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Jeff Rosenstock. In 2007 started a free/donation-based digital label called Quote Unquote Records. I also used to be in the band Bomb the Music Industry! and then that band stopped.

A punk-rock lifer who looks like an IT guy gone to seed, Jeff Rosenstock channeled everyman angst in an age of political apocalypse better than just about anyone this year on Worry, a 17-song epic in which getting right with yourself is the first step toward changing the world.

Even when Rosenstock is preoccupied with the inside-baseball worries of a touring musician like in the industry-skewering “Festival Song”  he takes a refreshing stand against the greed, self-interest, and overall awfulness of modern American life. Musically, Rosenstock practices the ecumenical sermon he preaches, leavening his relentless basement-punk pummeling with Beatlesque power-pop and slinky ska grooves. Yes, this is a record so open-hearted that even ska is welcome, so check your prejudices at the door.


Rosenstock is a lot more than that as he explores the insecurities, anxieties, and general mind fuckery of life. At times he’s celebratory, sometimes defiant, and sometimes reflective. Always enigmatic. Always brilliant.


Ive seen Jack Garratt a fair few times this summer and he is such a talented SingerSongwriter that covers such a wide range of genres, the guy crafts the songs using loops and different instuments as you watch the song bloom, he is also a great guitarist who I think has a love of Stevie Ray and the Blues,Ive heard his music likened to Space R’n’B funk Folk, This track “Worry”


the incredible talented Jack Garratt one man band,