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Cambridge-based trio Mammoth Penguins are soon to return with their third album, “There’s No Fight We Can’t Both Win”. This week the band have announced an array of dates across Spring and early Summer, as well as sharing the video to the record’s second single, “Closure”.

Discussing the inspiration behind the track, front woman Emma Kupa has suggested Closure, “is a song about an interaction, or day, or moment, or occurrence when something shifts and feelings that you may have been carrying around for a while just dissipate”. The track seems to not mourn this passing feeling but celebrate it and cherish the freedom that it brings. Musically, this feeling manifests as probably their heaviest, most dynamic track to date; the moments of shimmering calm never lasting long before a crashing crescendo of rhythmic noise comes roaring into their place. The mighty chorus serves as reminder of the band’s ability to write a scream-your-heart-out refrain; “all the yearning and all the regret, all the sadness just left me”, surely set to soundtrack every storming out of the house moment in indie films for years to come. Plus there is an excellent feather-flying, pillow fighting video courtesy of director Fraser Watson, so what’s not to like really?.

Band Members
Emma, Mark and Tom

There’s No Fight We Can’t Both Win is released on 26th April 2019 via Fika Recordings.

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Following a sold out London show with Swearin’, Cambridge indie pop trio Mammoth Penguins are delighted to announce that they have signed to Fika Recordings and that their third album, “There’s No Fight We Can’t Both Win”, will be released on 26th April 2019.

The band are streaming lead single ‘I Wanna’ today, listen and share here:

‘I Wanna’ is a super simple song about how liking someone can unlock a load of creativity and energy,” comments vocalist Emma Kupa, “and suddenly there are so many possibilities and so much potential, and life becomes way more fun.”

Mammoth Penguins are a 3-piece indie pop powerhouse, showcasing the songwriting and vocal talents of Emma Kupa (Standard Fare, The Hayman Kupa Band) backed up by the noisiest rhythm section in indie pop.

Their first album, Hide and Seek, was released with the much-loved and sorely missed Fortuna Pop! in 2015. But Mammoth Penguins didn’t want to stop there.  Their follow-up release John Doe in 2017 was an ambitious concept album, exploring the feelings of loss and anger at a man who fakes his own death, only to return years later. It featured contributions from Haiku Salut’s Sophie Barkerwood and Alto 45’s Joe Bear, and expanded well beyond the 3-piece rock‘n’roll template, with washes of strings, synths and samples (field recordings of butter being scraped on toast, photocopiers, and Ramsgate beach helping to fully immerse the listener in the world the band have created) filling out and developing Kupa’s songwriting.

Having had their ‘and now for something completely different’ moment, the band have brought that ambition and expanded palette to the production of this new release. The sound is big, bold and confident—with layers of guitars, backing vocals and keys all adding extra muscle—but maintaining Kupa’s candid, heartfelt, confessional style of songwriting, and the jubilant power pop hooks that made the first record so special.

As with many songwriters, Kupa’s songs are derived mostly from her own personal experiences, thoughts, and feelings, be they long-lived or fleeting. “The times when people have said my lyrics resonate with them or articulate something specific for them are extremely validating for me and I hope that happens with this album,” she explains of the new record.

“Arranging the songs with Mark and Tom is a massive buzz and playing them live as a band feels so exciting. Having Joe and Faith put their mark on the album was also a massive privilege. Making a record can be an extremely slow and drawn out process that requires patience, perseverance and resilience, and because of that we are super excited and proud to be releasing this album.”


This time around, classic themes of love, loss and conflict are (mostly) given a hopeful and optimistic spin that opposition is neither inevitable nor hopeless. For musical comparisons, think Land of Talk, and Philadelphia bands such as Swearin and Hop Along, but Kupa’s insight into the everyday and her ability to pen such relatable and honest missives means that, often, the best comparison for Mammoth Penguins’ music is with your own past.

Darlingside - Eschaton

Folk-rock quartet Darlingside have enjoyed astronomical success in the UK since their 2016 release Birds Say. “Eschaton,” the band’s single from their recently released sophomore album entitled Extralife, meanders away from their bleary-eyed first release and explores a more electric sound. Campy synth sounds and electric guitars accompany Darlingside’s quintessential organic vocal harmony.

Darlingside (Don Mitchell, Auyon Mukharji, Harris Paseltiner, and David Senft) are a Massachusetts-based ensemble whose sound is an eclectic blend of 60s folk, clever wry wit, classical arrangements, soaring harmonies, and a modern indie-rock sensibility. The four vocalists and multi-instrumentalists construct every piece collaboratively, pooling ideas so that each song bears the imprint of four different writing voices. Playful vocal permutations swing from four-part unison to CSNY-inspired group harmonies, underpinned by rich, carefully crafted soundscapes. The final product threads the collective memory of the four songwriters, nodding to the music of their parents’ generation while establishing a sound that is all their own.


Band Members
Auyon Mukharji, David Senft, Harris Paseltiner, Don Mitchell

Kowloon Records is proud to present Erased Tapes‘ composer/sound designer Ben Lukas Boysen’s stunning rework of Tom Adam’s poignant “Fade”. His shimmering rework makes remarkable use of the song’s swelling atmospheres and sparse minimalist instrumentation, building the song up to a riveting crescendo. Originally taken from Adam’s ‘Voyages By Starlight’ EP, Boysen’s thoughtful rework breathes new life into the moving, pastoral ballad.


Check out the original and Official music video for Tom Adams debut EP track ‘Fade’

Composer / electronic musician Tom Adams grew up near Cambridge, the flattest part of the UK. Despite this, or perhaps because of this, Tom’s heart has found a home in the wild and mountainous places of this earth. This love of nature is an ever present voice in his work, lending a widescreen quality to his music, from intimate piano moments to mountainous waves of sound.

He started playing the piano at a young age, and soon discovered that improvising and creating new music came a lot more naturally than reading dots on a page. This discovery blossomed when he bought his first guitar as a teenager and Tom soon started to write his own songs, his haunting voice has drawn comparisons to singers like Thom Yorke and Jeff Buckley. Going on to study music at the University of York he had the opportunity to work with both classical and electronic music, the combination of which has become the defining aspect of his sound.

Combining his natural ability to improvise with his classical training and electronic music knowledge Tom is able to move seamlessly between styles whilst always maintaining a strong overall aesthetic. The result is a breathtaking and beautiful musical experience that is a perfect soundtrack to mountains and wild beaches.

Kowloon Records is a London based independent record label focusing on releasing avant-garde / electronic music. Kowloon’s mission is to create a meeting point for brilliant musicians from around the world, bound by a visionary belief in the power of art


In a little over a fortnight, Cherry Hinton Hall in Cambridge will once more open its gates to the annual Cambridge Folk Festival. It will be back for a quite astonishing 53rd time of asking, making it one of the most enduring and prestigious folk festivals in the world today. One of the keys to its longevity and continuing success is its ability to slowly extend its musical reach whilst staying true to its traditional folk heart. This much is reflected in yet another excellent bill that captures all that is good in the wider spheres of roots, blues, country, and Americana as well as folk music itself.

Perhaps best known as the former lead singer of acclaimed English folk band BellowheadJon Boden will perform over the Festival weekend with The Remnant Kings as well as guest curating elements of this year’s line-up. It is a line-up headed by the renowned Nottingham singer-songwriter Jake Bugg who will close out the festival on Sunday night with a special acoustic set; Saturday night’s top-of-the-bill, the redoubtable Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls; iconic Grammy Award-winning folk rock music American duo, Indigo Girls; and returning once more to the ornate grounds of Cherry Hinton Hall, the venerable American singer-songwriter Loudon Wainwright III.

Other highlights will undoubtedly include the reappearance of Shirley Collins, the classic voice of English folk music in the 1960s and who for 30 years did not sing at all; fellow Englishwomen and twin-sister country duo Ward Thomas whose rise to fame has been nothing short of stratospheric since they last appeared here on the small Den stage two years ago; as well as other Festival favourites who will be making the most welcome of returns, Sharon Shannon and Cara Dillon

But Cambridge Folk Festival is not just about the more established names as the Club Tent Showcases will firmly attest. Awarded to perhaps lesser-known names and artists that the Festival sees as stars of the future, it will join with The Den and The Hub to play host to Ruarri Joseph’s new rock-focused project William The Conqueror; Liverpool based blues and country music singer-songwriter, Robert Vincent; the four-piece contemporary Scottish folk band Tannara; and amongst many others Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, the troubadour from Calgary, Alberta.


Written by August and After.

Ned Mortimer and Vedantha Kumar started weaving together their voices and guitars whilst studying together in Cambridge. Realising that song writing was a more fulfilling alternative to essay writing, they developed their poignant lyricism and live performance.

Violist Jordan Bergmans met the boys at a Christmas party in Waterloo, and joined the band after making them a playlist of her favourite classical music and some of her infamously delicious homemade chocolate mousse.

The trio have since played a residency at Ronnie Scott’s, secured BBC 6 Music airplay and toured across several European countries. They are now set to release a string of new songs and videos, with regular headline shows in London to promote them…
Produced by Jonathan Lefèvre-Reich.
Featuring Dan Day on drums.



“Spectral,Shoegazey Magical Sounds” the band Tape Runs Out release ‘Friends’ due out on the 30.03.2015 on Ear to Ear Records

“A perfect introduction to new and unseen places in the sonic universe!” – Producer Marc Joy (Mike Peters, Golden Fable, Bernard Butler)
Ear to Ear Records presents the debut single from Cambridge indie pop rock outfit  For fans of: The Radio Dept., Yuck, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Alvvays, Mogwai
Release Date: March 30th, 2015 on Ear To Ear Records who will release their debut double A-side single ‘Friends’ The band’s debut LP is expected in autumn 2015.

Tape Runs Out unashamedly display their edgy, refreshing pop-mindedness in these two tracks, with a potent elixir of guitars, hooks and the familiar soft hush of early 90s male vocals. This release includes the hallmark “Friends”, a layered jangle anthem sure to inspire dreaming and gazing, and the stand-out track “Flowers” is reminiscent of ‘Rock Action’ era Mogwai on ecstacy with a remarkable Cure-laced cool-down effect.
Tape Runs Out: One of the most exciting bands to come out of Cambridge in recent times, Tape Runs Out have being enthralling audiences around England for the past couple of years. Although they have been variously described as indie, shoegaze, dream pop and electronica but they certainly borrow elements from these genres, they have carved out their own sound by blending cleverly crafted melodies, melancholic ambience and dreamy reverb-tinged rhythms. Headed by Liam Goodrum-Bell, Tape Runs Out’s music is infectious with a modern and unique twist, bucking stereotypical trends with songs to be savored by those who like to ‘feel’ and absorb the music, as well as the most intricate and scrupulous music lovers.

“Violet Woods is a Byrdsian/Spector affair, it is beautifully produced and full of well crafted pop songs. An impressive debut from Violet Woods and on the strength of this album, a band I hope I am able to check out live soon.

Violet Woods was formed in Cambridge in 2011, stemming from the desire to explore sounds of 60s London psychedelia and Nuggets style compilations. By juxtaposing the 12 string jangle of the Byrds with surf basslines and rolling beats, they impart their own take on this period while bringing it into the present with Stereolab / Broadcast flavoured retro synth vibes and ghostly vocals.

Tom Adams is a multi Instrumentalist Singer Songwriter from Cambridge with achingly heartfelt vocals , He recently composed the Soundtrack for the movie “The Knife That killed Me” with a new EP “The Constant Noise” available, Tom has numerous projects The Mountaineering Club Orchestra, Toma, Hollow Mountain