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Scratching The Door: The First Recordings Of the Flaming Lips

Before signing with Warner Bros. Records in 1991, the outré Oklahoma band The Flaming Lips paid their musical dues with a series of releases beginning in 1984 with a self-released EP and continuing through a series of albums on the Restless label.  Beginning in April, the Grammy-winning band will revisit their earliest years via a new reissue program from Warner Bros. and Rhino.

On April 20th, Scratching the Door: The First Recordings of the Flaming Lips will arrive.  This single-CD compilation features 19 tracks from the first iteration of the band.  It’s followed on May 25th by Seeing the Unseeable: The Complete Studio Recordings of The Flaming Lips 1986-1990, a six-CD box set containing all four of the Flaming Lips’ Restless albums plus two discs of rarities.  Both releases will simultaneously be released on digital download and streaming services, with over 40 tracks making their digital debut. Later in the year, Rhino Records will drop vinyl reissues, including remasters of the Restless albums and some vinyl debuts.

Scratching the Door spotlights the music recorded by the band’s original lineup including leader Wayne Coyne’s brother Mark on vocals.  It includes the band’s first and second cassette demos plus their 1984 debut EP, newly remastered from the original analog tapes.  This is the first time these seminal recordings have been collected in one place.  Showcasing the band’s influences, the set is peppered with covers such as The Who’s “Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere,” Led Zeppelin’s “Communication Breakdown,” and Neal Hefti’s “Batman Theme” (which previously was released on Rykodisc’s 2002 collection Finally the Punk Rockers are Taking Acid.)

The box set Seeing the Unseeable picks up where Scratching the Door leaves off.  It contains all four of The Flaming Lips’ Restless studio albums, originally issued between 1986 and 1990:  Hear It Is (1986), Oh My Gawd!!!…The Flaming Lips (1987), Telepathic Surgery (1989) and In A Priest Driven Ambulance (With Silver Sunshine Stares) (1990). Like the compilation, all of these have been remastered from the original master tapes.  Two discs of rarities collect up odds and ends from this period, including B-sides, flexidiscs, and one-offs from various compilations like the Sub Pop single “Strychnine/Peace, Love And Understanding” and a rendition of “After The Gold Rush” from a 1989 Neil Young tribute album.  Rounding out the box is The Mushroom Tapes, the demos for the band’s final Restless LP.  These were previously issued on the Rykodisc compilation CD The Day They Shot A Hole In the Jesus Egg.

Producer David Fridmann has remastered both releases, with the assistance of the Lips’ Wayne Coyne and Michael Ivins.  Look for Scratching the Door: The First Recording of The Flaming Lips on April 20th and Seeing the Unseeable: The Complete Studio Recordings of The Flaming Lips 1986-1990 on May 25th, both from Warner Bros. and Rhino!

Scratching The Door: The First Recordings of The Flaming Lips (Warner Bros., 2018) (Amazon U.S. / Amazon U.K. / Amazon Canada Links TBD)

  1. Bag Full of Thoughts
  2. Out for a Walk
  3. Garden of Eyes
  4. Forever is a Long Time
  5. Scratchin’ the Door
  6. My Own Planet
  7. Killer On the Radio
  8. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
  9. Batman Theme
  10. Handsome Johnny
  11. Flaming Lips Theme Song 1983
  12. The Future Is Gone
  13. Underground Pharmacist
  14. Real Fast Words
  15. Groove Room
  16. Jesus Shootin’ Heroin
  17. Trains, Brains & Rain
  18. Communication Breakdown
  19. Summertime Blues

Tracks 1-6 from The Flaming Lips EP (Lovely Sorts of Death Records WC 2412, 1984)
Tracks 7-10 and 15-18 from Finally The Punk Rockers Are Taking Acid (Restless Records/Rykodisc 7 73764-2, 2002)
Tracks 11-14 from 2nd Cassette Demo (recorded 1983, commercially released as Lovely Sorts of Death Records vinyl, 2013)
Track 19 from CD edition of Hear It Is (Restless Records 9 72173-2, 1986)

Seeing The Unseeable: The Complete Studio Recordings of The Flaming Lips 1986-1990 (Warner Bros., 2018) (Amazon U.S. / Amazon U.K. / Amazon Canada Links TBD

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Disc 1: Hear It Is (released as Pink Dust 72173, 1986)

  1. With You
  2. Unplugged
  3. Trains, Brains and Rain
  4. Jesus Shootin’ Heroin
  5. Just Like Before
  6. She is Death
  7. Charlie Manson Blues
  8. Man from Pakistan
  9. Godzilla Flick
  10. Staring At Sound/With You (Reprise)

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Disc 2: Oh My Gawd!!!…The Flaming Lips (released as Restless Records 72207, 1987)

  1. Everything’s Explodin’
  2. One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning
  3. Maximum Dream for Evil Knievel
  4. Can’t Exist
  5. Ode to C.C. (Part I)
  6. The Ceiling is Bendin’
  7. Prescription: Love
  8. Thanks to You
  9. Can’t Stop the Spring
  10. Ode to C.C. (Part II)
  11. Love Yer Brain

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Disc 3: Telepathic Surgery (released as Restless Records 72350, 1989)

  1. Drug Machine In Heaven
  2. Right Now
  3. Michael, Time to Wake Up
  4. Chrome Plated Suicide
  5. Hari-Krishna Stomp Wagon (Fuck Led Zeppelin)
  6. Miracle On 42nd Street
  7. Fryin’ Up
  8. Hell’s Angel’s Cracker Factory
  9. U.F.O. Story
  10. Redneck School of Technology
  11. Shaved Gorilla
  12. The Spontaneous Combustion of John
  13. The Last Drop of Morning Dew
  14. Begs and Achin’


Disc 4: In a Priest Driven Ambulance (With Silver Sunshine Stares) (released as Restless Records 72359, 1990)

  1. Shine On Sweet Jesus – Jesus Song No. 5
  2. Unconsciously Screamin’
  3. Rainin’ Babies
  4. Take Meta Mars
  5. Five Stop Mother Superior Rain
  6. Stand In Line
  7. God Walks Among Us Now – Jesus Song No. 6
  8. There You Are – Jesus Song No. 7
  9. Mountain Side
  10. What a Wonderful World

Disc 5: Restless Rarities 

  1. Death Valley ’69
  2. Thank You
  3. Can’t Stop the Spring (Remix)
  4. After the Gold Rush
  5. Death Trippin’ At Sunrise
  6. Drug Machine In Heaven (Sub Pop 7″ Version)
  7. Strychnine/Peace, Love and Understanding
  8. Lucifer Rising
  9. Ma, I Didn’t Notice
  10. Let Me Be It
  11. She’s Gone Mad Again
  12. Golden Hearse
  13. Stand In Line (Alternative Version)
  14. I Want To Kill My Brother; The Cymbal Head
  15. Five Stop Mother Superior Rain (Alternative Version)

Tracks 1-2 from The Bob Magazine flexi-disc No. 32, 1988
Tracks 3 and 5 from Finally The Punk Rockers Are Taking Acid (Restless Records/Rykodisc 7 73764-2, 2002)
Track 4 from The Bridge: A Tribute to Neil Young (Caroline/No. 6 Records KAR 002, 1989)
Tracks 6-7 from Sub Pop single SP-28, 1989
Tracks 8-10 from Unconsciously Screamin’ EP (Atavistic ALP-04, 1990)
Tracks 11-13 and 15 from The Day They Shot a Hole In The Jesus Egg (Restless Records/Rykodisc 7 73765-2, 2002)
Track 14 from Guitarrorists (No. 6 Records KAR 009, 1991)

Disc 6: The Mushroom Tapes (released on The Day They Shot a Hole In The Jesus Egg – Restless Records/Rykodisc 7 73765-2, 2002)

  1. Take Meta Mars
  2. Mountain Side
  3. There You Are
  4. Five Stop Mother Superior Rain
  5. Rainin’ Babies
  6. Unconsciously Screamin’
  7. Stand In Line
  8. God’s a Wheeler Dealer
  9. Agonizing
  10. One Shot
  11. Cold Day
  12. Jam

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hellooooo hello HELLO! here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. drum roll please… our new song “come through” is out today! not only is our new song out today, but the video directed by the fantastic goddess angel claire vogel, is out as well. we are really proud of this one. For many of us, Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was a lot more representative of our high school years than Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.” Luckily for young adults, and honestly anyone who enjoys quality music, up-and-coming rock band The Regrettes is pumping out honest, relatable hits that don’t shy away from life-changing experiences, both good and bad. In fact, it’s those very experiences that inspire lead singer Lydia Night, 17, when she sits down to write.

you don’t have to be a teenager or young adult to get The Regrettes. The band — comprised of Night, Genessa Gariano (20, guitar), Sage Chavis (20, bass), and Maxx Morando (19) — just released it’s dreamy, ’70s-inspired music video for “Come Through,” which is a song Night said is all about the sometimes messy power dynamics in relationships.
“It’s really easy when you’re in an insecure time in your life to let someone walk all over you,” Night said. [This song is about] how you get used to that without even realizing it. This was about realizing that was happening in my life and kind of standing up for myself. It’s really just about not being someone’s bitch.”
Band Members
Lydia • Genessa • Sage • Maxx

Former Led Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant begins a sold-out tour of the United States with his band the wonderful Sensational Space Shifters in Raleigh, North Carolina, tonight, he has released a video of their performance of “Carry Fire,” the title track to his latest album, at the O2 Apollo in Manchester, England, on their sold-out UK tour last November. The live concert video was directed by Ryan Mackfall and produced by Crashburn Media.

“Carry Fire” was released in October on Nonesuch/Warner Bros. Records. NPR calling it “transfixing,” adding that “Plant” and his collaborators create music that overflows with irrepressible life force … Carry Fire is rivetingly intimate.” The Evening Standard exclaims in a four-star review: “Inventive and exotic, Carry Fire proves Plant’s creative spark is still burning bright.”

Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters perform “New World,” from his album Carry Fire live at the O2 Apollo Manchester on November 30th, 2017.

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The Regrettes are Lydia Night’s latest project with friends Genessa Gariano (guitar), Sage Chavis (bass) and drummer Maxx Morando. The Regrettes have been tearing up the LA club scene playing with Kate Nash, Peaches, Bleached, Deap Vally, PINS, La Luz and Summer Twins leaving L.A.’s jaded rock critics to write such things as “Everybody was Floored by The Regrettes—the new poster children for local teen garage rock.” and “The Regrettes rocked with a ferocity and penchant for hooks that schools most indie rockers twice their age. They will surely run an empire in ten years tops.”

Listen to Seashore on the latest album “Feel Your Feelings Fool”

The Band , Maxx (drums, live shows), Lydia (guitar, vocals), Sage (bass, vocals), Genessa (guitar, vocals)

British rock duo Royal Blood unveiled a striking video for “Lights Out,” which is the lead single off their forthcoming album, “How Did We Get So Dark?”, due out June 16th via Warner Bros. Records.

The clip finds bassist/singer Mike Kerr and drummer Ben Thatcher performing the song in an empty room that slowly fills with water. As the pair hit the first chorus of “Lights Out,” a horde of bodies burst out of invisible pools on the floor, ceiling and walls. During a raucous instrumental section, the room is cast in a deep red light and Thatcher and Kerr continue to play in the waist high water as dancers move around them.

How Did We Get So Dark? follows Royal Blood’s 2014 self-titled debut, which debuted in the Top Five and made fans like Jimmy Page and the Foo Fighters, who asked the band as opener  for their 2015 world tours.

Royal Blood wrote the instrumentals for How Did We Get So Dark? during sessions in Brighton, England, Los Angeles and Nashville. The band began cutting the album in Brussels last November with producer Joylon Thomas and finished it London with co-producer Tom Dalgety.

Royal Blood have several U.S. festival dates scheduled for this summer, including stops at Governors Ball, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza and Outside Lands.

Gary Clark Jr. Releases Video for “My Baby’s Gone” from New Live Album

Gary Clark Jr. releases another track from his upcoming and second live album, “Live North America 2016”. You can view the video for his performance of the Elmore James classic ”My Baby’s Gone” . Clark Jnr previously released the live track of “The Healing” .

Live North America 2016 is released on Warner Bros. Records. Fans who pre-order the album will receive an instant download of “My Baby’s Gone” with the rest of the album to follow on release day.

Clark recently drew standing ovations for his electric performances at the 2017 Grammy Awards and 2017 MusiCares event honoring Tom Petty. He will perform with Eric Clapton on his 50th Anniversary tour before heading out on his own tour later this year.

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The Regrettes‘ debut album, Feel Your Feelings Fool!, is in no danger of the bad vibes associated with its Friday the 13th release, and if this is the first you’re hearing of the Los Angeles band, just know that it won’t be the last. Frontwoman Lydia Night offers an unfiltered manifesto over the course of 15 unforgettable tracks (plus a secret song ). Night and Genessa Gariano (guitar), Sage Chavis (bass) and Maxx Morando (drums) manage to draw from genres like garage rock, ‘60s pop and punk rock, while delivering a deliciously cohesive and catchy debut. Oh yeah, and they’re still in their teens.

But if you think their age is relevant, Night will quickly disavow you of that notion in the garage rock-tinged, “Seashore.” Backed by Nicole’s slinky bass line, Night addresses sexism, ageism and condescending assholes everywhere: “You’re talking to me like a child/ Hey I got news/  I’m not a little girl, and no I won’t give you a little twirl.” And with a chorus like, “I’m like nobody else, so you can just go fuck yourself,” you’re kidding yourself if you think you won’t be singing along to this anthem on the way home from your next shitty Monday at work.

In the sarcastic, fast-paced punky tune, “LadylikeWHATTA Bitch,” Night mocks the kind of judgmental peers most women are familiar with. Though its chorus is just Night, Gariano and Chavis singing “wa-oooo wa-wa-wa-oooo,” it will be stuck in your head, all freaking day. Fueled by power chords and Morando’s frenetic drumbeat, Night jeers at her haters in first person, “Lydia got asked out by this cute boy at my school gym/ But apparently she said no ’cause she was just not into him/ But clearly that’s not true and she is just a lesbian.”

The Regrettes, Feel Your Feelings Fool!

The Regrettes fit love sickness in alongside calling out the patriarchy with the melodic “Juicebox Baby.” You can almost feel Night’s light headedness when she sings,“My mom tells me I’m lazy/ Well it’s ‘cause you make me hazy/ My head’s spinning like crazy.” Morando’s breakneck drums, Gariano’s fevered guitar melody and Nicole’s frenetic bass line, combined with Night’s rapid-fire lyrics about being smitten to the point of dizziness, make the song feel like a musical footrace—in a good way. As the band mates race to the end of the song, it’s no surprise that Night finally confesses, “I think I’m falling, falling for you darlin’/ It’s really quite alarming.”

If their freshman album is any indication of what’s to come from The Regrettes, then we can all look forward to a bright future for these 21st century Riot Grrrls.

Photo by Michelle Shiers

Backed by Warner Bros., their debut “Feel Your Feelings, Fool!” is out January. 13th. File under: Teenage rage. And speaking of irony, will they become the first rock band fronted by a 16-year-old girl whose album cover will carry a Parental Advisory label?.

Perfectly imperfect – that’s one way to describe LA based punk act, The Regrettes. Writing songs that proudly bear a brazen and unabashed attitude in the vein of acts Courtney Barnett or Karen O – with a pop aesthetic reminiscent of 50’s and 60’s acts a la the Temptations or Buddy Holly – the LA based four piece create infectious, punk driven tracks.
Lead by outspoken frontwoman, Lydia Night, and comprised of Genessa Gariano on guitar, Sage Nicole on bass and drummer Maxx Morando, the group have left the LA rock scene floored, managing to capture the hearts of jaded rock critics while opening for acts like Kate Nash, Jack Off Jill, Bleached, Pins, Deep Vally and more. With nothing but demos available online, the group are already beginning to generate hype a “punk act you should be listening to”.


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