JULIANA HATFIELD – ” Short Fingered Man “

Posted: April 8, 2017 in MUSIC
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Image result for juliana hatfield

Its great to be able to share Juliana Hatfield’s awesome video for “Short-Fingered Man” from her upcoming album “Pussycat”.

“For this video I shot a bunch of footage of myself in my hallway. I love sixties dancing so I did a bunch of that. Also I was thinking of early Jean Rollin vampire movies and of “Alphaville” (Godard) and those scenes near the end in which Anna Karina–and other residents of Alphaville–start to lose their equilibrium in the hallway and can’t keep themselves walking in a straight line. Caroline Jaecks took all of my footage and masterfully constructed a neat little narrative out of it that fits the song really well.”

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