The I DON’T CARES – ” Wild Stab ” Best Albums Of 2016

Posted: December 9, 2016 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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According to an interview Paul Westerberg these are a bunch of songs/demos Westerberg had laying around his basement studio. Inertia had set-in and it took Hatfield to pick out some of the gems and help whip them into shape. If true, the collaboration has made for the best Westerberg release in ages. If you liked the harder stuff on “All Shook Down” or “14 Songs” you’ll dig this – lots of stonesy rock-with a tender side (“Whole Lotta Nothin’,” “Born to Me”).

It’s not a quite a “band” but Westerberg sounds really fantastic working in collaboration with Juliana Hatfield. A supremely enjoyable and impactful album. Lots of great songs here. A few tunes put Hatfield’s voice at the front,

Paul westerberg Harp Magazine

“I’m back if you’ll have me” — after too many years since a proper album this is a great and emotional album opener.

Born For Me – what was a slow piano ballad from a Westerberg solo release is rerecorded here as a joyous rock and roll song and it is fantastic. So fun and happy.

Kissing Break — the heartfelt performance here elevates what could have been a light and inconsequential throw away to something unique and beautiful. In a way it reminds me how “Dyslexic Heart” might have first seemed like just a fun song to place on a movie soundtrack, but the kept popping up all over the place for the past two decades.

Outta My System — another re-recorded Westerberg song, and again it’s way better than the original in every way. So deceptively simple it’s amazing how compelling it is.

Hands Together  An epic song. One of Paul’s best songs ever, imaginative and metaphorical and gut wrenching and uplifting. So good it is hard to put into words.

In between are 11 more great rock and roll songs full of life and enthusiasm. It all manages to immediately fit into Westerberg’s catalog and still sound new. This is among his best post-Replacements work and might prove to be one of his best overall releases


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