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Two lookalike freaky kids who made one of the most lush, organic songs of the year in 2015, the mesmerising track Deep Six Textbook. Their music is as icy as PJ Harvey and as random as Bjork or Dean Blunt, arriving complete with coordinated handclaps, sax solos, wilfully obscure lyrics and jaw-dropping harmonies. There’s something a bit creepy about Let’s Eat Grandma. Their name, for starters. But their eerie childlike vocals matched with a quirky psych tinged, folk sound but with hints of electronica, shouldn’t really work. Yet it does. And the result of I, Gemini is one of the most catchy new records of the year. The teenage Norwich duo are instantly likeable and the ideas involved in their debut record hint at a very bright future.

That Let’s Eat Grandma’s debut album I, Gemini should feature on our favourites of the year list should come as no surprise to regular readers. We’ve been fans and supporters since way back when and their appearance on Jools Holland was one of our personal music highlights of 2016.

Their music isn’t for everyone but the best thing is, we really don’t think they care. In fact, we’d wager that all the critics, bloggers and armchair opinioners take it all a lot more seriously than Rosa and Jenny do. Their sound is inventive, imaginative and entirely different to pretty much anything else out there right now. They make music for themselves, please themselves and to entertain themselves. It’s not really commercial – it’s not pop by numbers, it’s not landfill indie, it’s not even punk (though some will say it is) – it is simply the imagination and musicality of two incredibly talented teenagers left to run wild, and the results are magnificent.

Many of the tunes are pretty much the same as they were a couple of years ago, before the industry was aware of them and before their debut Latitude appearance (on the tiny Inbetweeners stage) became a thing of legend. A tip of the hat to Transgressive then for letting the pair be themselves and not trying to add significant amounts of polish or control to a sound that is at its best when it is left to just be whatever the girls want it to be.

Guardian Guide exclusive - Let’s Eat Grandma

Let’s Eat Grandma perform Deep Six Textbook on Later… with Jools Holland, BBC Two (18 October 2016). Experimental pop outfit Let’s Eat Grandma, as one of the most chattered-about new acts of 2016, the pair have been hard at work on their brilliant and strange debut album I, Gemini (and if you think it’s precocious to be putting out a record at 17, they actually recorded most of it two years ago). Joined by helium-high vocals, clapping-game percussion and lyrics about baking cakes, much of their collection of weird pop has a creepy, childlike glaze. It’s a mood compounded by their eerie live shows, in which they glower, do deadpan dance routines and utilise their Rapunzel-length hair by draping it over their faces.

WOODEN ARMS – ” Tide “

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Norwich band Wooden Arms, the title track from their debut album on Butterfly Collectors label came out last September . Wooden Arms are an Alternative, Chamber Music, band from the UK featuring choral elements and a distinctive yet delicate blend of classical instrumentation meets modern melody.

Wooden Arms have released an album entitled “Tide” in Europe . The six track record is available on both Vinyl and CD format as well as digital download. The record features a rich orchestral timbre exemplified by Cello, Violin and Brass instrumentation mixed with contemporary percussive beats and ambient samples. produced and recorded by Wild Beasts and ILIKETRAINS engineer David Pye.

Port Isla, ‘In The Long Run’ new EP is out November 23rd  frontman Will Bloomfield says about the song “Its the case with a lot of things, I tend to find that the best songs are those that drop into your head out of nowhere,”

“The melody for ‘In The Long Run’ came to me when I was mowing the lawn,” he continues. Having formed almost four years ago while studying at the University of East Anglia, their self-released debut EP ‘Steamroller’ earned the band a support slot with George Ezra on his sold-out UK tour, and a deal with legendary record label Parlophone. Next up for the foursome is the new EP, ‘In The Long Run’, released November 23rd.

“Having spent so long doing everything ourselves, we were a little worried that we’d lose some control with a major label on board,” says Bloomfield of his new colleagues. “But it’s been the exact opposite. They were super supportive and kind of just left us to it, and even let us continue to design the artwork. I saw a physical copy of the EP yesterday and had a little moment when I saw our name next to the Parlophone logo. It’s mental.”

The EP was recorded in a variety of settings, taking in sessions at the band’s rehearsal space beneath a tube line and by the sea in Bloomfield’s Suffolk hometown, featuring help from friends Chris Denman and producer Charlie Hugall. “When Charlie mentioned Dirty Projectors and Beyoncé in the same sentence, we knew he was our man.” Currently on tour as support for James Bay, no debut album plans have been confirmed, although the four has been working towards an LP release for the past three years.

“We constantly strive to write better songs, so we’ll just have to wait and see! All we know is that we want to get a lot more touring under our belts before we put it out. You can expect some big songs with plenty of colour and variety. We just want to put out the best collection of songs we can.”

While the album remains incomplete, the band is set to return to the studio, again with Hugall, before the year is out, to work upon a third EP.



great new song from the band Port Isla who are from Norwich on the east coast of the UK, In autumn 2012, Will Bloomfield met fellow UEA students Stanley Spilman and Henry Kilmister and spent the next few months writing songs and playing gigs around Norfolk, just before bassist Willem Olenski joined to complete the full Port Isla line-up.
Emily Eavis invited them to play Glastonbury in 2013 after reaching the final of the Glastonbury Emerging Talent competition. with tracks Steamroller and Next In Line also picking up airplay from Radio 1 and BBC Introducing in Norfolk. George Ezra is also a big fan and has asked Port Isla to support him on last UK tour,
If you like indie rock, pop or folk, make sure you catch this Norfolk foursome.


Port Isla based out of Norwich this is the lead single off the forthcoming album see them at the DOT TO DOT festival