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Navigating influential multimedia blog Stadiums & Shrines is like a lovely trip by train through mystical destinations around the world. The Brooklyn-based digital institution pairs poetic ruminations with collage-based artwork and music as an ethereal guide to stitch each location-specific entry into an elevated art form. Enter Dreams, a 10-year anniversary compilation of the music that has graced (and will grace) the site over the years from the likes of Dustin Wong’s frenetic guitar loops (Japan), Teen Daze’s icy beats (Alaska), Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s buchla-driven jaunt (Yugoslavia), Mutual Benefit’s bells & chimes (Bali) and more.

Featuring other contemporary artists like Bing & Ruth, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Julie Byrne, Yumi Zouma, Mutual Benefit and more, this sprawling compilation collects 18 original ambient, experimental and electronic tracks (a.k.a. ‘dreams‘) across a beautiful double LP. Vinyl is packaged in a premium gatefold jacket designed by visual artist Nathaniel Whitcomb, with a booklet of original collage and prose stitched to the interior. Limited editions are pressed on bone color vinyl.

Listen to this track from the ever superb Yumi Zouma – France (Grands Boulevards) is the first single from the compilation S&S Presents: Dreams, out on Cascine Records.


  • Sea Oleena – Portugal (A Lift)
  • Bing & Ruth – Quebec (Climber)
  • Yumi Zouma – France (Grands Boulevards)
  • M. Sage – Sweden (Landskap)
  • Mutual Benefit – Bali
  • Dustin Wong – Japan
  • Julie Byrne & Eric Littmann  -Spain
  • Ricky Eat Acid – Algeria (Outside your house…)
  • Julia Lucille – Norway
  • Sound of Ceres – Austria (Solar Shaded)
  • Teen Daze – Alaska
  • Cuddle Formation & Emily Reo – Bermuda (Yoshi’s Story)
  • Eaters – Finland
  • Headaches – Brazil
  • Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Yugoslavia
  • Megafortress & Noah Wall – India (Scorpio)
  • Cemeteries & Foxes in Fiction – Alberta (Siksika/Peigan/Kainai)
  • Gem Club – England’s Countryside (Mother In Comet)
  • North Americans – Germany (Quinn) – Digital Only
  • Maria Usbeck – Mexico (una pirámide al revés) – Digital Only
  • Recycle Culture – Israel (Primitive) – Digital Only

BECK – ” Dreams “

Posted: June 21, 2015 in MUSIC
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Last week, Beck teased new track “Dreams” on social media, before revealing that it’d feature on an upcoming record, the follow-up to last year’s Grammy-winning “Morning Phase. That track is now available .

Whilst last years beautifully crafted album, Morning Phase was a timely remind that BECK can tug at the heart strings as well as any balladeer on the planet, if there’s one Beck doesn’t ever do, it’s the same thing twice in a row! So perhaps it should come as no surprise that his latest single, Dreams is a huge summer dance anthem!

Whether this is the first taster of a new album, or another one off single in the mould of Defriended, Gimme or I Won’t Be Long well we’ll have to wait and see

In an interview he said that “Dreams” “started out as a heavy garage rock thing and became much more of a dance — some other kind of hybrid.” He also revealed that the new album doesn’t have a name or a release date yet.


a cover of the Cranberries track that was a huge hit,

Van here. Writing from Oslo, Norway where I am looking outside a window towards the snow covered trees on Bygdøy and the quickly freezing Oslofjord. I’m here for the holidays, and its gorgeous as fuck for sure, but I really just can’t stop thinking about how excited I am for 2015 and everything that its going to bring for this little band called WATERS. we have some super exciting *headlining* shows coming up very soon on the West Coast of America. We’ll be debuting new songs that we’ve never played, and making sure that every single last one of you fine people screams along with us on “I Feel Everything.”



Stevie Nicks born on 26th May 1948, Known for her time with the rock band Fleetwood Mac for the songs and vocals she bought to the band possibly their greatest track “RHIANNON”. Stevie is a singer songwriter, musician with amazing ability, Inducted into the Hall of Fame as a member of Fleetwood Mac. She joined the Mac in 1974 along with her then partner Lindsay Buckingham the album they produced “RUMOURS” released in 1974 has become the eighth best selling album of all time with Stevie’s Song “Dreams” being the only Number one hit single in the USA, previously in the band Buckingham Nicks they released one album. She also started a solo career in 1981 with her first of seven solo albums released to date the first titled “BELLA DONNA”. Stevie has always had a mythical image with her stage wear of black billowing skirts, floating scarves layers of lace and with her long blonde hair she would also decorate her microphone stand with ribbons, crystals, beads and scarves and Roses.Stevie also has her own charity “Band of Soldiers” for wounded military personal.