CHERRY GLAZERR – ” Daddi ” Remix

Posted: May 25, 2019 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Los Angeles-based trio Cherry Glazerr released a new album, Stuffed & Ready, back in February via Secretly Canadian. This week they shared a remix of the Blonde Redhead-sounding “Daddi” by musician/comedian Reggie Watts. These days Watts is best known as the band leader on The Late Late Show with James Corden, but before that he had successful comedy and music careers and even once did a hilarious TED Talk.

The band’s Clementine Creevy had this to say about the remix in a press release: “I think a lot of rock musicians secretly would love to make a club floor banger – and Reggie helped us get there with his amazing booty shaking remix of ‘Daddi.'” Stuffed & Readyis the band’s fourth album and the follow-up to Apocalypstick, which was released on President Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day in 2017. Instead of focusing on political songwriting, the craziness of the last two years made 22-year-old Creevy turn inwards.

“I am telling my story of how I feel and where I am in life,” she said in a previous press release. “I’ve felt the need to explain my feelings…not just state them, but search for why I feel the way I do honestly. With Apocalipstick, I was an over-confident teenager trying to solve the world’s problems. With Stuffed & Ready, I’m a much more weary and perhaps a more cynical woman who believes you need to figure your own self out first.”

An initial version of Stuffed & Readywas recorded in early in 2018 with engineer/musician John Vanderslice. Creevy said that resulted in a “very live sounding, self-produced album, which was cool, but wasn’t exactly what I wanted to put into the ether right now.”

The band then turned to Carlos de la Garza, who had co-produced Apocalipstick. “I wanted a producer to push me,” Creevy explains. “I wanted to be questioned, to rip my songs apart and look at their guts and pour myself open again. And I wanted it to sound massive.”

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