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Scottish duo Honeyblood guitarist Stina Tweeddale and drummer Cat Myers have shared the title track from their new album ‘Babes Never Die’, and rather a good one it is too.

Out November 4th via FatCat Records, it follows the great track ‘Sea Hearts’ and ‘Ready For The Magic’ in displaying that same infectious, feisty spirit of big guitars and singalong chorus.

Honeyblood are on tour in the UK dates in November at the Bodega Nottingham, with the added extra of Manchester band Pins as support .


Taken from forthcoming 7″ inch single “In Other Words” b/w “You Are A Sort (Don’t Call Me)” out June 10th on MÏLK Records

I don’t often utter the word “shopping” in our house, Shopping is this great little, post-punk band from London who in 2013 released an awesome album,”Consumer Complaints”,

Shopping‘s debut album is fantastic, and it’s receiving a special re-issuing by FatCat Records in advance of the trio’s latest new album .”Consumer Complaints is a quick compilation of 13 songs (runs a little over 30 minutes). It’s not the blaring post-punk you would hear in bands like Metz or maybe Death From Above, but instead the songs have a midtempo pace and some of them are melodic even a tad funky and groovy.


The combination of the latter two bands can be heard on the droning “Hard As Nails” and the infectious “Moyet’s Voice”.  Meanwhile, the playful “We Say You Pay”, “Get Going”, and “Right Now” echo of the punk-industrial sounds of 1970s Manchester. There’s also a touch of Sleater-Kinney’s grrrl riot movement in “Long Way Home”, where even frontwoman Rachel Aggs’ voice channels Carrie Brownstein.

Lyrically, there is repetition in some of the tracks, such as the catchy closer “Theme”, but that’s part of the appeal of Shopping. The repetitiveness doesn’t sound redundant but instead acts like another part of the band’s arrangements, especially when all three members of the band get in on the act. It’s a clever device concocted by the DIYers from East London. Shopping are upbeat, rhythmic, and queer-positive. Protest, particularly against capitalism, runs through their music, as “For Your Money” on their 2013 LP Customer Complaints attests (I had a job/ Yeah it nearly killed me). Queer pride is, and should always be, tied up with critique of social hegemony, so it’s exciting to see a band like this one whose queerness is linked with other forms of dissent. At live shows, Shopping is boundlessly energetic.


Shopping are Billy Easter (bass), Andrew Milk (drums), and Rachel Aggs (lead vocals, guitar). The album can be purchased now .

Traams video contains pretty much every band you should know about right now and all doing the ‘Angel Dipping’ dance amongst a cataclysm of permeating visuals all designed to rake your brain of its beauty.

Featuring members of Pulled Apart By Horses, The Big Moon, Menace Beach, The Wytches, Nai Harvest, Honeyblood, Morning Smoke and many fucking more. It really hits at not only the fantastic track that accompanies it, which reeks of the putrid punk that flows through the band’s veins, but just how much of a scene that is growing beneath the surface of the alt-pop sheen that dazzles Dalston.

Taken from their upcoming album Modern Dancing out on FatCat Records on November 13th, TRAAAMS look back to their best with ‘Succulent Thunder Anthem’ and look good to keep their promise of adding some serious aggression in to their post-punk style.

Leigh said this about the new album

“As a band we felt more focused this time, we had a clearer idea of what we wanted. We got together with our label after we had recorded some of (what came to be) our first album, so recording ‘Modern Dancing’ felt like making an album proper. We are very happy with everything we’ve put out but the structure of these sessions really helped us get stuck in and try new things. It was great working with MJ again too. It’s generally a more positive record than our first, it’s a bit brighter, and a tad more optimistic, ultimately it documents our first couple of years touring, new friendships and relationships.”


Ulrika Spacek is the latest project of a former FatCat Records demo artist with Viscous Liquid and a friend.

Formed in Berlin 2014, now based in Homerton, London, they’ve been working on a self-produced record from various rooms in their shared house, initially formed under the joke that the music would sound like “Wooden Shjips trying to cover Television”.