’s also easy to see how having this work available to your die-hard fans to watch over and over again will likely add to a more engaged audience. Whichever way you cut it—the footage is unmissable.

The clip in question is Prince’s first-ever performance of his now-famous and simply iconic song ‘Purple Rain’. The video was shot around 1983, taking place at First Avenue and is a piece of the Purple One’s illustrious history.

Looking back now, and it is clear to see that the gig was a turning point for Prince and, although we can still hear people who attended the show profusely telling us how magical it was. Yet, at the time, reviewers from the Star-Tribune at the time noted they were becoming more and more “disinterested” as the song went on. However, those who were present at the time and enjoying it can be confident that they witnessed a piece of history.

At the time Prince was at that point in his career a fledgeling icon, having just seen ‘1999’ make a dent in the charts, the artist was ready to turn it up a notch. He had some big plans for the future.

So, while performing for Minnesota’s Dance Theatre charity show, Prince decided that this night would be the night to debut some of his soon-to-be most iconic material. He provided fans with future muso-collateral by performing for the first time some of the jewels in his musical crown – songs like ‘Let’s Go Crazy’, ‘I Would Die 4 U’, ‘Baby, I’m A Star’ and of course, what would become the title track from his next LP, as well as the title of his first motion picture, ‘Purple Rain’.

The footage below is likely not to hang around for too long as it holds itself as yet another battlefield for the YouTube guerilla war. So, while it is here, we suggest you enjoy all 13 minutes of it while you get the chance. It’s a meaty version of the track but its weight is warranted and wanted. The performance feels even more impressive knowing that Prince performed it, all 780+ seconds of it, with the crowd not knowing a single lick of it.

The song is a special track for many reasons. It will linger long in the pantheon of music, maybe it could’ve been a little better if Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks wasn’t such a scaredy-cat.

The singer reportedly turned down the opportunity to work with Prince on the album and the titular song. “It was so overwhelming,” she later recalled. “I listened to it and I just got scared. I called him back and said, ‘I can’t do it. I wish I could. It’s too much for me.’ I’m so glad that I didn’t, because he wrote it, and it became ‘Purple Rain.

She said: “I’ve still got it, the whole instrumental track and a little bit of Prince singing, ‘Can’t get over that feeling’, or something. I told him, ‘Prince, I’ve listened to this a hundred times but I wouldn’t know where to start. It’s a movie, it’s epic.”

Prince released his third studio album, Dirty Mind, in 1980, almost exactly a year after his self-titled sophomore album of 1979. Though Dirty Mind charted lower, it was a clear artistic advancement on its predecessors, exploring adult themes in a daring way and fusing a number of different genres including funk, rock, new wave and punk into a completely unique concoction. The stripped-down, minimal arrangements gave the album an extra punch, and the catchy hooks made it clear that Prince was on his way to crossover success.

Other than one keyboard solo courtesy of Dr. Fink, and some vocals by Lisa Coleman, every note of the album was produced, arranged and performed by Prince. (Contrary to the official credits, Prince wrote five of the eight tracks and co-wrote the other three with bandmates.)

Dirty Mind may not have been Prince’s commercial breakthrough, but it was adored by critics and fans alike, and it laid the foundations for his future career. The album’s bold, salacious lyrics coupled with Prince’s falsetto delivery earned him comparisons to both Smokey Robinson and Richard Pryor. The self-proclaimed “dean of American rock critics”, Robert Christgau, said at the time, “Mick Jagger should fold up his penis and go home”.

“Dirty Mind”

Kicking off the album with a robotic, pulsating beat, “Dirty Mind” made it clear that Prince’s music had been transformed. Gone were the relatively conventional sounds of his first two albums. The new Prince was funky, filthy and on the path to crossover success. “Dirty Mind” was the first time Prince shared a co-writing credit with a band member. Keyboard maestro Dr. Fink said about how they came up with the song together, and what it was like to collaborate with the infamous workaholic.

“When You Were Mine”

Despite being one of the most radio-friendly tracks he had ever recorded, Prince never released “When You Were Mine” as a single. The song would instead find chart success when Cyndi Lauper released her own take in 1983. “When You Were Mine”’s wistful lyrics and almost perversely catchy melody make more sense when you know where Prince was when he wrote it: sitting in an Orlando hotel room while his bandmates had fun at Disney World.

“Do It All Night”

With an extended opening keyboard riff, “Do It All Night” served as the opening number on 1980-1981’s Dirty Mind tour. The tour was Prince’s first headline outing since he hit the road as Rick James’ support act earlier in 1980, and his most extensive trek to date. Though he never gave a name to his backing band, the group featured eventual Revolution members Dr. Fink, Bobby Z. and Lisa Coleman, alongside longtime friends and collaborators Dez Dickerson and André Cymone.

“Gotta Broken Heart Again”

A sweet, strangely sunny breakup anthem, “Gotta Broken Heart Again” is an early example of Prince’s gifts as a vocal arranger. His wrenching vocal harmonies contrast with a plodding, jaunty time signature, hammering home both the tragedy and the banality of having a broken heart… again.


According to its liner notes, the whole ofDirty Mind was recorded “somewhere in Uptown.” The place had a double meaning for Prince. On the one hand, it was a literal location: the Uptown district of Minneapolis, known for its nightlife. On the other, it was Prince’s idea of utopia, where people of all races, genders and sexualities could party together. The idea of Uptown would remain central to Prince’s philosophy for many years, and it all started here.


Even for an artist known for his sexually explicit material, “Head” is particularly risqué. One of Prince’s funkiest-ever tracks, “Head” was initially meant as a concert-only tune, presumably because Prince thought his label would never allow it on a record. Featuring an early vocal appearance from eventual Revolution member Lisa Coleman, “Head” would remain a highlight of Prince’s live performances throughout most of the ’80s.


Dirty Mind is packed full of explicit and controversial lyrics, but “Sister” is the most taboo of all. Over a loud, fast-paced instrumental backing, the song’s narrator recalls a sexual encounter with his sister. But was it autobiographical?

“Party Up”

Segueing straight in from “Sister”, “Party Up” is an upbeat anti-war anthem that was initially conceived by Prince’s former Grand Central bandmate Morris Day. When Prince heard him playing it, he offered to buy the song off him, or to get him his own record deal. Day chose the record deal, and together they created the Time as a vehicle for him. But as Morris himself said, he had a very different idea about the song’s direction…

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Have you picked out your favourites to win the Mercury Prize tonight ,can’t wait to find out who’s bagged it. (i reckon there’s a 3-way fight in the shop between Nadine Shah, Sons of Kemet & King Krule coming out on top)

Christine & the Queens’ follow-up is another masterful pop record that once more marries slick electro pop production with Letissier’s equally stylish & emotive vocals. there are two separate english & french language versions. both are included on the 2cd & in the limited 4lp box set, which also includes exclusive posters. back in the land of england (via germany in the 70’s), beak> have crafted yet another superb record that marries the motorik world of their heroes with an addictive pop songwriting persuasion. across the pond,

Jordan lee’s Mutual Benefit project has thoroughly charmed us with his latest record of lush alt-folk compositions. the album is the perfect way to unwind at the end of the day, or for listening to on a relaxing sunday morning, especially on limited, soothing blue vinyl. the most explosive release of the week must be the Blinders, whose huxley & orwell-worshipping album takes the catchy pizzazz of the arctic monkeys’ heaviest material & adds an extra layer of distorted punk attitude that’ll be an instant hit for fans of idles & shame.

Also worth knowing about: Suede return in sweeping, cinematic form, which can be yours on limited exclusive blue vinyl & as the most deluxe-y boxset you ever saw; Prince’s pre-‘purple rain’ studio session is an emotionally stirring, intimate recording that feels as if we’re hearing his true self, completely unguarded – there’s a deluxe version including a hardback book of liner notes from his studio engineer & previously unseen photos;

Conor O’Brien’s Villagers project is his most approachable to date & the deluxe version includes a red 10” with two bonus tracks;  Lala lala’s gorgeous album of wounded, jangly guitar songwriting will enamour fans of snail mail & soccer mommy; Lonnie Holly’s deeply spiritual new record’s the Field’s cosmic, ambient techno has melted the hearts of nigh on everyone who’s heard it; & the simple beauty of Mountain Man’s vocal harmony-driven album – their first in 8 years – is utterly beguiling & on clear vinyl.

There are some humdinger reissues too: all three Mc5 albums are collected on multi-coloured vinyl (red, white & blue) in one fancy boxset; there’s a heap of new Felt reissues; & Ramones‘ 4th record gets a more “punk” remaster, plus a load of bonus tracks & a live performance, exclusive to the deluxe version.

Screen shot 2018 07 05 at 16.51.15

Christine and the Queens – Chris

Billingual, compelling upbeat second from modern day pop star Christine and the Queens. Titled Chris the album is released as double CD and vinyl versions, as well as limited edition boxset, There are two versions of the album; one sung exclusively in English and one sung exclusively in French. Each track has earworm irresistibility with losing any edge. The album celebrates her polysexual desire, without sidelining her emotional pain, It’s a lean, thrilling muscular set from a real talent that sits next to Michael Jackson, Madonna, Chic and Peter Gabriel.

2CD – Double CD in 3-panel softpack with 28-page stapled booklet. Contains English and french Versions of the album.

2LP – Double French Version. Double Black Vinyl with discobag inner-sleeves in gatefold sleeve. 30x60cm French version poster. French CD version included.

2LP+ – Double English Version. Double Black Vinyl with discobag inner-sleeves in gatefold sleeve. 30x60cm English version poster. English CD version included.

4LP – Limited Boxset. 2LP and CD French Edition and 2LP and CD English Edition. Limited numbered edition (10 000 copies worldwide). Contains:

Black honey deluxe

Black Honey  –  Black Honey

Bursting out of the ether in 2014 with their squalling guitars, vivid colours and cinematic vignettes, there’s no other British band out there quite like Black Honey. Having spent the last four years perfecting the indie game, everything you think you know about them and their unique surrealist world is about to be wonderfully shaken up as they prepare to release their hugely anticipated debut album. With contradiction at every turn, it’s an album that celebrates being human, in all its different forms and by doing so, will touch the hearts of everyone that hears it. We’ve already heard Bad Friends earlier this year, but with the exception of 2016’s Hello, Today (the track that saw the band become a household name at Radio 1), and the 2017 closer Dig, the album is made up of entirely new music with 9 brand new songs on offer. Album opener I Only Hurts The Ones I Love is a fascinating Garbage-flavoured meander that sets the tone for the record brilliantly. From there, there’s stone cold classic Wasting Time, Lana Del Ray nodding slow-burner Blue Romanceand disco-pop Trojan horse Midnight – to name just a few. However, across the entirety of the record, you can always feel the bare bones of front lady Izzy B Phillips diary scribbles are just around the corner as the varying tracks switch between chart-headed bangers and scuzzy, industrial David Lynch inspired strangeness.

It’s the weird and wonderful mind of Philipps – her lovable but villainous, Milky-Bar-kid- meets-Debbie Harry persona – that you find very much at the heart of Black Honey. An open sufferer of both dyslexia and ADHD, she’s a huge advocate for self-expression without limit and has relied hugely on her band – Tom Dewhurst (drums), Tom Taylor (bass) and Chris Ostler (guitar) – to channel everything that comes from her obsessive and dizzyingly creative head and bottle it into music. The album as a result is ultimately a collage of chaos, shot straight at the heart – honest, inspiring and deeply infectious.

Psychedelic porn crumpets high visceral pt1 pt2 lp render

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – High Visceral Part 1 and Part 2

A limited edition repressing of High Visceral Part One and Part Two. Having burst onto the scene in their homeland, releasing their first two LPs to widespread national acclaim, alongside supports with Royal Blood, Dune Rats and Black Mountain, the band have developed a staunch grassroots following with their captivating blend of psychedelia. The albums are fuzzy, heavy and echoes in your cranium with every beat. An epic detour of neon flavoured noise grows to entangle your dissolving brain. Savagely mutant energies bubble through the air. Your body is out of reach, turning itself into a sponge as your mind floats towards another dimension.


Villagers  –  The Art of Pretending to Swim

On O’Brien’s fourth studio album, he excels at creating feverish moods while writing effortlessly accessible tunes, making it the perfect entry point for newcomers and raising the bar for what old fans should expect of him.

This record reconnects with the multi-faceted approach of ‘Becoming a Jackal’ and ‘Awayland’, while adding a new-found soulfulness, rhythmic nous and dazzling panoply of sonic detail, both analogue and digital. balanced with subtle aspects and lyrical themes that embrace existential fears and hopes in this desperate, technologically-centred dystopian age, this is his most brilliantly realised album to date. “Conor O’Brien dials down the intensity. the listener reaps the rewards” 4/5 – mojo. ***the deluxe lp exclusively includes a red vinyl 10” of a 12-minute version of ‘ada’ and b-side ‘this is the art of pretending to swim

Mountain man magic ship

Mountain Man  – Magic Ship

Mountain Man did not intend to disappear for the better part of a decade, or to take eight years to release its second album, Magic Ship. But for a trio of devoted friends for whom music has always seemed so effortless and graceful, that’s simply how life went. The wondrous Magic Ship a magnetic fourteen-song reflection on the joys, follies, and oddities of existence—was well worth the wait. Magic Ship is a captivating album: The stunning Boat, where cooing harmonies frame Sauser-Monnig like drapes around a sunny window, sees a world of possibility in a little vessel along the riverbanks. The dashing AGT finds inspiration in flower blooms and bumble bees, discovering in the sights of nature a pure self-reliance. The magnetic Rang Tang Ring Toon celebrates a night spent hosting friends, sharing beans and music, and a skinny dip under the stars. There is sincerity and humour, depth and mirth, all rendered with three voices that have never been more connected. These songs distill eight years of experience between Made the Harbor and now—of sights seen, pleasures had, feelings hurt, forgiveness extended. These tunes are wise and tender, open and honest. Magic Ship conveys absolute warmth—like a snowbound afternoon spent indoors, passing a bottle of brown liquor between friends while putting old favourites on the turntable, or a long summer evening spent lounging beneath a shade tree, swapping stories and sharing laughs until the sun has vanished. after an eight year gap, these three young women return with a sophomore fortified by a deeper friendship, their harmonies sounding all the warmer and sweeter for it.

There is sincerity and humour, depth and mirth, all rendered with three voices that have never been more connected. fans of deep throat choir, trembling bells and lankum should check this out!

The Lamb

Lala Lala  –

Lillie West is a songwriter who finds strength in vulnerability, through bracing hooks, sharp lyrics, and songs drenched in a profound, dreamy ambience ffo snail mail, mattiel, and tomberlin.

the 24-year-old songwriter and guitarist illustrates a nuanced look on her own adulthood – her fraught insecurity, struggles with addiction, and the loss of several people close to her. across the album’s 12 tracks, west carefully examines the skeletons in her closet asking herself agonizing questions about her life with a clever and hopeful curiosity. this mixture of melancholy and hope describes the tone of this album perfectly. it’s the kind of album to bolster your good times whilst softening the downs. “lala lala’s music is like watching an open wound being stitched up—jarring and healing”

Trans360x 3000px packshot

Mutual Benefit -Thunder Follows the Light

Mutual Benefit, the songwriting outlet for multi-instrumentalist and producer Jordan Lee releases a new album Thunder Follows The Light via Transgressive Records. Following his last outing, 2016’s acclaimed Skip A Sinking Stone, Lee marks his return with a patient and prismatic collection of songs accrued over the past two years. Lee — who grew up in Ohio and is currently based in New York — has crafted pop experiments for almost a decade, blending orchestral instrumentation and ambient electronic sounds. His new album features an array of friends and many returning collaborators. New History is the album’s truest folk song, with twangy harmonica and slide guitar. Its inspiration came to him while spending time in the economically depressed area of Ohio where his parents grew up. Storm Cellar Heart, is an ode to taking shelter and the fraught impulse to hide from the loudness of the outside world. It’s more of a long question than an answer: “Is it storms that help make the heart grow?”

Fuzz Club Session

The Myrrors  –  Fuzz club Session

Complete with the band’s signature meandering violins, droning vocals and sprawling instrumentation, this live recording allows the tracks to take on an even more alluring and  hypnotic form.

The Myrrors are a mythical force in contemporary psychedelia and one of fuzz club’s most celebrated bands. the Arizona band’s fuzz club session is comprised of three utterly bewitching tracks that invoke images of the sandy plains of the sonoran desert which they call home, yet also draped in an influence of traditional eastern psychedelia


Suede  –  The Blue Hour

After the critical and commercial success of the top 10 album – Night Thoughts (2016) Suede return with their stunning new album The Blue Hour. Brett and co amp up the melodrama with an anthemic record of widescreen balladry, augmented by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

This album was produced by Alan Moulder and Suede, and shares the same line-up as 1996’s ‘coming up’ – vocals by Brett Anderson, guitars by Richard Oakes, bass by Mat Osman, drums by Simon Gilbert, synthesisers and piano by Neil Codling. ***the super duper deluxe box set contains includes a specially mastered instrumental, a dvd featuring album commentary from the band and Alan Moulder, plus a never-before-seen video for ‘Don’t Be Afraid if Nobody Loves You’, an exclusive bonus track – ‘Manipulation’ – on 7” vinyl, lyric sheets and a collection of art cards. plenty to be getting on with!***

Image result for suede blue hour boxset



Rs 600x600 180606122115 600 prince album

Prince  –  Piano and Microphone 1983

hearing this legendary figure peacefully tinkering away on a humble cassette recording, we’re struck more than ever by the raw talent that would eternally be right at his fingertips.

The nine track, 35-minute album features a previously unreleased home studio cassette recording of Prince at his piano captured in 1983. the rehearsal provides a rare, intimate glimpse into his creative process as he worked through songs including “17 days” & “Purple Rain” (neither to be released until 1984), a cover of Joni Mitchell’s “A Case Of You”, “Strange Relationship” (not released until 1987 on ‘Sign O’ the Times’), & “International Lover”. the album also includes a rare recording of “Mary Don’t You Weep”, which many will have heard playing during the end credits of ‘Blackkklansman’. “the whole thing feels – thrillingly, poignantly – like you’re in the room with him” 4/5 – mojo. ***the deluxe edition includes a 12” booklet featuring brand new liner notes written by Prince’s then engineer Don Batts, as well as candid shots of prince & never before seen photos.


Ramones  –  Road to Ruin 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Limited Copies of the deluxe editon come with 13’ x 13” print of the Holmstrom drawing from the front cover of the album, 11×17″ poster and a postcard. The Ramones released the band’s fourth studio album, Road To Ruin, 40 years ago this September. Dee Dee, Joey, and Johnny were joined for the first time by drummer Marky Ramone, who replaced founding member Tommy Ramone, who’d left to do more producing and writing for the band. It was also the album that introduced a nation of pinheads to the all-time Ramones’ classic I Wanna Be Sedated. To celebrate the milestone, the band release two versions on September 21st, a day before the anniversary of the album’s original release on September 22, 1978 – a 3CD/1LP 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition and a newly remastered 1CD version of the original album.

3CD – The first disc of the Road To Ruin: 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition features a remastered version of the original stereo mix for Road To Ruin and a new 2018 40th Anniversary Road Revisited mix created by Stasium, who strips off the original record’s commercial gloss and restores the album to its punk rock core. Stasium’s new mix is also featured on the 180-gram LP that accompanies this deluxe edition. The second disc offers up over twenty unreleased recordings, including rough mixes for every album track, starkly different alternate takes of two songs, and two unreleased outtakes: I Walk Out and S.L.U.G. – unfinished during the original recording sessions in 1978, and completed by Stasium for this anniversary release. Other highlights include three different versions of I Wanna Be Sedated, including the Ramones-on-45-Mega-Mix! released in 1988 as part of the campaign for the Ramones Mania compilation, as well as acoustic versions ofQuestioningly, Needles And Pins, and Don’t Come Close. The final disc has a previously unreleased recording of the band’s entire 1979 New Year’s Eve concert, which was mixed live by Stasium, and broadcast on WNEW-FM. Recorded in New York City at The Palladium, with audio sourced from Tommy Ramone’s original cassette of the console recording, it features blistering performances of Blitzkrieg Bop, Rockaway Beach, and Sheena Is A Punk Rocker, along with several songs from Road To Ruin: I Don’t Want You, I Wanna Be SedatedandI Wanted Everything.


MC5  –  Total Assault

For the 50th anniversary of the band’s incendiary debut, ‘Kick Out the Jams’, this limited edition collection features all 3 of the band’s albums with new art and previously unseen photographs.

Mc5 only released three albums, but they were ferocious, adventurous, and confrontational enough to secure the group’s place as one of the greatest rock ’n’ roll bands ever. the music on ‘total assault’ shows why the Mc5 is held is such high regard today with indelible tracks like “kick out the jams,” “human being lawnmower” and “sister anne.”

That’s quite enough of that. come back next week for some live action from nick cave, pixies’ ‘come on pilgrim’ & ‘surfer rosa’ 30th anniversary celebrations, & new music from mudhoney & marissa nadler. that’s just the start of it!

To be released on what would have been the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s 60th birthday, Piano & a Microphone 1983 is what its title describes: a set of Prince renditions of both covers and originals from ’83, with just one instrument and some amplification for accompaniment. It may sound like a fans-only sort of release, but from the two tracks already released the stripped-down versions of classic “When Doves Cry” B-side “17 Days” and 19th-century spiritual “Mary, Don’t You Weep” it should be as electrifying a listen as any non-posthumous drop this year. Essentially all by himself, he is loose, freewheeling and impressionistic, flitting between sketches — 90 feather-light seconds of ‘Purple Rain,’ a spacious reworking of 1999’s steamy ‘International Lover’ — exercising his fingers as he plays broad chords like a piano man noodling on some Sinatra classics at the Waldorf.”

So at last the Prince vaults are open!  Piano & A Microphone, 1983 – a nine-track, 35-minute album – features a previously unreleased home studio cassette recording of the solo Prince at his piano in that epochal year including renditions of “Purple Rain,” Joni Mitchell’s “A Case of You,” the folk spiritual “Mary, Don’t You Weep,” and more!.

The Prince Estate has released a music video for Prince’s unearthed single “Mary Don’t You Weep” off the late singer’s Piano & A Microphone: 1983, out today. The video focusses on the issues of gun violence, particularly in American youth.

The video is directed by Salomon Ligthelm and opens on a black screen sharing these statistics; “Nearly 1,300 children die and 5,790 are treated for gunshot wounds each  ar in the United States alone.” The visual then pays tribute to those affected by gun violence in America through a series of scenes including a funeral, and the moments after someone is shot. The video links to Prince’s 2015 activist work in Baltimore before his death and includes a quote from a speech he made at his Rally 4 Peace concert: “The system is broken. It’s going to take the young people to fix it this time. We need new ideas, new life…”

The new album is the latest posthumous release from the artist’s estate, coming after the release of his original “Nothing Compares 2 U” recording and an EP commemorating a year since his death. The album features solo piano and vocal takes of classic prince songs, as well as several never before released tracks. Recorded in 1983 during a rehearsal, the album is in the style of the artist’s final Piano & A Microphone tour in 2016.

Prince passed away unexpectedly in April 2016 at his Paisley Park studios, where he was reportedly working on a memoir and more music. There are expected to be several more releases of unheard Prince music via his estate over the next few years.

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In 1984, Prince recorded a song called “Nothing Compares 2 U,” which, rather than release it himself, he sent to Paul “St. Paul” Peterson of The Family. The band, which Prince had assembled, recorded the track for Prince’s label, Paisley Park Records, and it appeared on their debut album. But the song remained a largely unheard B-side until Sinead O’Connor covered it in 1990—a version that remains the best known recording of the song.

Even though Prince played the song live occasionally, the studio version that he originally recorded has never been heard, that is. Prince’s estate, along with Warner Bros. Records, has released the original version of “Nothing Compares 2 U” written, arranged, performed, and produced by Prince.

It was recorded by Susan Rogers in 1984 at the Flying Cloud Drive Warehouse in Minnesota. As Rogers talks about the day Prince recorded the track:

One day, he went into a room with a notebook and, within an hour, emerged with the lyrics to Nothing Compares 2 U. Rogers, who witnessed many such bursts of creativity, remembers, “The song came out like a sneeze.” As usual, she rolled the tapes as Prince laid down instrument after instrument, mixing and overdubbing in the same session (Eric Leeds overdubbed the sax part three days later).

According to Rogers, Prince didn’t want to release the track under his own name, because it was about a domestic life that he’d never had.

“He wasn’t living with anyone, but he was a young man writing about domesticity,” Rogers says. “The line ‘all the flowers that you planted in my back yard went out and died’… it would have been Sandy who planted those flowers. ‘And I know that living with me baby is sometimes hard, but I’m willing to give it another try…’ There was no romantic relationship with Sandy. It’s not a pained ‘Help me, baby’ track. It’s: ‘You’re gone and I miss you,’ which is probably why he felt comfortable giving the song away to The Family. He released his material based on what he wanted us to know about him and, wonderful as it is, he didn’t want it to represent him.”

This original version will be released as two 7″ vinyl singles in picture disc and black vinyl formats.

Most importantly, though, if this is an indication of what’s to come out of the thousands of Prince recordings hidden inside the vaults of Paisley Park, then there’s a lot more good music on the way.

Rhino isn’t holding back this Record Store Day, planning more than 30 special vinyl releases for Saturday, April 21st, to be sold at all participating retailers. Interestingly, several releases are companion pieces to recent general reissues, offering bonus content from different re-releases and box sets as standalone vinyl. Several singles and oddities are in the mix, from a 12″ of The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Juicy,” to a rare “short version” of Prince’s 1999, featuring only seven tracks from the album on one LP. Picture discs from Yes, Whitesnake, and Cheech & Chong are part of the line-up, and outtakes will be used to create alternate versions of Van Morrison’s Moondance and Fleetwood Mac’s Tango In The Night.

Most interesting for collectors are not one but two reproductions of rare Madonna vinyl releases outside the U.S., the vinyl debut of a promo collection by British hip-hop artist The Streets, unreleased mid-’80s masters from Miles Davis and a pair of vinyl sets covering new and old remixes by The Cure.

Among these titles, announced on Tuesday, now stand alongside previously announced RSD exclusives for Led Zeppelin (their first) and David Bowie. More RSD info is at the organization’s official site, while breakdowns of all Rhino’s new titles are below.

Air, Sexy Boy (12″ Picture Disc) (Parlophone)
Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the French synth duo’s debut, Moon Safari, with this shaped picture disc of the band’s first single. It features art from the original 12″ sleeve. (6000 copies)

Cheech & ChongUp In Smoke (40th Anniversary Picture Disc) (Rhino)
This marijuana leaf-shaped disc features the title track to the comedy duo’s first film (the soundtrack of which is being reissued by Rhino the same week) plus an unreleased version with an extra Spanish verse from Cheech Marin as well as a scratch ‘n’ sniff sticker! (4500 copies)

John Coltrane, My Favorite Things, Part I & II (Atlantic)
This U.S.-only single reissue was first included in a Coltrane mono box set. (1000 copies)

The Cure, Mixed Up and Torn Down: Mixed Up Extras 2018 (Elektra)
Long desired by fans of The Cure, the group’s 1990 remix album will be released as a 2LP picture disc set alongside another double picture disc featuring 16 new remixes of Cure tracks by frontman Robert Smith. The band is celebrating their 40th anniversary this year, so hopefully this is the first in a wave of commemorative titles! (7750 copies each)

Miles Davis, Rubberband EP (Warner Bros.)
This four-track 12″ disc features the title song to an unreleased 1985 album, intended to be Miles’ first for Warner Bros. Records after a lengthy tenure on Columbia. It features a new remix featuring Ledisi, a completed version of the track finished by Randy Hall and Zane Giles, and cover art painted by Davis. (6000 copies)

The Doors, Live At The Matrix Part 2: Let’s Feed Ice Cream To The Rats, San Francisco, CA – March 7 & 10, 1967 (Elektra)
This 180-gram, individually numbered sequel to last year’s RSD release features a set from the band at San Francisco’s The Matrix, which was last heard on a 50th anniversary edition of The Doors’ self-titled debut. (13,000 copies)

Fleetwood Mac, The Alternate Tango In The Night (Warner Bros.)
As is becoming tradition for Record Store Day, this album brings together demos and outtakes from last year’s box set version of Fleetwood Mac’s hit 1987 album. (8500 copies)

The Grateful Dead, Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA 2/27/69 (Grateful Dead/Rhino)
A 4LP box set edition (with fourth side etching) of a beloved Dead show, which has been out of print since its release in The Complete Fillmore West 1969 CD box set in 2005. (9000 copies)

Hawkwind, Dark Matter: The Alternative Liberty/U.A. Years 1970-1974 (Parlophone)
A 2LP collection in a gatefold jacket featuring rare tracks from the 2011 compilation Parallel Universe. (5000 copies)

Jethro Tull, Moths (Parlophone)
This six-track 10″ EP is tied to the 40th anniversary of Heavy Horses, recently reissued by Rhino. (6500 copies)

Madonna, The First Album and You Can Dance (Sire)
Two exciting Madonna titles are due for Record Store Day: first, a picture disc version of Madonna’s 1983 debut, reissued in 1985 after the success of Like a Virgin. This set replicates the original Japanese packaging, down to the sticker. Then there’s a red vinyl reissue of her 1987 remix album, featuring the poster and obi from the European vinyl release. (14,000 copies and 12,000 copies)

Van Morrison, The Alternative Moondance (Warner Bros.)
Constructed from alternates and outtakes from the deluxe edition of Van’s 1970 album, this LP features unreleased mixes of “And It Stoned Me” and “Crazy Love.” (10,000 copies)

The Notorious B.I.G., Juicy 12″ (Bad Boy)
A clear/black marble swirl vinyl reissue of Biggie’s defining single. (9000 copies)

Prince, 1999 (Warner Bros.)
A quirky reissue of an ex-U.S. single-LP, seven-track cutdown of Prince’s breakthrough 1982 double album, with a different cover, even. (13,000 copies)

Ramones, Sundragon Sessions (Sire)
These early mixes of tracks from Leave Home were first heard in the 40th anniversary box set of the album and appear on vinyl for the first time. (10,000 copies)

Lou Reed, Animal Serenade (Sire)
A 3LP edition of Lou’s 2003 live album, its first appearance on vinyl. (7500 copies)

The Stooges, The Stooges (Detroit Edition) (Elektra)
This 2LP set was first made available only at Third Man Record shops (it was compiled by the label’s own Ben Blackwell), but now this collection, featuring the band’s 1969 debut album and handpicked rarities from Rhino’s 2010 deluxe edition, is available at all indie stores. (8000 copies)

Various Artists, Twin Peaks: Music From The Limited Event Series and Twin Peaks: Limited Event Series Soundtrack (Rhino)
These two picture discs feature soundtrack and score, respectively, from the acclaimed 2017 revival of David Lynch’s television series, including Roadhouse band performances and original compositions by Angelo Badadamenti. (11,000 copies and 10,000 copies)

Whitesnake, 1987 (30th Anniversary Edition) (Parlophone)
A picture disc version of the rock group’s recently reissued hit LP, featuring “Here I Go Again.” (6500 copies)

Wilco, Live At The Troubadour 11/12/96 (Reprise)
The premiere 2LP edition of a live set included in the deluxe edition of the alt-country act’s Being There, reissued last year. (8500 copies)

Yes (Atlantic)
The legendary prog-rock’s ninth album, released in 1978, gets a picture disc release. (5400 copies)