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The Besnard Lakes

Canadian group The Besnard Lakes have shared new song “Our Heads, Our Hearts on Fire Again” as the second single from their first album in nearly five years, The Besnard Lakes Are The Last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings.

“Our Heads, Our Hearts on Fire Again” follows October’s lead single “Raindrops”. Discussing the new release, the band says, “This song has been floating around since the Roaring Night era. We could never figure out how to finish it. Well, we figured out how to finish it. It has that 3/4 waltz we love so much, the same 3/4 waltz that “Disaster” rested upon. It’s also a bit of a lament about how sad we were when we parted ways with Jagjaguwar.”

They add, “This is the second time Oggy’s lyric “On the other side of the world” is used; here it is to detail the comparison between geography and forensics, and that human beings are detectives of time.”

When asked for some insider knowledge about the production of the video, Dr Cool had this to say:

“So the video is basically a combination of things I assumed the band is into. I noticed they once had a horse on one of their covers so I quickly learnt to draw horses. I also heard from someone that they like bright flashing neon lights so I added some of that. And then I just sorta assumed they must be into goofy looking buildings that dance around the screen so I threw some of those in and it turns out they like that quite a bit.

“I can’t explain what the video is about but I think it’s pretty obvious what’s going on.”

The Besnard Lakes Are The Last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings will be their first LP since 2016’s A Coliseum Complex Museum. The Besnard Lakes Are The Last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings album will arrive 29th January 2021 via Full Time Hobby


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Tunng have released a new album, “Dead Club”, it came out on November 6th via Full Time Hobby. It’s a concept album about death and grief that’s also tied to a podcast of the same name. The album’s third and final single, “Scared to Death.” They also also shared episode 7 of the podcast, which features Swiss-born British philosopher and author Alain de Botton (listen to that here).

Tunng’s Sam Genders had this to say about “Scared to Death” in a press release:

“It’s inspired by my relationship to life, death, fear and acceptance and how my relationship to those four things has shifted in recent years, and especially since we began this project. On one hand I’m hugely drawn to rational thought and scientific knowledge as a way to solve problems and navigate life. On the other hand, I only seem to make real progress when I accept how little I know and really embrace that unknowing. “Maybe the unknowing helps me deal with life’s contradictions? “I’m unafraid of being dead but afraid to die.

“Life scares the crap out of me and yet I love life so much.

“Trying to make intellectual sense of the huge range of positive and negative feelings I have about life and death doesn’t always seem possible. Accepting the flow of experience however, without trying to understand it, does sometimes seem to work for me and make it all more manageable.” 

Tunng Presents…Dead Club Here’s what songwriter Sam Genders wrote about the track: It’s a song about how, by challenging taboos, we might arrive at a place closer to the truth and find ourselves better able to support each other as a result Whilst researching this project I’ve been struck by just how much of a taboo the subject of death is in our culture. Partly because of the ways in which people have responded when I explained what we were working on. One person was seriously worried I might be suicidal, and others clearly felt it was an odd thing to explore. Partly because of my own reactions. I often found myself nervous when talking about death or grief, or reaching for a socially acceptable way of phrasing an idea and struggling to find one. And yet, once the awkwardness has passed, I’ve also found that people are often eager to talk about how death and grief have affected their lives. Sometimes as if they’d be waiting far too long for the opportunity to unburden themselves. Interestingly I feel that in many modern settings people are more comfortable taking about sex than death.

We’ve journeyed so far in the last 60 years when it comes to talking about sex and I think you can make a very good case for that being a good thing. I expect the average person knows more about avoiding STIs or unwanted pregnancy, and is more likely to be comfortable with the idea of sexual pleasure or their own sexuality than ever before. I’m sure a lot of good has come from that. Now it seems like people are beginning to talk about death more. Imagine if we were so comfortable talking about death that everyone in our culture had the skills to support people who are grieving or to plan for the end of life for themselves or a loved one. It seems like there’s so much to gain. Palliative care is one obvious example of how more knowledge and awareness might help people live better lives. The song was inspired in part by my conversation with palliative care physician and writer Kathryn Mannix and her wonderful book ‘With The End In Mind’. Lyrically the song has clearly been through the Tunng filter. I wrote the words with a fantastical, almost comic book quality in places but it’s not flippant. I think these are genuinely important ideas.”

Previously Tunng have shared the album’s first single, “A Million Colours,” accompanied by an animated video. Then they shared its second single, “Death is the New Sex,” .

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Quickly becoming one of the year’s break-out new voices, Toronto-based songwriter Dana Gavanski has been operating in the fringes of the folk scene since her 2017 EP, Spring Demos, which came out on Fox Food Records. Now signed to Full Time Hobby, Dana looks destined for great things, yet it could all have been so different if Dana had stuck with her original plan to follow her father into the film industry. Thankfully film’s loss was music’s gain, after an ex-partner left Dana with a guitar and she began crafting the songs that would maker her name.

Late last year I had the opportunity to work with Mike Lindsay (Tunng and LUMP) in seaside Margate, England and it was a beautiful and unforgettable experience. ‘One by One’ was written as a tender embrace of the feeling of being alone in the world and moving on with it. Of the dark interiors of the mind and remembering to open the windows.

This week Dana will share her first release for Full Time Hobby in the shape of a 7″ single, “One By One”, a track described by Dana as, “a tender embrace of the feeling of being alone in the world, and moving on with it”. The track has a gorgeously wistful quality, the unwavering, stoic vocal accompanied initially by a gentle flutter of acoustic guitar, the whole track gets gradually weirder and more intriguing, as a simplistic, and unusually prominent, bass-line propels the track, while synths and backing vocals drift in and out of earshot.


The accompanying B-side, Do You?, is an exploration of moving cities; of struggling to connect with new people and a new place in the world, set to a delightful piece of finger picked guitar and that rich, Joan Baez meets Sharon Van Etten vocal. Not content with all that, Dana also has some upcoming high-profile shows in the UK supporting Chris Cohen and Tomberlin, as well as contributing three songs to the final instalment of the, Song By Toad Split 12″ series. A songwriter as busy as she is brilliant, Dana Gavasnki won’t need any introduction for long.

Somnium by Jacco Gardner on

Described by its architect as “a voyage into the deepest corners of your mind”, Somnium is a 43 minute journey into the unknown, conjured in Jacco’s new Lisbon studio utilising his collection of analogue synthesisers. Where as on previous albums Jacco found inspiration in the baroque side of psychedelia, Somnium is more in line with the progressive studio adventures of European electronic experimentalists Cluster, Bo Hansson, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Eno and Mike Oldfield (the album was in fact mastered by Simon Heyworth whose production credits include the latter three). And whilst it is an album which takes inspiration from experimental music’s past, it also exists as a futuristic pursuit. “The past has always felt very much alive to me and so full of mystery that I have to conclude that the present and the future are probably no different,”

Jacco explains.

As for the album being completely instrumental, this is linked to the idea of voyaging inside one’s own mind in a more complete way. “I deliberately removed my voice from the experience as it made it more difficult for me to achieve the intended state of mind. I think it makes the journey more interesting, more deep, and more intimate. I didn’t feel the need to show my face while one drifts away into thought. Somnium is a visionary experience. The album is more than just a trip, it is about contact with a deeper – hidden – reality.”

“if Radiohead had the balls to release this, we’d be talking about “Somnium” as a classic” – Loud & Quiet

Jacco Gardner’s third album “Somnium” is out now

Michael Nau - Some Twist

Michael Nau is just 6 months on from putting out his first album under his own name and is now preparing for it’s follow up with a sense of immediacy. A new collection of twelve songs entitled Some Twist represents some of his most sharp and moving work to date, and finds the Maryland-born singer songwriter looking to move quickly enough to avoid some of the stop/start nature that had previously left large gaps of time falling between his output.

While last year’s Mowing and its standout single ‘Love Survive’ can be viewed as commercial and critical successes for Nau, it was the act of putting the album out to begin with that was perhaps the biggest victory. After veering away from two different outfits he had fronted in the mid-to-late aughts, Nau had spent an a good deal of time overthinking his next move to a semi-paralyzing degree:

‘‘Mowing felt like a success for me because I had just spent so long with no idea if was ever going to put out a record again. I felt like I was going to write music for the rest of my life and maybe go play some shows, but in the back of my mind I wasn’t sure I still had the courage to put an album out into the world. I spent so much time passing through, working on things and then just throwing them away and moving on to the next thing. So really, it was a success because it came out at all. At the time I would tell people in my life that I was working on a record, but nothing would happen. So when it finally came out it felt like getting over a wall in a way, because I had somehow forgotten how to put things together and finish them.’

Upon the urging of others around him, Nau did eventually put Mowing together and saw fans and the critical community alike respond in 2016. “His masterful instinct for arrangement, along with his reedy voice, earns Nau a place in the rock’n’roll underdogs’ Hall of Fame”. Shortly thereafter, the uplifting single ‘Love Survive’ caught the attention of various BBC Radio DJs & programmers leading to an extended run of airplay that has spread to a brand new audience throughout Europe.

But Nau is resisting the urge to fall into the same habit of tinkering for too long again. Some Twist was recorded just after Mowing saw its release in Europe, wrapping it up in early January 2017. February saw Michael debut some of the new material live on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic. March will see the album’s first single ‘Good Thing’ released, a driving flurry of introspection laid within a piano and fuzz arrangement.

Some Twist will see its release on June 16th of this year via Full Time Hobby. Overall, the album splits its time between feeling both energized and unhurried, while featuring the same penetrating songwriting that has led fans to latch onto Nau since he arrived.

Taken from the new album “Some Twist” out now

17035_030_034_Lo res credit Chris Baker

Signed to Full Time Hobby , Katie Von Schleicher is to release her follow-up to a demo tape made for her label Ba Da Bing Records boss whilst working as a intern, her debut full-length album, Shitty Hits. With a sound that takes in everything from the expansive country soul perfected by Natalie Prass to the melancholic sway of Andy Shauf, Katie seems to have emerged a master of more styles than most people ever even try.

Discussing the inspiration behind the record, Katie has suggested it’s a record not inspired by grand themes or great achievements, but about mediocrity, and the entirely human quality of being deeply flawed. The impressively full-bodied production belies the fact the whole thing was created on a tape machine in Katie’s childhood bedroom at her parents’ house in Maryland. Whilst Katie Von Schleicher’s career path is already a remarkable success story, with a record this good,

from the album ‘Shitty Hits’ – out 7/28 via Ba Da Bing Records & Full Time Hobby (UK/EU)

Full Time Hobby - Samantha Crain |

Samantha Crain invited a small batch of talented Okie musicians to rehearse at Lunar Manor Recording Studio for an upcoming run of album release shows.

This rendition of “Oh Dear Louie” was captured by audio engineer Brine Webb and videographers Nathan Poppe and Tim Katz. ‘This album is dedicated to and inspired by the independent, strong, focused women who somehow continue to explode through the dark clouds of the weirdly oppressive art/music world. Every woman with a vision who didn’t veer from it amongst dissension. Every woman who was vulgar and loud and smart and ugly, in addition to the other aspects of their person – everything in opposition of what was expected of them.’ – Samantha Crain

Produced by John Vanderslice (Strand of Oaks, Spoon, The Mountain Goats) and exceptionally mastered by the legend Bernie Grundman, it’s a great sounding record, especially on vinyl. Samantha Crain’s fifth album ‘You Had Me At Goodbye’ is out now
Every physical order comes with a free second disc of the entire album recorded with just an acoustic guitar and Samantha’s voice. We’re down to our last few copies of these.

You can also find the song on Samantha Crain’s new album “You Had Me At Goodbye” which lands March 24th via Ramseur Records and Full Time Hobby.

Samantha Crain plays “Oh Dear Louis” (Live Performance Rehearsal)


Following on from the release of their self-titled album last year, Smoke Fairies release ‘Wild Winter’ an album of songs about Christmas and the darkness of the winter months. It is released worldwide on 20th of November on Full Time Hobby as a CD, digital download and on limited edition white vinyl.

This is the lead track from the record which is available to pre-order from the Full Time Hobby store –


Folk Indie Rock outfit The Leisure Society have announced the release of fourth Album titled  The Fine Art Of Hanging On”, and they’ve also unveiled a stream of the lead track “Tall Black Cabins”,

Speaking about the record, frontman/lyricist Nick Hemming said:

“‘The Fine Art of Hanging On’ is a recurrent, linking theme, although this wasn’t an intentional concept album. It’s about clinging to something – be that a relationship, a career, or life itself. All the way through writing the album a friend of mine was battling cancer. I reached out by sending him the rough demos of this album. By giving him this access to the work in progress and by him giving feedback, we formed a close bond. Sadly he lost his battle, but his input and presence is there in the album.”

Continuing about the lead single, “Tall Black Cabins”, Hemming added:

“I took a visit to Hastings and I noticed several tall black cabins, which inspired the song of the same name. These structures are used by local fisherman for drying their nets.  Theirs is a small and shrinking industry, but they have a passion for their trade and keep it going, even though it’s not always financially viable.  We recorded the album onto analogue tape at Konk studios and mastered it at Abbey Road Studios. We wanted to make the best record we could, so despite the expense we crafted it in this way – not for money, but for the love of making it.”

The album will be released by Full Time Hobby on 13th April. It follows the band’s  “Alone Aboard The  Ark” record, which was released in 2013.