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Fans of Colleen Green probably know that blink-182 has always been an influence on her lo-fi indie punk — she released a cover of “M+Ms” off their 1995 debut album Cheshire Cat back in 2010 — and now she is releasing a full covers album of their 1997 sophomore album “Dude Ranch”. She says that she actually first recorded the album in 2011 but lost it when her computer crashed, but now the idea is finally fully coming to fruition. Colleen drastically slowed down and recorded with just her voice and a distorted bass. It’s blink-182 like you’ve never heard them before, but the melodies remain untouched and these stripped-back renditions remind you how good blink were at writing pop songs even before the TRL days.


I don’t remember where or when I got the idea to cover my favorite album of all time. , I don’t remember much of 2011. All I know is that sometime about 7/8 years ago, I decided that I was going to cover Blink 182’s “Dude Ranch” in its entirety…on bass. I borrowed a short scale from my friend Sandy Vu and gave myself 2 weeks to complete the project. 13 days later as I was applying the finishing touches, my computer started acting funny. I thought to myself, “Gee, I sure hope my computer doesn’t crash.” 14 days later, my computer crashed. I had no back ups because I always fly by the seat of my pants! I tried to recover my work to no avail. I was heartbroken, so much so that I was unable to revisit the project in earnest until October 2018. Today I can say with much pride, happiness, and relief that “Blink 182’s Dude Ranch as played by Colleen Green” is finally real and ready to be enjoyed by fans of Colleen Green and/or Blink 182. This was truly a labor of love and I hope that those fans can recognize and appreciate that. And to the band who has influenced me and my life in so many ways: Thank you.

 “Dude Ranch” by Blink 182 as Played By Colleen Green available on Burger Records (2019) Released August 6th, 2019.

Sydney's Middle Kids, and pop-punk legends Blink-182

Sydney’s Middle Kids are currently one of the most successful musical exports that Australia has produced in recent times. With the group already riding high on a wave of success, they’ve just gone and released a brilliant acoustic cover of Blink-182’s ‘All The Small Things’, the group’s new “sad folk version” of the classic pop-punk anthem comes as part of an upcoming compilation album by online retailing giant Amazon

“We don’t play covers in our live set, but we are interested in the infinite discovery of what makes a ‘great’ song,” the band said. “In this recording, we were attempting to re-imagine a pop-punk classic as a sad country ballad. We kept the beautiful words and the melody, but changed instrumentation to bring out different emotion.”

The group’s cover of the track comes from the new Amazon Acoustics playlist, which is set to drop tomorrow. The playlist also includes a number of other brilliant artists performing acoustic originals and covers, such as Beach Slang, Cody ChesnuTT, Richard Edwards of Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s, and Ruby Empress.

You might also recall the other brilliant covers that Middle Kids have tackled lately, including their astonishing version of Crowded House’s ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’ for triple j’s Like A Version, and their cover of Car Seat Headrest’s ‘Fill In The Blank’ for the SiriusXMU Sessions. .

Middle Kids are a Sydney-based bundle of sheer buzz at the moment, but in our books it’s more than justified. Their debut EP is a lovely piece of work, and hit single ‘Edge Of Town’ bowls us over every time.

Middle Kids’ Car Seat Headrest cover might be the best thing you’ll hear this week

Today, they have a new gem for us in the form of a glimmering piano take on ‘Fill In The Blank’ by Car Seat Headrest, performed as part of their live SiriusXMU Sessions recently. The guitar-based original makes it through the translation brilliantly, maybe even ending up as our preferred version as it comes out the other side.

Middle Kids are currently in the middle of a US tour, but they’re set to make their way back onto home shores back in November,  Check out Middle Kids’ cover of Blink-182’s ‘All The Small Things’, below.