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“PDA” by Day Wave and Hazel English (Interpol Cover)

Day Wave and Hazel English present new song, “PDA.” The duo spearhead the lo-fi, sun-drenched, DIY and dreamy indie-rock sound bursting out of the Bay Area, California, and although Day Wave has been Hazel English‘s longtime producer, they have never before officially featured on the same song. Taking note from the forebearers of classic US indie and in memoriam of their youth spent as devout teenage indie heads, the duo finally came together to record their own version of Interpol’s classic PDA – from the debut album Turn On The Bright Lights which turned 15 years old in September this year.

Speaking on his admiration of Interpol, Day Wave says, “I remember first hearing Turn On The Bright Lights when I was 14. I was blown away. And for me the immediate stand out was PDA. I’ve been playing the song on repeat ever since. I never thought of attempting to cover it until recently, it was almost too important to me. But having been so influential for me, I thought it would be cool to pay homage to the album.”

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We have been fans of Day Wave since day one. Jackson Phillips (AKA Day Wave) debut LP The Days We Had, the albums is full of dream-pop, sunshine sound, emotional and honest,  Jackson Phillips has been making music for a long time, the Oakland based musician came to our attention in 2014 when his dream-pop sound captured our imaginations and made us a little queasy with idea of butterfly sunshine, and candy floss love. It felt like a first date in many a confusing way. Phillip’s displayed on several occasions with tracks such as ‘Drag’, ‘Total Zombie’ and ‘Come Home Now’ his incredible ability to write piercing hooks and simplistic, heartfelt pop songs. They all felt like love letters ‘To Jackson, From Jackson’. There was something special in the simplicity, but this debut LP, released via Fiction Records and out now, was his next big step.

The ethereal pop bliss he brings is what dreams are intricately sewn up with and the lyrics tend to paint the skies of them.

He has now released ‘Untitled’ another alt-pop gem and perfect for a beautiful day like today. The track is released alongside the new LP The Days We Had which is out now on Fiction Records.


We were worried that Day Wave would never match up to their earlier efforts as they had a lo-fi veracity that is hard to do twice, but tracks such as ‘Gone’ and ‘Drag’ are now a golden memory, while ‘Untitled’ and ‘Something Here’ are the present. Phillips and co have made another powerful step into the limelight.



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Oakland California-based singer Hazel English rose quietly but steadily through the ranks of the Bay Area indie scene with her evocative, sensual bedroom pop. The 25-year-old artist — who’s originally from Sydney, Australia  is somewhat mysterious. But despite her tendency to stay out of the public eye, her airy, finger-plucked sound has earned her a growing following.

Her new EP, Never Going Home, is set for release on October 7th on Marathon Records. And she’s already gearing up to tour the West Coast and parts of Europe. It’s safe to say she has a big year ahead.

After moving to Oakland in 2012, English immediately set her sights on her music career. She collaborated with popular local singer-songwriter Jackson Phillips, who makes similarly shoegaze-y, folk-inspired pop as Day Wave.

“Considering Jackson produced the EP, there are going to be parts that are reminiscent of Day Wave. But I don’t think about it like that because it’s a collaboration,”

The five songs on Never Going Home are well crafted and flow into one another. And the EP’s mellow, jangly ballads are more expressive through melody than actual lyrical content. The album is sweet, pleasing to the ear, and somewhat addictive.


Day Waves is the personal project of Jackson Phillips, an Oakland California based twenty something who’s sound is summer surf indie at it’s finest. Lackadaisical reverb filled guitar drifts over steady tight drumming


Day Wave the solo project of Jackson Phillips who makes dreamy, melancholy jams. If you missed his debut EP, Headcase, this year, now is the perfect time to get caught up before he puts out his next tracks in early 2016. If you love Real Estate and Best Coast, Day Wave is the happy medium between the two.


If you want it to be summer year-round, Day Wave is the guy for you. Simple and straightforward, his music is bright with the right amount of surf vibes.



DAY WAVE – ” Headcase “

Posted: November 14, 2015 in MUSIC


The latest EP of surf dream pop from Day Wave. Oakland based artist Jackson Phillips‘ low fi tunes deliver just the right amount of upbeat melodies mixed with melancholy lyrics about making a mess of your life that as a listener you feel both chipper and less alone simultaneously. That’s what summer time is good for, and that’s what records are for when the sun won’t come out to play and you want to fake it till you make it just the same.