JACCO GARDNER – ” Somnium “

Posted: November 24, 2018 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Somnium by Jacco Gardner on fulltimehobby.co.uk

Described by its architect as “a voyage into the deepest corners of your mind”, Somnium is a 43 minute journey into the unknown, conjured in Jacco’s new Lisbon studio utilising his collection of analogue synthesisers. Where as on previous albums Jacco found inspiration in the baroque side of psychedelia, Somnium is more in line with the progressive studio adventures of European electronic experimentalists Cluster, Bo Hansson, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Eno and Mike Oldfield (the album was in fact mastered by Simon Heyworth whose production credits include the latter three). And whilst it is an album which takes inspiration from experimental music’s past, it also exists as a futuristic pursuit. “The past has always felt very much alive to me and so full of mystery that I have to conclude that the present and the future are probably no different,”

Jacco explains.

As for the album being completely instrumental, this is linked to the idea of voyaging inside one’s own mind in a more complete way. “I deliberately removed my voice from the experience as it made it more difficult for me to achieve the intended state of mind. I think it makes the journey more interesting, more deep, and more intimate. I didn’t feel the need to show my face while one drifts away into thought. Somnium is a visionary experience. The album is more than just a trip, it is about contact with a deeper – hidden – reality.”

“if Radiohead had the balls to release this, we’d be talking about “Somnium” as a classic” – Loud & Quiet

Jacco Gardner’s third album “Somnium” is out now

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