TESS PARKS and ANTON NEWCOMBE – ” tess parks & anton newcombe “

Posted: October 13, 2018 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Released today,

The 9-track eponymous album was recorded in Anton Newcombe’s Cobra Studios in Berlin last year and was mostly co-written by the duo and, to celebrate, the duo have revealed the new video for their lead song ‘Life After Youth’. 

The pair first collaborated in 2015 on the album ‘I Declare Nothing’,  Park’s vocals were desribed as “unique and smoke-laden, and hypnotic” .A native of Toronto,  Parks moved to London at the age of seventeen where she briefly studied photography before deciding to focus on music. Parks went on to make a lasting impression on Alan McGee, founder of Creation Records, and she became one of his first signings on 359 Music, releasing her debut record ‘Blood Hot’ in November 2013 to excellent reviews. “She’s only 24 and is already an amazing songwriter,” McGee once said. She just doesn’t quite know she is yet,  her most beautiful quality is her lack of ego. Tess is an amazing lady”.

Tess said, this is my third record and second record with Anton Newcombe. We started recording this in February 2017, I ended up having to leave halfway through because my beautiful aunt Pina, my mother’s baby sister, passed away on Valentine’s day. I came home for her funeral, straight off the plane to her viewing. The funeral was the next day. I had one day at home and then I was back to Berlin, after a 22 hour day of traveling due to various stopovers, to finish recording. The preciousness of life and family and love and friendship gave me the momentum to try to put everything I could into this music. We finished the record in July 2017. I grew up making this record and I’ve grown so much as a person and as an artist after working with Anton.

I am forever grateful for him helping my little songs come alive. I have to thank Andrea Wright who engineered and co-produced this record and Ruari Meehan for writing ‘Right On’ with me, which is one of my favourite songs I’ve ever had the chance to be part of. I am currently in California driving through desert mountains and if anyone had told me when I started writing songs that I’d have had three records out by the time I was 27 and traveling around to play those songs I would have laughed and shook my head and cried.

Thank you to all of the friends and family that have carried me through, and everyone who has believed in me, even when my belief in myself has wavered. I hope you like this record and it adds something to your sweet life.

from the new self- titled album “tess parks & anton newcombe”  out on October 12th 2018 on ‘a Recordings’

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