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Common Holly (real name Brigitte Naggar) has come a long away since self-releasing her debut album Playing House back in 2016. It quickly stirred up buzz, helping Brigitte ink a deal with Solitaire Recordings, who gave the album a wider release in 2017, which is when the Montreal artist started to catch on in the U.S. The album’s folk and jazz-pop vibes gained Common Holly more than a few comparisons to fellow Canadian Feist, but on its new followup — and Barsuk Records debut — “When I say to you Black Lightning”, she is taking her sound into much different territories. This time around, the first comparison that comes to mind is Julia Holter, but really she is just continuing to carve a unique space for herself. Instead of folk and jazz-pop, Black Lightning takes Common Holly’s sound in more atmospheric and more experimental art-pop directions than ever before.

It’s both more complex and more gorgeous sounding, and despite it being a more experimental album, it’s just as accessible as the debut. Brigitte herself says the album “documents a period of growth,” and that’s obvious just from listening to it. The album was made over a two-year period, which is sort of a long time in our fast-paced, short-attention-span world, but when you make artistic leaps like Common Holly did on Black Lightning, it’s worth the wait.

Common Holly’s Album “When I say to you Black Lightning” out October 18th.

Charly Bliss Announce New Album <i>Young Enough</i>, Share Video for New Single "Capacity"

Charly Bliss have announced the release of their second full-length album “Young Enough”, due out May 10th on Barsuk Records. They’ve also shared a video for the album’s lead single “Capacity,” directed by Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast. Charly Bliss, a band who previously leaned punk-rock, made an invigorated return with a new song that sounds more like pop heaven than lo-fi garage purgatory.

“Capacity” has all of the band’s signature power-pop sound, but this time it appears to be pointed more towards major-key synths than the punk fervor of their debut record Guppy. The video for “Capacity” depicts the band members as robbers who have a falling out after completing a heist. Adam Kolodny served as director of photography for the video and Zauner edited it.

“Charly Bliss has always made great narrative music videos, so I wanted to stay in line with that tradition and take advantage of working with a band that are all such great, funny actors individually,” Zauner said of the video in a statement. “Eva had an amazing mood board she brought to the table with references to Paris, Texas, Five Easy Pieces and Badlands so it was important for us to showcase a warm, ‘70s color palette.”

“It was a dream come true to work with Adam and Michelle on this video,” said Charly Bliss vocalist Eva Hendricks. ”’Capacity’ is a song about wanting to kill your inner people-pleaser, and Michelle beautifully presented a parallel concept, which warns of the perils of getting swept up in other people’s bullshit.”

The announcement for Young Enough comes just two days after Charly Bliss replaced all their posts on Instagram with a video of a dramatically lit room with a drum loop playing overhead, prompting whispers of a forthcoming album. The post now appears to reference the “Capacity” video.

Young Enough will be the Brooklyn band’s first album since 2017’s critically acclaimed Guppy. They also released a new single in September 2018 titled “Heaven.” It appears that track won’t appear on the new album, though.

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Laura Gibson has shared details of her new album, Goners, which will be released on 26th October via Barsuk Records.

The album explores themes of grief and loss and the first taste is the haunting and beautiful track Tenderness, an intimate and somewhat pensive fable that reflects, almost dreamlike, on how we project pain and lash out, holding on to each other’s trauma and sorrow.

“Certain men can smell a wound a room away, you are melancholy well, beauty only made you lonelier”

It’s lovely.

Taken from the upcoming album ‘Goners’ – 26.10.18 –

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Ruler is the new project of Matt Batey (Rocky Votolato, Cataldo), recently signed with Barsuk Records. Built on the principle coming from poet Robert Frost that the best way out is through, Ruler’s music is a deeply personal. Batey relaocated from Montana to Seattle twelve years ago and wrote numerous songs for bands, songs he says that nobody heard. But his creative drive could not be squelched and now Batey emerges on his own with music that will surely will be heard. The new song “Not Your Friend” one that beautifully captures the emotive current of the pacific northwest indie sound. 

“I wanted to shoot something where the majority of the frame was out of focus.” says Batey about the video. “I like the idea of making things that leave a lot of space for the viewer’s mind to fill in their own details. Originally this shot was a test to see how that idea worked. When I watched it back I felt that it held the song well, so decided to leave it without edits or alterations.”

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Charly Bliss is a four-piece power pop band from Brooklyn, NY , First impressions stick – so Charly Bliss ensured that every second of the opening song of their debut album absolutely mattered. We’re talking right down to the wire here – even the second where everything drops out and there’s complete silence needs to be there. It allows for the cacophony of cymbal smashes and shrieking guitar to jump out at you with even more adrenalin and aggression. It’s all packed in here, about as tightly as one could hope for, and it’s a rollercoaster of a listen. One of the few tracks in 2017 to leave one genuinely exhausted afterwards.

The new album “Guppy” was released April 21st, 2017 on Barsuk Records.

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The term “super group” is thrown around pretty liberally these days, but in the case of Lo Tom, it’s unquestionably in order. The band comprises scene veterans David Bazan (Pedro the Lion, Headphones) on vocals and bass, Jason Martin (Starflyer 59, Bon Voyage) on guitar, TW Walsh (The Soft Drugs, Pedro the Lion) on guitar and background vocals and Trey Many (Velour 100, Starflyer 59) on drums. With a melodic pedigree that’s rooted in the guitar-heavy, alt-rock-fueled ‘90s and also shaped by the glossed-up, genre-shifting ‘00s, Lo Tom encompasses a surprisingly modern sound that simultaneously flirts with and fights against its own nostalgia. Overflowing with a confidently relaxed cool and an absolute lack of pretense or veneer, Lo Tom’s debut somehow feels both enthusiastically self-assured and deceptively effortless.


Band Members
D Bazan
T Many
J Martin
TW Walsh


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As a record, Guppy is superlative. As a debut, the first full-length from New York pop-rockers Charly Bliss, it sounds positively transcendent, marrying those tried-and-true, yet still difficult-to-wrangle adolescent emotions to fuzzed-out guitar riffs and sing-along melodies in a way that feels immediate and vital. Starting with a cooing “Come on baby, get me high / There’s always something new to buy,” singer Eva Hendricks calls out the ready made, disposable nature of this kind of music, yet she and her band imbue it with enough passion and artful songcraft to make it exhilarating all over again. There were more artistically ambitious records released in 2017, but almost none that are this much fun.

Guppy is available now on Barsuk Records

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There was no contest when Charly Bliss were picking a song to cover from our 25-song list for the A.V Undercover Sessions, The power-pop four-piece knew as soon as it saw Len’s one-hit wonder “Steal My Sunshine” on the remaining list. The song is bright and effervescent—a prototypical summer song that works effortlessly with Bliss’ brand of energetic ’90s fuzz-rock, and they bring new energy to the typically laid-back track.

In our interview below, the band admits to adding the song to its set list whenever they DJ. Their debut album,  Guppy is available now on Barsuk Records.

NYC’s Charly Bliss have released a video for  “Black Hole” the latest from their anticipated debut album, Guppy. responsible for having crafted some of the finest guitar-crunched power pop this side of an old Weezer record with a blue cover. The ten tracks that make up “Guppy”, will be the band’s sparking full-length debut, showing them embracing all of their strengths — a combination of ripping guitars and irrepressible pop hooks, all delivered with the hyper-enthusiasm of a middle school cafeteria food fight. the song has “pitch perfect vocals ringing out over the beautiful chaos of shredding and banging.” The Matilda-style video stars sibling band members Eva and Sam’s one and a half year old cousins. Guppy is available from Barsuk Records due out on April 21st.

The band is currently on tour and have dates with Operators, Upset, Yucky Duster and See Through Dresses. Their energetic live show is not to be missed.

Guppy is available April 21st on Barsuk Records