WILD PINK – ” 3 Songs “

Posted: May 12, 2021 in MUSIC
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New York indie rock band Wild Pink recently unveiled what seemed to be one of the most beloved albums of this year so far, “A Billion Little Lights”. It came out in February, and the John Ross-led project is already back with a new song EP titled “3 Songs” out next month. (In the interim they also combined a bunch of covers they’d recorded for various comps into the “6 Cover Songs” EP, none of which was new but all of which was certainly of interest if you love Wild Pink.)

The lead single from 3 Songs is a weightless, immersive track, “Ohio,” with singer-songwriter Samia. Samia, who’s been very busy doing a lot of collaborations lately (including with Christian Lee Hudson, Bartees Strange, and Homeschool ), only adds to the ethereal, romantic atmosphere of Wild Pink’s floating ballads. The nearly four-minute track feels aimless, but with a purpose; it encompasses the sensation of a reverie.

John Ross played guitar, bass, keys and sang
Dan Keegan played drums
Samia sang on “Ohio”
Stephen Chen played saxophone on “Ohio”
Ellis Ludwig-Leone wrote string arrangements for “Leferever”
Andie Tanning & Gokce Erem played violins on “Leferever”
Mike Slo-Mo Brenner played pedal steel on “Leferever”

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