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TRAAMS have always wrestled with category. Part motorik drum beats, part discordant guitars, pop melodies and hypnotic bass lines. All are present here. With a collection of three new tracks they have expanded further. Collaborating with friends and new instrumentation, each track is different from the last. But all sound like the inimitable TRAAMS.

The second single to be recorded in Brighton with Theo Verney after a brief hiatus is ‘Intercontinental Radio Waves’. The track was written in Paris, whilst touring with Car Seat Headrest at the tail end of 2017. ‘Intercontinental Radio Waves’ is about change.

Released October 5th, 2020

TRAAMS have always wrestled with category. Part motorik drum beats, part discordant guitars, pop melodies and hypnotic bass lines. All are present here. With a collection of three new tracks they have expanded further. Collaborating with friends and new instrumentation, each track is different from the last. But all sound like the inimitable TRAAMS.
Written and recorded over a brief hiatus, ‘The Greyhound’, a near ten minute kaleidoscope of sounds, sees the band expanding further than ever. Recorded in Brighton with Theo Verney, and featuring Lewis Evans (Black Country, New Road) on Saxophone, the track builds from the offset into a hypnotic, driving, post rock blow out. Themes of repetition, life cycles, pursuing ones path, growth & education, fulfillment and closure.


Released August 11th, 2020

TRAAMS – ” Slipping By “

Posted: December 18, 2016 in MUSIC
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TRAAMS thunder back with ‘Slipping’ and ‘Penguin’ AA-side

Traams are masters of two worlds. Both hypnotising and bludgeoning in equal measure, the Chichester trio’s new ‘Slipping’ b/w ‘Penguin’ 7” captures their duality perfectly.

‘Slipping’ is a spiralling effort which finds the group on their most mind-bending form to date, while ‘Penguin’ goes for the jugular, their more aggressive tendencies shoved to the foreground. Both showcase close-to-snapping tension, perfectly linking up with last years ‘Modern Dancing’ while thundering towards their evermore promising future.

“We got these songs together fresh off of our March UK tour,” explains bassist Leigh Padley. ”We had had these ideas in the bank for some time but they gelled nicely from a need to get something new into our live sets after touring ‘Modern Dancing’. We recorded these songs close to home with our good friend and touring companion Theo Verney in Brighton in July and August of this year. We’re really happy with how they’ve turned out, it’s been really nice to have Theo’s input, our friend George’s cracking artwork and the good people at Flying Vinyl on the project. We hope you like them, they’re bouncy and I got to play three different bass guitars on them.” Simple pleasures.

The tracks are set for a 7” release via Flying Vinyl .


Released by: FatCat Records, Produced by Theo Verney

TRAAMS – ” A House On Fire “

Posted: October 28, 2016 in MUSIC

The wonderful TRAAMS were support last night to Leeds band Eagulls at the Rescue Rooms and here is their follow up to the recently released tracks “Slipping” and “Penguin” ia a fuzzed up jam titled “A House On Fire”.

It is another of the band’s more epic songs, clocking in at just under nine minutes of krautrock inspired grooviness. The band explain: “A House On Fire has only been played live a couple of times so far. It’s been in the set for our current tour and is a lot of fun to play.  We’re quite fond of the recorded version and hope you like it too. Also, it’s nice and long and you can dance to it should you wish.” Have a listen and indeed, dance if you wish


TRAAMS – ” Neckbrace “

Posted: February 25, 2016 in MUSIC
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‘Neckbrace’ by TRAAMS from the LP/CD/Digital album ‘Modern Dancing’ available on FatCat Records.

UK band Traams have just released a new video for “Neckbrace,” one of the catchiest songs on their latest album   Modern Dancing  It was directed by John Fitzpatrick and Archie Sinclair who provide the old, irresistable trope: cute animals. Says the band:

We were looking at ideas and concepts for the video, and we really wanted to do something visually that tied in with how we sound and particularly the experience of seeing us live. We kept coming back to the idea of repetition and sustaining images for slightly longer than you would expect. Just retaining a simple shot, almost like a portrait. We then substituted ourselves for dogs, because dogs are better.

Traams still haven’t visited North America for Modern Dancing, but they do have a UK tour coming up in March 2016


TRAAMS have created post-punk, krautrock inspired perfection. “Modern Dancing’s” 11 tracks move along at a brisk and urgent pace. Each track has something to offer the listener; zero filler. It is a rare thing for me to hear an album where I refuse to skip a track, but Modern Dancing fills that bill with gusto. I almost missed out on this album. Luckily, I skimmed through my favorite tracks of the year while I assembled my Best Albums of 2015 list. I had listed the raucous and fevered “Succulent Thunder Anthem” as a top track for August. I knew this was something special. Any songwriter that lists Mclusky, Pavement, and Television as influences has my attention. On top of those influences, They flawlessly blend a math rock meets krautrock meets post-punk style that never forgets to reel you in with catchy power pop hooks. It is perfection.

After a whirlwind year touring Europe with WIRE, completing a UK and EU headline tour of their own, as well as smashing SXSW on the dusty, drunken streets of Texas, Chichester based three-piece TRAAMS return rejuvenated and bloodthirsty with their first release of 2014 Cissa. Their debut album Grin, produced by fuzz loving tastemaker Rory Atwell and MJ of Hookworms, perfectly encapsulated that restlessness that defines growing up in a small town. Beat up pothole filled roads lit by flickering orange street lamps as opposed to the surreal bright lights and never ending noise of the big city. It screams and yelps, twists and turns, relentlessly releasing a fractured, fearsome energy. This new set of songs feels like it came from a similar place, whilst soaring through an as yet unexplored sonic world. They’ve reinstated their creative team of Rory and MJ, A producer power-duo if ever there was one, and it proves to be an inspired mix. Marbles has the melodic charm of Is This It-era Strokes, with a guitar solo reminiscent of Bad Brains world-beater Banned In DC. It would captivate even the broken 9-5 office worker, energyless after yet another day of computer screen monotony. Final track, and the one that the EP is named after, Cissa is a krauty, groove based number, driving along into the darkest dusk.


Traams video contains pretty much every band you should know about right now and all doing the ‘Angel Dipping’ dance amongst a cataclysm of permeating visuals all designed to rake your brain of its beauty.

Featuring members of Pulled Apart By Horses, The Big Moon, Menace Beach, The Wytches, Nai Harvest, Honeyblood, Morning Smoke and many fucking more. It really hits at not only the fantastic track that accompanies it, which reeks of the putrid punk that flows through the band’s veins, but just how much of a scene that is growing beneath the surface of the alt-pop sheen that dazzles Dalston.

Taken from their upcoming album Modern Dancing out on FatCat Records on November 13th, TRAAAMS look back to their best with ‘Succulent Thunder Anthem’ and look good to keep their promise of adding some serious aggression in to their post-punk style.

Leigh said this about the new album

“As a band we felt more focused this time, we had a clearer idea of what we wanted. We got together with our label after we had recorded some of (what came to be) our first album, so recording ‘Modern Dancing’ felt like making an album proper. We are very happy with everything we’ve put out but the structure of these sessions really helped us get stuck in and try new things. It was great working with MJ again too. It’s generally a more positive record than our first, it’s a bit brighter, and a tad more optimistic, ultimately it documents our first couple of years touring, new friendships and relationships.”

TRAAMS – ” Costner “

Posted: October 4, 2015 in MUSIC
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The video for Costner was directed by Steve Glashier, who wanted “something simple and raw that captured their energy as a band and their live experience, the energy of the crowd, that swell and movement.”

The single is taken for their forthcoming LP, Modern Dancing, which is released on the same date. Recorded and produced by MJ of Hookworms at Suburban Home Studios in Leeds, where the band located briefly, the album is the follow up to their 2013 debut Grin.

Modern Dancing is available to pre-order on CD/Vinyl/Download:

TRAAMS – ” Selma “

Posted: September 28, 2014 in MUSIC
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seen as an British equivalent to Parquet Courts, Post Punk trio Traams from Chichester, their debut album produced by MJ from the band Hookworms is drenched in Psychedelic grunge the EP’s to date “Cissa”, “Grin” and “Ladders” signed to the excellent Fat Cat Records