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I am almost running out of things to say about London based Singer Songwriter Alexander Wolfe because I’ve been listening ot him so much lately. His style is infectiously good, with a kind of epic orchestral folk sound that keeps us coming back for more. The songwriting is fabulous, calling on dynamics and vibrant imagery that matches the lyrical content really well. He’s one of those artists that you would pick if you had to pick a composer for your life’s sound track. As if this wasn’t enough, Wolfe has also branched out into other creative areas, composing and performing the soundtrack to ‘The Trench’, a collaboration with the award-winning theatre group Les Enfant Terribles based on the First World War, which ran this year at the Edinburgh Festival to 5-star reviews and sell-out crowds.

Wolfe is currently writing album Number 4.. the previous 3: ‘From The Shallows’, ‘Skeletons’ & ‘Morning Brings a Flood’ are available for you to listen to with your ears




Gemma Thompson, perhaps best known for her work in British rock band Savages, is one of the most inventive guitarists of her generation. In performance, she can be seen wrestling her instrument with the kind of looseness that comes from having complete faith in her ability; her style is a delicate tangle of feedback, reverb, and ostinato. In Savages, her guitar leads are threaded together with her bandmates on bass, vocal, and drums to form structured rock ‘n’ roll songs. But her most recent experiments with sound have freed her from those constraints.

In a studio and at her apartment in Leipzig, Germany this past summer, Thompson spent several months experimenting with different guitar frequencies, with the goal of letting the sounds lead the songwriting. She wanted to find an audible way to describe landscapes, using the way it travels to represent different physical formations: cliffs, rocks, waves. The results of these experiments, recorded with her partner Sam Sherry of the band A Dead Forest Index, are presented as four unique compositions, written as complementary to one another. They offer a journey into the mind of an artist who’s passionate about finding new ways to interpret sound.

For Bashan—EP1Thompson took cues from several projects she’d recorded with Savages, as well as a film score she was asked to record for a documentary about Dennis Hopper. Using those as a launching pad, she set about to create something she wanted to listen to, that also reflected her desire to expand the scope of her work.


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Lydia Ainsworth  is a Toronto based artist, composer and producer .Lydia has just announced her new album, “Darling of the Afterglow”, which will be released on March 31st via the wonderful Bella Union Records.

“Darling of the Afterglow” is Lydia Ainsworth’s sophomore record and follow up to the Juno-nominated and critically acclaimed “Right From Real”.

The album features a team of local Toronto musicians, woven into Ainsworth’s programming, samples and string arrangements. “I usually have to be out of my element to get that spark of inspiration,” she says of songwriting. The songs on Darling of the Afterglow were all begun away from home, before being brought to fruition in her hometown.

The Video is Directed by Lydia’s sister Abby Ainsworth,


A few months ago, the Toronto singer and sound manipulator Lydia Ainsworth released the lovely and cinematic debut album Right From Real. And now she’s the latest in a long line of indie types to cover Chris Isaak’s deathless 1989 torch song “Wicked Game.” Ainsworth has been doing the song live for a while, and now she’s shared a recorded version of it, which layers up her voice in subtle and effective ways. Her version is mostly just voice and piano, but it feels lush and finely orchestrated, mostly because of quiet production details that you might not consciously notice but which add to the feel of the thing.

Lydia Ainsworth, debut thrives on haunting melodies and draws inspiration from a wide range of musical sources, featuring use of voice sampling and string arrangements woven into a unique minimalist fabric.Composer / producer / singer Lydia Ainsworth has been secretly writing and recording songs over the past three years from bedrooms and basements between Toronto and Brooklyn. What began as pass-time sketches between composing music for film and multimedia projects has over time revealed an enchanting collection of experimental pop songs with a life of their own.
Blurring the boundaries between indie music, filmic orchestration, and electronic music, Lydia’s debut ‘Right From Real’ thrives on haunting melodies and draws inspiration from a wide range of musical sources: Verdi’s Requiem, Ace of Base, Bulgarian Choirs, Bernard Herrmann, Tones on Tail, Art of Noise, to name a few. This sense of unexpected marriages of influence flows throughout much of Lydia’s previous work which features use of voice sampling and string arrangements woven into a unique minimalist fabric.


Tom Adams is a multi Instrumentalist Singer Songwriter from Cambridge with achingly heartfelt vocals , He recently composed the Soundtrack for the movie “The Knife That killed Me” with a new EP “The Constant Noise” available, Tom has numerous projects The Mountaineering Club Orchestra, Toma, Hollow Mountain