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Best news I’ve come across for a long time! Triptides are issuing their brilliant Colors EP for the first time on vinyl (Originally released in 2014 on digital/cassette), The band has teamed up with one of the most exciting labels around for some very limited and completely mindboggling custom Vinyl variants.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again; Triptides are truly some of the finest purveyors of sunny psych sounds around! Reverbed licks and hazy vocals, snappy drums and groovy basslines, all perfectly arranged into psyched up pop-pearls that lifts your spirits and sticks that smile right on your face. Their sounds are instantly catchy and easygoing, and at the same time inhabits those small melodic variations in the arrangements that enriches their tunes through repeated listening. Goddamn how much I love this bunch..


While their whole catalogue (counting 7 album + numerous Eps and singles) is a total bliss, this EP contains some of Triptides’ finest moments. Be sure to check it out underneath, 6 sweet’n salty treats to leave you in the sun gazed haze of a lazy sunday afternoon!,  A miraculous EP with great songwriting and solid pop craftsmanship, probably my favorite by Triptides. “Destiny” is the kind of song that sticks in your head for days and days…

Melbourne’s own Salty Dog Records always takes pride in coming up with the sickest custom variants, and the Brunswick East based one-man operation has really set the bar high with this release.

Glenn Brigman – Vox/Guitar/Farfisa/Mellotron/Bass/Drums
Josh Menashe – Vox/Guitar/Bass

Originally released April 29th, 2014

Recorded and mixed by Triptides at Sun Pavilion in Bloomington, IN.

Some nice sitar and Farfisa action going on, here… good pop sensibilities, too..

Los Angeles Psych rockers Triptides have just made their finest album yet !. After the acclaimed Azur (2015) and Afterglow (2017), Triptides are back with their sixth album! With Visitors, the LA based band are probably delivering their most accomplished album yet. Visitors deepens the exploration started with Azur, digging more profoundly into fifty years of psychedelic pop music with the band’s trademarked pristine elegance of melody.

However, the finer production and musical arrangements this time round show a real advance in the band’s ability to capture on record what they offer live: the songs of Glenn Bringman & Josh Menashe never chimed so beautifully or with such mature accomplishment.

L.A.’s Triptides have psychedelia down to a science” (LA Record, US), “This artefact is something especially nice to have and hold and sit alongside The Young Sinclairs, Silver Factory and Allah-Las in your collection. They deserve far more attention than has come along so far” (Shindig)

“The romance that is begining with Triptides will last more than this summer”. (Rock & Folk)


The LP contains 10 songs pressed but CD and Digital contains the full album (12 songs)
Those who wants the two additionnal songs on vinyl can take the Limited edition 7″ (CRM022 Heavy Cloud / My Friend).

Released April 6, 2018

Glenn Brigman : Vocals, guitars, farfisa, mellotron, drums, sitar, electric harpsichord, tambourine
Josh Menashe : Vocals, guitars, bass, farfisa, flute, piano
Modeste Cobián : Flute on Mary Anne and Heavy Cloud
Dylan Sizemore : Backup vocals on Sunday In The Park
Recorded and mixed by Triptides in Los Angeles, CA

Triptides “Visitors” is their sixth album , This L.A.-by-way-of-Indiana band exhibits no discernable drop in quality, delivering another gloriously trippy slice of bedroom psych-pop. The duo of Glenn Brigman and Josh Menashe hold true to their vision of re-creating the swirling sounds of late-’60s U.K. groups like Tomorrow and Pink Floyd, Instead, there’s a rock-hard toughness under the jangling 12-string guitars, biting six-strings, and wistful voices that gives the album a kick and provides a very solid foundation from which to launch their tuneful flights of fancy. And the songs are quite fanciful, whether the band are in full daydream mode like on songs “Saturday Far Away” or “My Friend” or rollicking gently as on “All My Life,” or kicking up paisley swirls on rockers like “Mary Anne” their melodies are sweet and the hooks are sharp.

This album seems a little more cleaned up than some of their earlier work, but they still show a mastery at crafting echoing, atmospheric sounds that complement their tunes perfectly. The new twist to their approach brings the band a step or two out of the bedroom and lends an air of professionalism to the record. It’s not far from the sound bands like Plasticland or the Rain Parade had in the ’80s, and that’s high praise. Those bands conjured up the sounds of their psychedelic heroes without sounding like slavish imitators, they used modern recording techniques wisely, and they got a full, rich sound most bands in the ’60s couldn’t come close to. Triptides do all those things too, and against the odds, they keep getting better. Visitors is their best-sounding record to date and anyone with even a passing interest in psych-pop should start here, then work back through the rest of the band’s impressive catalog.


Triptides are :

Glenn Brigman : Vocals, guitars, farfisa, mellotron, drums, sitar, electric harpsichord, tambourine
Josh Menashe : Vocals, guitars, bass, farfisa, flute, piano
Modeste Cobián : Flute on Mary Anne and Heavy Cloud
Dylan Sizemore : Backup vocals on Sunday In The Park
Recorded and mixed by Triptides in Los Angeles, CA

From the album Visitors out on 6th of April 2018 on Requiem Pour Un Twister

In 2016, Triptides continued their momentum as a powerful live act, traveling across The Pond to tour the UK, performing as a headliner at Manchester Psych Fest in addition to shows in London and Brighton. Forging friendships with several of the top psychedelic bands of our time, Triptides joined British sensations Temples in late 2016 on the West Coast leg of their US tour. The ensuing buzz resulted in an invitation to play to a national television and online audience on Last Call with Carson Daly, where the band performed four songs, two of which aired in October 2016 and the other two in February 2017

As the band looks towards the future, Dylan Sizemore has joined the great migration west to Los Angeles, returning to bass, with Shaugnessy Starr bringing his likeminded psychedelic sensibility and style to the drums. The new Triptides record, “Afterglow”, will be dropping this summer on Requiem Pour Un Twister and the band will support the release with a full European tour.


All songs by Brigman / Menashe
Glenn Brigman – Guitars, Vox, Drums, Farfisa, Mellotron, Tambourine
Josh Menashe – Guitars, Bass, Vox, Percussion, Farfisa
Recorded and Mixed by Triptides at the Sun Pavilion in Bloomington, Indiana.

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2 rooms of Live Bands, Guest DJ’s, Visuals, Projections & a Liquid Light Show from Melt Trip.

Elephant Stone
Montreal’s Elephant Stone was formed in 2009 by sitarist/bassist Rishi Dhir. As one of the most highly sought out sitar players in the psychedelic music scene, he has recorded and toured with the Black Angels, Brian Jonestown Massacre, the Horrors, the Soundtrack of Our Lives, and many more.

The Cosmic Dead
“The Cosmic Dead are four psychedelic warlords from Glasgow with a penchant for trippy, long-form grooves that summon the spirit of Komische legends such as Neu! and Can and the Space-Prog oscillations of Hawkwind, amongst other trance-inducing influences.” – Phantom Channel

Psychedelic four-piece from Los Angeles, California. Their music can be visual, a fuzz-warped haze suddenly giving way to a dream sequence soundtrack. Listeners may experience a melting sensation and positive vibrations.

Baba Naga
Baba Naga are shamen in a world where the existence of souls is denied. They offer worship for those who acknowledge the nihility of deities. Baba Naga offer stories in song, and give hopeless prayer to the people. The gods are dead, but the people need to worship something.
The music is a peregrination from desperation to despair, channelled into euphoric, psychedelic, pagan gloom.
The live show is moody, trippy, a sickening high without narcotics. Although the members of Baba Naga neither smoke the Devil’s herb, nor ingest psyychotropic drugs, their doomy, shoegazey gigs are often described as making people feel as if they are stoned.

Desert Mountain Tribe

Fighting Caravans

The Eskimo Chain

The Goa Express


More TBA throughout December

Blackadder & Friends
Dom Gourlay (Drowned in Sound)

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on Stroll On Records and part of a four track sampler EP of their signed bands to this wonderful label, Folk tinged psych rock, sun dappled psych rock with cooed choruses. love the intro with the jangling guitar and the beat of the tambourine,