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Two years on from the release of New View, Eleanor Friedberger came back with a new album. “Rebound” released through French Kiss Records it was mostly recorded alone by Eleanor with assistance from producer Clemens Knieper.

It sees her going in a bit of a new direction, swapping live instruments for electronic drums, synthesisers and more muted guitars. It also takes inspiration from her time spent in Greece, immersing herself in the culture. Melodically subtler than Friedberger’s past albums, Rebound still swings thanks to her innate, and often-overlooked, knack for songwriting. This could be Friedberger’s finest solo album to date.

Taken from the album Rebound released May 4th, 2018.

Official Audio for Eleanor Friedberger’s upcoming album NEW VIEW to be released January 22nd, 2016 on French kiss Records. The first single “He Didn’t Mention His Mother.” My friends at NC-17 made this terrific trailer for the album, featuring footage they shot of us recording in Germantown, NY:

There’s no telling how long we should expect to wait — if at all — for new material from indie-pop duo Fiery Furnaces, on hiatus since 2011, but luckily we haven’t ever had to wait long for something from one half in the. Co-bandleader Eleanor Friedberger who will release her third solo album (each released since her band went on pause), New View, next month, her new single is a textbook example of her more traditionally structured and melody-focused songs,

In February 2016 she will be playing five solo dates in the UK, one in Barcelona, and then back to the US for a month-long tour with my band Icewater. Stay tuned for more dates to follow.

Eleanor Friedberger has released a new song entitled “False Alphabet City,” her first new material since 2013’s critically acclaimed album Personal Record, and her first release as a signee to NYC’s seminal indie label Frenchkiss Records.


In April 2015, Eleanor took a break from recording to perform in the visual artist Sara Magenheimer’s ( film FALSE ALPHABETS, in which she plays a New York City radio DJ, the true voice of the city. Eleanor adapted Sara’s script into songs and performed them with her band at Recess the SOHO gallery that hosted Sara’s residency. “False Alphabet City” became the anthemic theme song for this video-based artwork about language, music and the radio voice as a life-line in our contemporary atmosphere of cultural alienation.

Fiery Furnaces member Eleanor Friedberger has been developing a compelling solo career for a few years, but aside from recent contribution to Beck’s Song Reader  compilation, we haven’t heard any new music from her since 2013’s Personal Record and a short tour of the UK  last year.  A third album should likely be forthcoming, as Friedberger recently signed with Frenchkiss Records, but until then, you can get a taste of what she’s been up to lately with the new one-off single “False Alphabet City.”

Written as a theme song of sorts for visual artist Sara Magenheimer’s film False Alphabets, “False Alphabet City” is here accompanied by footage from the film, and showcases Freidberger’s role as DJ in the city so nice they named it twice.


a track taken from the album “Personal Record” Friedberger mst well known for her half of being in the duo Fiery Furnaces along with her brother Matthew, she used to be girlfriend of Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos, She has two solo albums released so far .


Merge Records ELEANOR FRIEDBERGER from New York City and the track “Stare at The Sun” from the album, “PersonalRecord”    Eleanor has emerged as a solo talent after a decade playing with the band Fiery Furnaces, She will be at the Musician on Monday 4th August