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Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Laura Gibson has shared details of her new album, Goners, which will be released on 26th October via Barsuk Records.

The album explores themes of grief and loss and the first taste is the haunting and beautiful track Tenderness, an intimate and somewhat pensive fable that reflects, almost dreamlike, on how we project pain and lash out, holding on to each other’s trauma and sorrow.

“Certain men can smell a wound a room away, you are melancholy well, beauty only made you lonelier”

It’s lovely.

Taken from the upcoming album ‘Goners’ – 26.10.18 –

Laura Gibson is an Oregon born singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist currently living in New York City, where she is completing an MFA in Fiction Writing at Hunter College. Gibson currently records for the US Independent Label Barsuk Records,  and the Berlin-based label City Slang . Gibson’s new album “Empire Builder” was released April 1st, 2016.

Within her fiction studies in grad school, Laura Gibson is finding her legs as a storyteller. Amidst trauma, loss and recovery, she rediscovered songwriting as a means of understanding her own life and choices. Empire Builder grapples with independence, womanhood, solitude, connection and aloneness. If Gibson has a thesis, it’s perhaps within the final words of the title track: “Hurry up and lose me / Hurry up and find me again.” With clear-eyed honesty, urgency and warmth, Empire Builder succeeds in capturing the moment between loss and rediscovery.