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Chastity Belt and Melbourne band Loose Tooth have shared a “digital split single” featuring new material from both acts: Chastity Belt’s A Side “The Process” and Loose Tooth’s B side “Lonely.”

Fifty percent of Bandcamp sales for either track will benefit Australian wildfire relief efforts, specifically the Fire Relief Fund for First Nations Communities and the Country Fire Authority.

Of “The Process,” Chastity Belt songwriter Lydia Lund explains, “The lyrics came later and are a sort of reminder of the way self-criticism can compound. When I’m in that critical state of mind, I try to suspend judgement for that current state and I find it reassuring to remember that it’s temporary – a process.”

As for “Lonely.” Loose Tooth says, “We wrote ‘Lonely’ at the end of 2019. It is about an experience we witnessed when we were teenagers. #MeToo brought up a lot of realizations for many people, and for us; thinking back to us as young and vulnerable women, finishing high school and feeling invincible; we didn’t realize that we could be taken advantage of by predatory and powerful men. ‘Lonely’ is about the power dynamics and manipulation of these relationships, and the lasting cycle of trauma that they can bring.”

released January 31st, 2020

Swept together from the ashes of your finest night on the tiles, Loose Tooth are a Melbourne three-piece who craft sweet guitar pop with frayed edges.

“Everything Changes unspools like your standard low-slung churner in the manner of The Velvet Underground, but Loose Tooth make it interesting with both sweetened female vocals and a surreal, hot-boxed atmosphere.

Larissa Sapko had set two goals for herself in the summer of 2013: find a job, and start a band. Once she got a job, the band wasn’t far behind. She asked her friend Kian Sorouri if he would like to play guitar (he did), and he in turn asked Jim Dobrowolski if he would like to play drums (he learned how, and he did). What It Is came out in December 2013, and Loose Tooth enjoyed a year of playing local shows and weekenders in the Northeast.

After hearing that Jimmy was moving to Costa Rica, Christian Bach and Kyle Laganella stepped forward and volunteered their shredding skills to keep Loose Tooth moving up and onward. After reworking their first EP What It Is and writing some new songs in the process, the band’s debut record Easy Easy East was ready to rip.

After touring on Easy Easy East throughout 2015, the band came together to start writing their follow up record Big Day. The songs on Big Day developed a more cohesive feeling as the four became more comfortable playing together. Big Day is set to be released in April of 2017 on Father/Daughter Records and Lame-O Records.


Big Day comes out April 7th on Lame-O Records and Father/Daughter Records.
released March 15th, 2017

Loose Tooth Keep Up

With Keep Up, Melbourne three-piece Loose Tooth have inked their impeccable ear for a hook on a fresh sonic palate; the howling guitars of their first EP Saturn Returns peeled back to foreground the striking to and fro of the band’s distinctive vocalists.  That’s three for three – Etta Curry (drums, vocals), Luc Dawson (bass, vocals, guitar, keys), and Nellie Jackson (guitar, vocals) – long time friends with a democratic approach to both songwriting and influences.

Where Saturn Returns was squared in youthful abandon, the band’s debut album is the hangover; recognising a tension between keeping up in a shifting landscape of necessity and staking out your own version of happiness as you wave goodbye to your golden twenties.

Raised on the holy trinity of soul, country and Eddy Current, their debut LP is a living reminder that the B-52’s used to be a punk band and the light hasn’t gone out on the storied shores of St Kilda, Loose Toothhave a new clip for ‘Asteroids’ taken from their most recent album Keep Up.

‘A knack for sunny vocal harmonies, addictive basslines and their own take on the striped, sunlight sound made famous by predecessors like the Go-Betweens.” 4 1/2 stars – The Sydney Morning Herald.

Loose Tooth have a new clip for All The Colours Gone from their debut album

‘All The Colours Gone’ is taken from Loose Tooth’s album ‘Keep Up’ out now:

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Another Milk! Records signee, the mint rock trio Loose Tooth dropped their second LP, “Keep Up” in 2018. I must admit I was skeptical: How can Melbourne keep up the guitar-pop bands of such quality, But Loose Tooth were a pleasant surprise. Their transcendent rock certainly takes cues from bands like The Cure and that classic Melbourne jangle, but it’s nevertheless some of the freshest sounds coming out of the Australian metropolis. Etta Curry, Luc Dawson and Nellie Jackson know a thing or two about hooks, and “Keep On” is especially infectious, like a pleasant nag. With Barnett on their side and plenty of catchy rock melodies in their heads, this Loose Tooth won’t fall out anytime soon.

‘Keep On‘ is taken from Loose Tooth’s album ‘Keep Up’ out now:

With Keep UpMelbourne three-piece Loose Tooth have inked their impeccable ear for a hook on a fresh sonic palate; the howling guitars of their first EP Saturn Returns peeled back to foreground the striking to and fro of the band’s distinctive vocalists – Etta Curry, Luc Dawson and Nellie Jackson.

Where Saturn Returns was squared in youthful abandon, Keep Up is the hangover; recognising a tension between keeping up in a shifting landscape of necessity and staking out your own version of happiness as you roll into your thirties. In a time where platitudes about moving on up and giving love a chance abound, Loose Tooth are saddling up and getting on with it.  In the words of Kurt Vonnegut, “you were sick but now you’re well, and there’s work to be done”.

Keep Up is out August 3rd.

‘Keep On’ is taken from Loose Tooth’s upcoming album ‘Keep Up’ out on the 3rd of August 2018:

Masters of crafting the most endearing indie rock we’ve heard in 2016, Melbourne three-piece Loose Tooth are unleashing their brand new EP via Milk! Records titled Saturn Returns. The EP was recorded and mixed by Paul Maybury (Rocket Science, Pink Tiles) and mastered by Mikey Young. Like their first single ‘Everything Changes’ devouring this EP has just made us hungrier for more sweet, sweet Loose Tooth in not-too-distant future.

The debut EP from Melbourne three-piece Loose Tooth on 180gms wax for your listening pleasure. Out April 1st, 2016.
Life-long friends Etta Curry and Nellie Jackson met in crèche and spent nap time dreaming of creating a heavenly racket. Long-time friend Luc Dawson was drafted in on bass to transform their pop sketches into the sort of songs that stick in your head for days. Whether spluttering to life on an empty tank or hitting harmonies in full flight, seeing LOOSE TOOTH really is a beautiful thing.


One of Melbourne’s more underrated bands, Loose Tooth are about to get a well-deserved profile boost. They’ve hooked up with Courtney Barnett’s Milk! Records for their debut EP, Saturn Returns, due in early April. The first taste is ‘Bites Will Bleed’, a characteristically chugging and unrushed nugget of girl-group-y noise-pop. Some disorienting psych touches seep in too, thanks in part to producer Paul Maybury (The Pink Tiles), mingling innocence with menace. Bites Will Bleed is taken from Saturn Returns the debut EP from Melbourne 3 piece Loose Tooth – out April 1st, 2016 through