The FELINES – ” Want “

Posted: November 13, 2014 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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The Felines are a Doo-Wop Surf Pop Rock band From Copenhagen, Denmark, formed in 2010 they Sound Like The Cramps doing a Beach Boys tribute with an extra aloof Francoise Hardy on vocals.
Recent and deserving inductees to the Copenhagen chapter of the League of Extraordinarily Cool Girl Bands, the Felines are like a fully fueled hair flip. Seriously, don’t let the doo-wop descriptor so many blogs and magazines are using fool you. More often than not, the trio dials it down to an eerie, bare-bones saunter — before suddenly amping up and layering in for a thicker sound before they smoothly fade out. If the long buildups weren’t so nonchalantly catchy, the quickness of those great heights would seem pretty tragic.


Four years and two EPs in, bassist Asta Louisa Bjerre, guitarist Ditte Melgaard and drummer Mei Long Bao have finally wrapped up their first proper full-length release “Want”, released through German imprint Soundflat Records, same as its predecessors. This debut LP, however, is also being issued on tape through the US of A’s Burger Records basically, considering that imprint’s current representation and prestige, they’re about to be everyone’s new favorite band.
Even if that’s a bit presumptuous, it’s probable that even rock ‘n’ rollers who aren’t part of the Burger cult will succumb to the allure of The Felines’ spooky, coyly snarling vibe. The blasé badass feel is totally unrelenting throughout the album’s entirety. the band transforms familiar surf and ’60s girl group motifs into a sound that’s fresh, yet magnificently rotten. The lethargic pace and withdrawn sounding vocals make a near mockery of the easy melodies. It’s like that standoffish and mean but undeniably cool acquaintance you should hate, but you just can’t. They’re just too damn cool.

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