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Juliana Hatfield dedicated an entire chapter of her 2008 book “When I Grow up”: A Memoir to Paul Westerberg, and in interviews, she frequently talks about his and the Replacements’ influence on her. She was asked to open for Westerberg on a solo tour after the Replacements broke up, but the tour ended up being cancelled after he threw out his back. Now, however, they’re finally in a band together, The I Don’t Cares, and they released their debut album, “Wild Stab”,

Wild Stab is a jangly, jaunty, lo-fi sprawl. Its 16 tracks sound slapped together with a healthy coat of Mod Podge, delivered straight from a basement studio. Some songs sound remarkably similar to each other, while others stick out at odd angles. It’s as if fussing over an album would’ve made it seem too much like a “statement”; instead, Wild Stab just feels like a couple of pals rockin’ out and having fun, but not worrying too much about the final product. That’s not to say that these songs are anything less than professional — Hatfield and Westerberg are too good to drop any stinkers. This is largely Westerberg’s show, with Hatfield mostly harmonizing her way through. But the result is just as smooth, an album as fun to listen to as it likely was to make.



Juliana Hatfield covers “Needle In The Hay” for “Say Yes! A Tribute To Elliott Smith” due out October 14th 2016.

A number of indie music’s finest are coming together to pay homage to Elliott Smith with a new tribute album on October 14th. Titled  Say Yes! A Tribute to Elliott Smith, the 15-track collection sees artists like  J.Mascis,Waxahatchee, Lou Barlow, Juliana Hatfield, and Yuck tackle songs from across the late singer-songwriter’s discography. The American Laundromat Records release also features a collaborative cover of “Condor Avenue” by Jesu and Sun Kil Moon.

check out Hatfield’s rendition of “Needle in the Hay”. The track is the only non-exclusive cover on Say Yes! (it had originally appeared on American Laundromat’s 2014 Wes Anderson tribute LP).



Juliana Hatfield’s cover of Elliot Smith’s “Needle In The Hay” from American Laundromat Records‘ “I Saved Latin! A Tribute to Wes Anderson” has been named to Paste Magazine’s list of the 20 best cover songs of 2014.Perhaps best of all is Hatfield’s cover of Elliott Smith’s heartbreaking ‘Needle In The Hay’ – previously played out over Luke Wilson’s suicide attempt in …Tenenbaums. It’s a track so integral to the hugely affecting scene that Hatfield’s plaintive version brings all the emotions flooding straight back.


The Wes Anderson tribute album “I Saved Latin!” from Laundromat Records is out today. You can hear Juliana’s cover of Elliott Smith’s “Needle In The Hay” here.

Here’s the new Minor Alps “Waiting For You” video directed by Emilie and Sarah Barbault. It was shot in the Bastille area of Paris and features the actors Julie Gayet and Philippe Rebbot. The album that Matthew Caws (of Nada Surf) and Juliana Hatfield is a new project called Minor Alps! Our album, Get There is out now