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Hazel English songs are far too easy to get lost in. That’s not necessarily a bad thing because the dreaminess of her shimmering aesthetic is supposed to have that effect, but you can easily gloss over some exquisite vulnerability because it’s expressed so plainspoken and unassuming, enveloped by that transcendent glimmer. But she cuts through ever so gently and it registers much more forcefully upon a few listens. It’s a good thing her “Never Going Home” EP is easy to keep on repeat.

Make It Better is the second track off my EP “Never Going Home”

Oakland California-based singer Hazel English rose quietly but steadily through the ranks of the Bay Area indie scene with her evocative, sensual bedroom pop. The 25-year-old artist — who’s originally from Sydney, Australia  is somewhat mysterious. But despite her tendency to stay out of the public eye, her airy, finger-plucked sound has earned her a growing following.

Her new EP, Never Going Home, is set for release on October 7th on Marathon Records. And she’s already gearing up to tour the West Coast and parts of Europe. It’s safe to say she has a big year ahead.

After moving to Oakland in 2012, English immediately set her sights on her music career. She collaborated with popular local singer-songwriter Jackson Phillips, who makes similarly shoegaze-y, folk-inspired pop as Day Wave.

“Considering Jackson produced the EP, there are going to be parts that are reminiscent of Day Wave. But I don’t think about it like that because it’s a collaboration,”

The five songs on Never Going Home are well crafted and flow into one another. And the EP’s mellow, jangly ballads are more expressive through melody than actual lyrical content. The album is sweet, pleasing to the ear, and somewhat addictive.