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The Wooden Sky has begun on a new trail. The Canadian band has three albums of solid indie-roots rock under their belts, but with this fourth record they are shifting. The sweet sounds of roots and country are still there, influencing everything from the vocals to the chug of the melody, but there sound is deeper. “Our Hearts Were Young” shows the band growing and reaching for a larger sound.


With atmospheric, War on Drugs like guitars and a swirling atmosphere that feels more influenced by mood music like M83 than the roots of yore – The Wooden Sky is absolutely adding new touchstones to their repertoire, and we couldn’t be more excited to see where it goes. Check out the track above and be sure to grab their fourth album on Chelsea Records / Nevado Music.


From The Wooden Sky’s upcoming new album Swimming In Strange Waters.


A hell of a way to open an album by giving it all you’ve got in the first four minutes and 56 seconds — but for The Wooden SkySwimming in Strange Waters”, proves it can set a blistering standard, be true to its heart and stay the course — no matter what.

Bandmates Gardiner, Simon Walker (multi-instrumentalist), Andrew Wyatt (multi-instrumentalist), Edwin Huizinga (violinist) and Andrew Kekewich (drummer) recorded their demos for the album in a farmhouse in rural Quebec three Januarys ago, then took a year-long break to tour. Coming back to the songs in March 2016, they decided not to rework things, instead recording the album takes in Gardiner’s home studio, live off the floor — just as they had the demos. What wasn’t recorded in Gardiner’s studio was done in Montreal’s Hotel2Tango and a Toronto church, all mixed by John Angello (Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Kurt Vile).


Swimming in Strange Waters will be released April 7th.

The finished product is a pulsing set of songs, alive with an energy that slows on ballads like “Born to Die” and fills out on the twangy “Matter of Time.” The hope in Gardiner’s voice as he sings “You’re not alone” on the track of the same name softens the lyrical blow of lines like, “Life is long and love is strange/ with any luck our luck could change.” But the strings on the song are enough of a buoy, as you fall in love all over again — with your person, and this band.

Swimming in Strange Waters is powerful and delicate — an album to both listen to and draw from for years to come.


From The Wooden Sky’s upcoming new album Swimming In Strange Waters.


The new Wooden Sky limited edition vinyl for “Swimming In Strange Waters”, which you can get by pre-ordering the album, is ready! This is a limited edition pressing limited to only 250 copies. Don’t miss out!

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To try and capture music burning with all the fury, fire and grit that make you fall in love with a live band in the first place. It is alchemy. And it’s achieved in spades by the band known as The Wooden Sky.

In the title track from its fifth full-length record, Swimming In Strange Waters, the Toronto five-piece transports you to frontman Gavin Gardiner’s home studio. Gardiner’s guttural and rousing vocals, the psychedelic swirl of screaming guitars and whirling organ and a rhythm section that feels at once deeply rooted and dangerously unpredictable are all mixed by the deft hand of John Agnello. You can feel it swelling into an almost uncomfortable wave of power — and that’s before you consider the intense and important story behind the song.

“Swimming In Strange Waters,” the band says, “Stems from a history of sexual abuse in the family and the confused emotions that ensue.” Listen, and listen again. Tucked in alongside the wailing guitars and warbling synths, you will find a brave poet is using his voice to make the unknown knowable — or, in his own words, an artist who “feel[s] the weight of responsibility to act and make things better for the people to come.”

That sense of responsibility has always been present for The Wooden Sky, which has previously written about the violence endured by indigenous women and whose upcoming record will include both a rallying cry against the Keystone XL pipeline and a song inspired by refugee families. This is a band that handles delicate subjects with psychedelic swagger and a depth of lyrical intelligence that is never too on-the-nose, but always powerful.

Very much enjoying this new direction The Wooden Sky seems to be heading. The Wooden Sky’s new album is coming April 7th 2017 via Nevado Music,Very excited to hear more.

With their upcoming album, “Let’s Be Ready”, the Wooden Sky rocks their roots in a big way with steely riffs and rumbling rhythms underneath often anthemic melodies. That bigger and bolder sound has emerged from the vigorous touring schedule they’ve maintained over the past few years. Naturally, the band wanted to capture that same raw energy on their new record.

Tasked with writing tunes that fit, front man Gavin Gardiner mined life and love for topics. Songs in hand, the band went back out to road test them. Some made the cut, some didn’t when the Wooden Sky returned home ready to record. In the studio, they tracked as much of the set as they could with live takes. They took the same approach when it came to putting the songs on video, including this bonus cut — their rendition of Tom Petty’s “American Girl.”

‘We still believe in rock and roll — this song embodies a lot of that spirit,” Gardiner explains. “It’s an early Tom Petty classic and one we’ve been playing live off and on for a few years. We were in a little beach town filming our own songs at an old theatre when one of the camera men, who’d been with us since our early days, asked us if we would play ‘American Girl’ for him. It had been a long day of filming, but we fired up one take for old times’ sake. When we got the footage back, it was clear that we’d captured something and thought maybe it was time we put our take on it out there into the world.”

Let’s Be Ready LP drops June on 16th via Nevado Music.


We’re excited to announce that you will finally be able to get a copy of our new album, “Let’s Be Ready”. We’ve partnered with longtime friends Nevado Records who will be releasing the record worldwide on June 16th. We have a handful of US appearances planned with many more to come later this summer.

The Wooden Sky has been making music for over a decade, so when one of the founding members left the band, the Toronto folk-rock band had to figure out how to regroup and move forward. Nowhere near calling it quits, they headed home to Canada and hit the recording studio. To capture the raw power of their live performances, they kept on the move, bouncing throughout several studios in Toronto. They’ll soon be emerging with Let’s Be Ready, their fourth full-length album,

“Maybe It’s No Secret,” the first single from the upcoming album, showcases the Wooden Sky’s exuberant and explosive style, which continues to unfold after repeated listening. It’s a rock-driven track, with steady percussion, playful guitar and an easy, melodic style that, when paired with Gavin Gardiner’s deep, folksy warble, is reminiscent of Tom Petty and other folk-rock greats. The Wooden Sky has a well-earned reputation for putting on incredible and unique live music experiences.

from the Hidden Studio Session, This time, they’ve found their way to the Indie88 Hidden Studio to perform “Saturday Night” from their new record Let’s Be Ready, as well as “North Dakota”, a classic from their 2007 debut album When Lost At Sea.




The past year was one of reinvention for the Wooden Sky. The Toronto roots-rockers ditched their label to start their own, switched up their lineup and, most noticeably, revamped their sound. While the band’s first three albums might have felt at home in a living room or the front of a church, “Let’s Be Ready” belongs in a rock club.

Of course, the Wooden Sky have been playing in those kinds of clubs all along, often re-imagining their folky, acoustic-led tunes as cathartic indie rock anthems in live settings. Their latest effort is the first to properly capture the powerful, ethereal energy that the five-piece conjures onstage in the process. You won’t find the raw energy of tracks like opener “Saturday Night,” the airy “Our Hearts Were Young” or uplifting “When The Day Is Fresh And The Light Is New” elsewhere in the band’s discography.


Nor will you find a sound quite like that of the Wooden Sky elsewhere in the scene. It wasn’t really begging to be reimagined — they were always masters of packaging terrific songwriting within a moody, atmospheric aesthetic — butLet’s Be Ready nevertheless took a chance, and it paid off in spades.

The Wooden Sky are a Canadian rock band based in Toronto, their last album from 2012 “Every Child A Daughter Every Moon a Son, the band are readying a new album

A Canadian Rock band based in Toronto, a folk and alt country band who released the album with a great title “If I dont Come Home You’ll Know I’ve Gone” .A new album is expected soon