ALEXANDER WOLFE – ” I Can’t Get to Sleep “

Posted: December 20, 2017 in MUSIC
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I am almost running out of things to say about London based Singer Songwriter Alexander Wolfe because I’ve been listening ot him so much lately. His style is infectiously good, with a kind of epic orchestral folk sound that keeps us coming back for more. The songwriting is fabulous, calling on dynamics and vibrant imagery that matches the lyrical content really well. He’s one of those artists that you would pick if you had to pick a composer for your life’s sound track. As if this wasn’t enough, Wolfe has also branched out into other creative areas, composing and performing the soundtrack to ‘The Trench’, a collaboration with the award-winning theatre group Les Enfant Terribles based on the First World War, which ran this year at the Edinburgh Festival to 5-star reviews and sell-out crowds.

Wolfe is currently writing album Number 4.. the previous 3: ‘From The Shallows’, ‘Skeletons’ & ‘Morning Brings a Flood’ are available for you to listen to with your ears



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