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The indie rock sound is massively popular in Glasgow right now, to the point where it can feel repetitive. PAWS, however, offer a fresh sound that’s unlike any other bands on the scene. They take the reverb-drenched alternative rock that Glasgow seems to love and add a brighter style that sounds a bit more American. It’s no surprise, then, to hear their latest album, “No Grace” was produced by Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus. They have a more sophisticated style than blink’s pop punk, but it’s nice to bring a bit of sun to this grey city. With their first American tour kicking off this month, they’re already going global and could well be the next big thing to come out of Scotland.


“No Grace” by PAWS from the upcoming album ‘No Grace’ available on Fat Cat Records.


Scottish alt-rock duo Honeyblood have been touring hard behind last year’s sophomore effort “Babes Never Die”, and those experiences have been funneled into a fun video for the album’s excellent title track. Stina Tweeddale and Cat Myers captured phone video from backstage and the highway, and it’s all rolled up along with an abundance of performance footage into one of those classic road videos one that really gives you a sense of who these people are while ultimately letting the super-catchy music speak for itself. Here’s what Tweeddale had to say about it:

This video has such a special significance to us. It was filmed over three months of shows throughout the US and UK. It’s a real snapshot of that tour and what it’s like for us on the road. Most of the travel and backstage footage was filmed by Cat and I on our phones. However, we could not have made it without great folk getting involved and filming at the shows! The video was edited by Gareth Goodlad (On Red Productions).

Taken from the new album ‘Babes Never Die‘. Out now on Fat Cat Records.

PAWS – ” No Grace “

Posted: December 2, 2016 in MUSIC
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In the summer of 2015 PAWS kick-flipped out of our sad world of boring realities, into a dream-land that pretty much any pop-punk fan who remembers the 90’s and early 00’s would be extraordinarily psyched about.

In helping produce their third album, blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus caused much joy and – if first single and title-track No Grace is any indication – injected even more American-ness into the trio’s punk sound. Not to say that’s a bad thing, in fact No Grace absolutely froths with skater-boy emotion, channeling contemporaries like Cloud Nothings and Japandroids in a way that evolves from PAWS’ first two albums, 2012’s Cokefloat! and 2014’s Youth Culture ForeverNo Grace will be released this year via FatCat Records, .

“No Grace” by PAWS from the upcoming album ‘No Grace’ available on Fat Cat Records.

Honeyblood tickets

The two-piece Glasgow based band may be small in number but mighty in talent, uniting drummer Cat Myers with guitarist Stina Marie Claire Tweedale who both share vocals. The lofi band have quickly emerged as a force to be reckoned with playing fantastic gigs around the world and benefitting from prominent airplay. Honeyblood take their name from a recipe for fake blood used by Tweedale for a Halloween gig that she gargled and spat upon her attending audience.

Originally, the band’s line-up included Edinburgh girl Tweedale and drummer Shona McVicar from Cumbernauld who intended to recruit additional members but quickly began gigging after they formed in 2012 and realised that they didn’t need anyone else. They released their demo tape entitled Thrift Shop the same year.
The duo’s charisma and excellent song writing was apparent from the outset and they attracted the interest of FatCat Records by their second gig and were soon signed to the label.

They began work on their debut album in Connecticut in the United States during November of 2013 to work with producer Peter Katis, taking only ten days to complete the recording. Their eponymously titled debut album was released the following year. A year that also saw the departure of McVicar to be quickly replaced by Cat Myers.


This Glaswegian duo do feisty, fuzzed up indie rock that sticks two fingers up at heartbreak.

If you’re not familiar with Glasgow duo Honeyblood, it’s OK, but right now is the time to play catch up. Next month they release their second album, Babes Never Dieand their latest taster is the song “Sea Hearts,” premiering below, it definately does not disappoint.

It’s fuzzed up, 90s-indebted indie rock that’ll make you wanna mosh and destroy stuff and do shots and headbang and run real fast and ride your bike with your hands nowhere near the handlebars.

“Sea Hearts” is about that intense sort of friendship that makes you feel invincible,” says Stina. “Together you can weather any heartbreak and in turn, cause havoc.” I’m sure you have too Stina.



Honeyblood – No Big Deal/Black Cloud (FatCat Records): The Scottish duo bring their characteristically sarcastic and observant lyricism to the forefront with this brilliant tale of a love that’s lost its lustre, accompanied by a B-Side version of ‘Black Cloud’. This is a double A-side 7″ from the Glaswegian duo is brimming with jangly riffs with a fuzzy, grungy sound. Both songs have a energetic buzz .


With a release on the last Record Store Day 2015 , The Scottish two-piece Honeyblood have shared new track ‘The Black Cloud’ .

Describing ‘The black Cloud’, front-woman Stina Tweeddale says:

‘The Black Cloud’ is an ode to the people who keep you strong. Everyone has days when they feel like it’s over, it’s just good to remember that it will always pass. I’m also excited about this one as it’s a bit heavier and fast-paced than many songs on the album.”

‘The Black Cloud’ will be released on a run of limited edition 7” vinyl via Fat Cat Records.


An English post-punk trio that sound like they’ve flown a Back to the Future DeLorean straight out of the late-’70s and into the Rough Trade C86 catalog. Finger-picked guitar melodies and jittery bass and percussion own their debut album, “Consumer Complaints”, which Fat Cat Records reissued
Sounds a little like if the Raincoats played a joint show with the Feelies, then convinced Electrelane to reunite.
While you wait for their LP to resurface (the original came out in 2013 on London’s MÏLK Records), you can listen to the convulsing single “In Other Words”. At live shows, Shopping is boundlessly energetic. Musically, as on their upbeat 2015 album Why Choose, they’re sparse but distinctive, with fast drums, catchy hooks, and a post-punk strut.


PAWS – ” Impermanent “

Posted: July 2, 2016 in MUSIC
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No Grace, will be the band’s third album, was produced by Mark Hoppus and will be released on June 17th.

“This was actually one of the last songs fully written for No Grace, even though I wrote the guitar parts and melody long before any of the other songs on the record. I was working on the lyrics right up to the last day of recording, constantly making last minute changes. Really wanted to make sure I knew where I stood with them. We were so excited that Mark Hoppus wanted to sing some backing vocals and harmonies on the chorus,” Singer Phil Taylor says. “It’s a total honor for me to have Mark sing a song I’d written and have our voices side by side on a record for a moment.”

“Well, at the tip of the iceberg with this song, there is reference to the sometimes fleeting landscape of internet-based arts, journalism coverage and social media. Maybe artists are investing too much hope and money in something that could potentially be here today and buried tomorrow – might be detrimental to development. Bands margin their progress and success too much by the hand of what’s happening online. On a broader note, there’s reference to people scrolling through their lives and taking in the world around them through a rose-filtered camera rather than the perfectly clear one that they have in their skull. Their self esteem at the mercy of short-lived moments of instant gratification and praise. It’s easy enough to feel a little lost.”


“Near my hometown under a railway bridge, there’s a piece of badly executed graffiti done by a boy that went to my school that says “the internet makes me feel ugly.”  I passed it on the bus last week on a rare trip “home” and was surprised to see that it was faded, but still going strong. I think it’s grown more power and relevance with time then it had when I first saw it 10 years ago. It’s not too far off what I was trying to get at with this song – it’s all kind of a double edged sword.”

At this point, Scottish punk trio PAWS have accolades on accolades. They started out with a debut album recorded by a Test Icicle, toured with everyone from The Cribs to Fucked Up, and bashed out their second album in a studio in the woods in upstate New York. They also went viral after a spat with camp Morrissey when both artists were scheduled to perform in the same venue but concerns about the sound overlapping almost meant PAWS’ show would be plugged (it wasn’t). All of which brings us to the present day, and their third stage of reanimation: No Grace – their forthcoming album produced by Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus. We’re premiering “Gone So Long” from it below, and it’s clear that the two are a perfect fit. Energy that’s been bottled up and shaken, anthemic melodies that toe the line between Americanised pop-punk and UK indie, *that* bass tone. It’s everything you need as we segue into summer.

“Gone So Long” by PAWS from the upcoming album ‘No Grace’ available on Fat Cat Records.




TRAAMS have created post-punk, krautrock inspired perfection. “Modern Dancing’s” 11 tracks move along at a brisk and urgent pace. Each track has something to offer the listener; zero filler. It is a rare thing for me to hear an album where I refuse to skip a track, but Modern Dancing fills that bill with gusto. I almost missed out on this album. Luckily, I skimmed through my favorite tracks of the year while I assembled my Best Albums of 2015 list. I had listed the raucous and fevered “Succulent Thunder Anthem” as a top track for August. I knew this was something special. Any songwriter that lists Mclusky, Pavement, and Television as influences has my attention. On top of those influences, They flawlessly blend a math rock meets krautrock meets post-punk style that never forgets to reel you in with catchy power pop hooks. It is perfection.