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Posted: November 2, 2020 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Earlier this summer, Etta Friedman was visiting her family in Yerington, Nevada, when she crashed her cousin’s motorcycle and broke both wrists. “I let go of the clutch on the bike and popped a wheelie,” the 21-year-old musician says. “And then immediately went and went into the front of my aunt’s trailer and crashed directly into it.” Friedman was taken to the local hospital, where she was wrapped in splints. “They gave me this really old-school-looking baggie full of Percocet,” she adds. “I was like, ‘Very cool.’” With a sound that stems from the duo’s love of Veruca Salt and the Breeders, is a welcome throwback to the Nineties, built on Friedman and Weingarten’s syrupy vocals that fuse together on each track.

The core of LA indie/alt band Momma is dual guitarist/vocalists Etta Friedman and Allegra Weingarten. With super catchy and fun verse-chorus-verse reminiscent of some of our favourite 90’s act, the band’s new music picks up where their previous album (which we loved here at BTR today!) left off and makes it bigger, brighter, and even hookier.

The highlight is the three-track sequence of “Stringer,” “Double Dare,” and “Carny,” which tell the dark tale of a news stringer on the margins of society. “If you’ve ever seen or on Netflix, it’s about people that chase car crashes and film them and then sell it to news stations,” Weingarten says. The character encounters a fight at a fair (“Double Dare”) and then abandons his lover (“Carny”). “Said goodbye to my sweetheart, or he might’ve been,” they lament on the latter song. “Warping his portrait, he’s a sideshow kid.”

“Two of Me” is an ambitious concept album by the budding grunge four-piece, Momma, made up of fictional vignettes dealing with morality, youth, and punishment, that songwriters Etta Friedman and Allegra Weingarten have populated with tragic heroes from their imagination. “The Bug House represents this sort of underground purgatory or hell that people are sent to as punishment,” Weingarten explains. “Two of Me’s songs are about coming to terms with the side of you within yourself that is maybe capable of darker things.” Momma’s second full length unfolds like a small town drama, where characters like video stringers and young lovers experience poetic justice in carnivalesque settings, detailed through Friedman and Weingarten’s illustrative lyrics.

On Momma’s sophomore album, the band explores some of their heaviest sounds to date, creating dense arrangements to match their complex storytelling. Two Of Me’s opener “Bug House” sets the stage for the record, with its expressive guitar tones and brooding mood. The album’s more abrasive moments like “Derby,” which alludes to the anxiety of a Jockey in a fixed horse race, are balanced by melodic ballads like “Double Dare,” which follows a romantic pair pining for a world away from their violent hometown. Inspired by songwriters like Kim Deal and Elliott Smith and bands like Ovlov and Throwing Muses, Momma has mastered their own dynamic song writing and gripping lyrics on Two of Me, creating a record that feels both familiar and intriguing.


Yerington is a small town with a population of roughly 3,000 people. Friedman, who grew up outside of Los Angeles, has been visiting her relatives there for the last few years, along with her bandmate, Allegra Weingarten; the isolated locale helped inspire Two of Me, the recently released album from their band, Momma. “[It’s about] the glorification of a small town and all the secrets and gossip that happen

The band: Guitar and Vocals Performed by Etta Friedman and Allegra Weingarten
Drums by Zach Capitti Fenton
Bass on all tracks besides “Biohazard” Performed by Sebastian Jones
Bass on “Biohazard” Performed by Yarden Erez

“Two of Me” is out June 5th, 2020, on Danger Collective Records.

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