FRANKIE and the WITCH FINGERS – ” Drip​/​Tea “

Posted: July 13, 2018 in MUSIC
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A couple months ago, LA psych rock marauders Frankie and the Witch Fingers released “Tea,” the thrashy b-side to a brand new 7″ that drops this Friday. Now they’ve released the record’s other single “Drip” as well as its freaky, claymation-infused music video.

“Drip” begins with up-tempo, stabbing guitar riffs that build into a sonic explosion of punk-infused garage rock. In addition, the track features a brief but powerful midpoint breakdown of piercing lo-fi noise, before charging along into wonky, heady psych soundscapes. The Josh Bruce-directed video doubles down on the song’s wackiness, plunging us headfirst into a trippy fantasy world of stop-motion clay monsters, kaleidoscopic Star Trek backdrops, and shape-shifting castles. Also, snakes, witches, ghouls and even weed-smoking goblins pop up in this clip that blends zany animation with gothic imagery. Overall, it’s a perfect combination of Frankie vibes.

Frankie and the Witch Fingers are about to embark on a massive European tour, followed by a few U.S. dates, which you can view below. The Drip/Tea 7″ came out on May 18th via Let’s Pretend Records. However, there’s only 300 total copies, so be sure shop it quickly, watch the mind-melting video for “Drip”


The Band

Guitar + Vox + Tambo: Dylan Sizemore // Guitar + Vox: Josh Menashe // Bass: Alex Bulli // Drums: Glenn Brigman // Cackles + Screams: Alexandra James, Zachary James, Alex Bulli, Josh Menashe, Dylan Sizmore


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