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Given Cherry Glazerr’s long time KCRW fandom – the band name was inspired by our intrepid local Morning Edition anchor after all – it feels only natural that they would celebrate the release of their third album with us. And celebrate they did. Front woman Clem Creevy took to a mic festooned with Christmas lights with a palpable giddiness, and led her band through a breathless set of songs from the new album Stuffed & Ready. The band’s line-up has shifted a few times over the years, but Creevy remains constant in her growth as a vocalist and songwriter. She gave KCRW a peek into this process as she elaborated on the album title saying “Stuffed and ready is this idea that I had that when you’re stuffed you feel kind of ill-equipped to do anything, but like lie on the couch and it’s this idea that even when you feel ill-equipped you go and do it anyways, because if you’re sitting around waiting for perfection nothing’s gonna happen.”

In the best possible sense Clem doesn’t seem like an artist that has ever let perfection get in the way of her artistic expression, but it does sound like creating the particular batch of songs that would become Stuffed & Ready took a great amount of careful consideration in a way that was somewhat new. Creevy also stated “I felt the need to express my raw emotions in a way that I hadn’t done before, and I questioned myself a lot with the lyrics on this album, and sort of went through it a bunch, and went through every song 100 times trying to make sure the lyrics made sense and fit with the essence of the song which I had never done before. And it was… it definitely made me feel vulnerable in a lot of ways.” She also joked that she didn’t know how sad the album was until she was done with it, and everyone started telling her how sad it was.

This all feels greatly contradictory to watching Cherry Glazerr live though; the current band is a tight knit trio consisting of Creevy, bassist Devin O’Brien, and drummer Tabor Allen. All appeared to be having an absolute blast as they dove into each raucous number, particularly on the standout singles “Daddi,” and “Wasted Nun.”

Tales of past intense performances were shared, and Creevy still shows glimpses of the charmingly awkward high schooler that we first came to know her as – especially when asked to comment on the presence of billboards (!) for the album around town. She assured us that of course the band would continue partying like rock stars in honor of the day’s release. Kicking off the festivities in the dwindling days of our basement studio was a pure thrill.

Clementine Creevy – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Devin O’Brien – Bass
Tabor Allen – Drums


After releasing 2016’s critically acclaimed Apocalipstick, Cherry Glazerr spent the next 18 months touring the world on their own steam. Between DIY All Ages venues, rock clubs, large festival stages, and massive theaters with some of the world’s best and most beloved bands (The Pixies, Flaming Lips, Slowdive, and The Breeders, among others), the band has really only stopped to work on their follow up, “Stuffed & Ready”. While furiously building the band’s sound and ideas, front person Clem Creevy enlisted Carlos de La Garza to be the band’s studio co-collaborator as they evolved the songs and refined the recordings.

“Wasted Nun” from ‘Stuffed & Ready’ by Cherry Glazerr out February 1st, 2019 on Secretly Canadian

Stuffed & Ready

After releasing 2016’s critically acclaimed “Apocalipstick”, Cherry Glazerr spent the next 18 months touring the world on their own steam.

Btween diy all ages venues, rock clubs, large festival stages, and massive theaters with some of the world’s best and most beloved bands (the pixies, flaming lips, slowdive, and the breeders, among others), the band has really only stopped to work on their follow up, ttled “Stuffed & Ready”. while furiously building the band’s sound and ideas, With the amazing front person Clem Creevy she enlisted Carlos de la Garza to be the band’s studio co-collaborator as they evolved the songs and refined the recordings.

The LA-based trio Cherry Glazerr have released this song. Now I hope you understand what all the fuss is about. Led by 21-year-old frontwoman Clementine Creevy, the band have just announced this their fourth album, Stuffed & Ready, wll be out February 1st. Iggy Pop has been a fan of these guys for ages, so they’re definitely doing in the  right direction.

“Wasted Nun” from ‘Stuffed & Ready’ by Cherry Glazerr out February 1st, 2019 on Secretly Canadian

Cherry Glazerr return with the mature 'Daddi' from their new album

Cherry Glazerr‘s last album Apocalipstick was an absolute blast of a record, that saw the Clementine Creevy-led act exploding into a more well-rounded sound. They’ve now announced the follow up: it’s called Stuffed & Ready and comes out on February 1st through Secretly Canadian. Speaking about the development between records, Creevy says: “With Apocalipstick, I was an over-confident teenager trying to solve the world’s problems. With Stuffed & Ready, I’m a much more weary and perhaps a more cynical woman who believes you need to figure your own self out first.”

That weariness is certainly audible in lead single ‘Daddi’, where a relatively restrained Cherry Glazerr weave through an bruised blue, electronics-imbued verse, Creevy asking all sorts of worrying and untoward questions. This turmoil comes rocketing to a head in the chorus, where the band gives us their trademark guitar detonation, but this time the message is clear and confronting: “don’t hold my hand/ don’t be my man.” It’s a coercive sign of what’s to come on Stuffed & Ready.

‘Daddi’ also comes with an animated video, created with Danny Cole, the creative director for Portugal. The Man.

“Juicy Socks” is Cherry Glazerr’s first release since last year’s Apocalipstick, their second album and first for Secretly Canadian. On that record, the Californian trio made their foray into guitar-heavy, psychedelic punk. The new single is heavier and certainly more beholden to ’90s alt rock (think the Breeders or Plumtree). But Clem Creevy doesn’t stray too far from her goofy Burger Record roots, maintaining a healthy dose of self-deprecation and humor in the song and accompanying visuals. plus new changes this year to the bands lineup @sasamiashworth is moving on from the band to pursue her own music. She has brought so much light and love and spark to CG and these past few years have been so full of joy. We love her to death and will miss her dearly (especially the dad jokes) but we are also crazy excited to go back to performing as a three piece for now.

Directed by Jessica Nicole Collins, the “Juicy Socks” video is all pleather, chains, and disturbing plastic masks. In it, Creevy gazes down on us, clad in fishnets and floral, until the video erupts into a neon-lit, hedonistic brawl, all taking place on a party bus.


Speaking about the video, Creevy says, “‘Juicy Socks’ is about vocalization. Using one’s voice as a strong weapon and needing to be heard in order to not feel like shit. Oh also, it’s about wanting to smash Donald Trump’s orange fuckin’ head into a brick wall!”

Cherry Glazerr played an amazing set at Nottingham Dot to Dot Festival this year, that this concert was so insane and so much fun . If you were not there please check Cherry Glazerr out if you have’nt heard of them before! . a truly wonderful set . Celebrating the release of their third album earlier this year, despite the fact that lead-singer Clementine Creevy is only 19 she came crawling onto the stage on all fours you knew then this was going to be something a little bit special, Cherry Glazerr are from Los Angeles, they arrive on the cusp of something big. Musically, it’s all slightly grungy early-mid 90s riffs, female empowerment lyrics and youthful energy.

Their album “Apocalipstick” is one of the best albums of the year.

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Los Angeles rockers Cherry Glazerr, are led by 19-year-old singer Clementine Creevy, the band signed to Secretly Canadian for the release of their latest album Apocalipstick. . Clem, a teen Queen with a headstrong resolve like her hero Patti Smith and a cartoon laugh like Muttley the dog, dreamed up Cherry Glazerr in her LA bedroom alone and is perhaps more capable of figuring a music career out than anyone who attempts this treacherous life path. And yet, she carries herself very lightly. “This one’s going to be a flop!” she jokes, here to discuss the newly lined-up trio’s second album, Apocalipstick. It’s every bit as epic, funny, life-assuring, doom-defiant and flaming fire as that title sounds. Now bolstering Clem’s vision is the loud-in-every-way-possible drummer Tabor Allen and the level-headed but bad-ass, multi-instrumentalist Sasami Ashworth who plays synths and notably French Horn (Clem is still scheming on how to incorporate that into Cherry Glazerr’s sound). The first time the new trio all jammed together minds were blown. “My world was rocked,” recalls Clem. “I’d never played with someone who was technically that good before. It made me think, Man I gotta really step my shit up!”

The phenomenal Cherry Glazerr at Cheer Up Charlie’s in Austin on Saturday, March 18th, 2017

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Cherry Glazerr signed to the fabled indie label Secretly Canadian, made up of singer/guitarist Clementine Creevy, multi-instrumentalist Sasami Ashworth, and drummer Tabor Allen—licked each other’s elbows, detailed the “Fibonacci sequence of snack games,” and told us about being a horn star, not a porn star. But the playful attitude belies its sleek new sound, like the recent singles “Told You I’d Be With The Guys” and “Nurse Ratched” that show off polished riffs, incisive lyrics, and urgent vocals miles ahead of the band’s garage rock origins. Like Hole updated for the Tumblr era, Cherry Glazerr are the grunge-pop darlings to soundtrack your war against the patriarchy.

Clementine Creevy has said Secretly Canadian is a great label with really cool music lovers and wonderful energy. They’ve allowed us to do what we want creatively so far and they loved our record. We wanted to have some variety and explore all musical pathways.

This second record was much more, I don’t want to sound like we know what the hell we’re doing, but slightly more sophisticated and focused and deliberate and exploratory.

Cherry Glazerr performing live in the KEXP studio. Recorded February 8th, 2017.

Told You I’d Be With The Guys
Only Kid On The Block
Trick or Treat Dance Floor
Chewing Cud

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Now this is what a modern L.A. band should sound like. Born from one of the nation’s most saturated scenes, Cherry Glazerr manages to make you feel like getting kicked out of a Silver Lake bar, only to make your way to Echo Park for last call, then a 2am taco truck, only to accept the fate of your hangover the next day, but be ready to do it all over again while wearing the same clothes. All of the jams on the group’s latest LP, Apocalipstick, have nasty shreds and dizzying effects. “Nuclear Bomb” builds into a menacing crescendo before descending into madness, while “Only Kid On The Block” is a powerful climax for the trio.

Cherry Glazerr – “Nuclear Bomb” from ‘Apocalipstick’ out on January 20th, 2017 on Secretly Canadian

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Menace Beach – Lemon Memory

“Lemon Memory” is, for Menace Beach at least, an exercise in restraint, the fuzz and distortion turned down, a big last chorus avoided. Liza explains, “The one ‘rule’ thing we went into the album session with was to keep in mind that sometimes doing The Opposite is much more interesting”. Liza takes the lead vocal as she does on much of “Lemon Memory”. Indeed, if debut LP Ratworld was Ryan’s record, “Lemon Memory” is very much a Liza record. Ryan explains “Liza got that look in the eye and a head-down-blinkers-on thing, and only a moron would try and get in the way of that. It’s all about keeping those ideas in their purest form and diluting as little as possible.”

Written in Ibiza and recorded in Sheffield with Ross Orton (MIA, Arctic Monkeys, The Fall) “Lemon Memory” is in part an effort to lift a citrus based curse – trust us, it’s a real thing – Ryan and Liza believe was placed on their house, via the hexbreaking power of music. It’s also the sound of a band finding their own identity, edging closer to some sort of grimy truth.

Image of Foxygen - Hang

Foxygen – Hang 

On their first proper studio record, the Los Angeles pair once again present their uncanny knack for pulling together myriad strands of influences to an elaborate, uncompromising vision. And this time, they’ve gone true big band! Every song on Hang features a 40-plus-piece symphony orchestra arranged and conducted by Trey Pollard with additional arranging from Matthew E. White. Additionally, Hang was recorded with the brothers rhythm section duo of Brian and Michael D’Addario, also known as the Lemon Twigs, and features Steven Drozd of the Flaming Lips on select tracks. Written and produced entirely by Foxygen, Hang was recorded on 2” tape at Electro Vox Studios in Los Angeles.

Lead single, “Follow The Leader,” is one of the album’s most upbeat songs. As described by the band, “it was a blast to make! It’s a positive anthem, with some lyrical scenarios we don’t quite understand.” The song’s video was directed Cameron Dutra (who directed Foxygen’s “San Francisco” video).

Image of Cherry Glazerr - Apocalipstick

It’s with great excitement that Cherry Glazerr announces their new album, Apocalipstick, out January 20th. The band’s first album for Secretly Canadian was recorded at Hollywood’s iconic Sunset Sound studio with acclaimed producers Joe Chicarrelli (The Strokes, My Morning Jacket, The White Stripes) and Carlos De La Garza (Bleached, M83, Paramore).

To celebrate, the band is sharing “Nurse Ratched,” which was written by lead singer Clementine Creevy as she mused on the evil Nurse Ratched character in Ken Kesey’s masterpiece, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. The track’s slasher flick video is directed by horror film director/producer Roxanne Benjamin, who is known for her films Southbound and V/H/S, among other work. Perfectly timed for its release on Halloween, watch as what appears to be an innocent albeit bizarre hitchhiking ride turns into a bloody massacre. “Nurse Ratched” is the second single to be heard from the forthcoming record and follows the previously shared “Told You I’d Be With Guys.”

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Proper Ornaments is the project of James Hoare (Ultimate Painting, Veronica Falls) and Max Oscarnold (Toy, Pink Flames). Debut LP ‘Wooden Head’ (FortunaPop 2014) perfected the unique slant of their previous work. James and Max started out writing the follow-up in January 2015. On ‘Foxhole’ they’ve sliced away a whole stratum of their sound, removing some distortion and lowering the frequency of plectrum strokes to allow more nuanced, piano-led ideas to emerge.

The title isn’t a reference to Television’s jaunty proto-punk record but seems to be more of a dark, protective interior, a head space sketched out on ‘Jeremy’s Song’. While their particularly recognisable production style (a bright, frozen counterpoint to the airless mixes one encounters more often) remains, three things stand out as likely reasons for the shift in mood. By the time they got around to recording again in James’ bedroom in Finsbury Park that Summer, the instability around the recording of ‘Wooden Head’ (and the five years before) had slid into a deep and seething acrimony. Second, they both bought pianos. Third, when the band, with Daniel Nellis and Bobby Syme joining on bass and drums went to record at Tin Room in Hackney in June, the pinch wheel on the 8 track machine was broken and somehow no one noticed. All but one recording, ‘The Frozen Stare,’ was hopelessly warped, so they went and did it all again from scratch back at James’. “We ended up doing the whole thing there as the atmosphere suited the direction of the foxhole and we were more comfortable working on it in our own time,” says James.

That’s why the record has a laid back, conversational, not imposing or anxious feel in my opinion. If ‘Always There’ was the most melodically fluid but dimly lit point of the first record, there are another half album of songs here at least that are as strikingly gorgeous and unsettling. ‘Memories,’ ‘Just a Dream,’ ‘The Frozen Stare’ and ‘When We Were Young’ are in this mould, as is the icy, slightly devastated goodbye that closes the record ‘The Devils,’ filled out with piano reminiscent of Big Star’s ‘Third’ or Lou Reed’s ‘Berlin’ and cracked double bass.