The WOODEN SKY – ” Maybe Its No Secret “

Posted: April 12, 2015 in MUSIC
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We’re excited to announce that you will finally be able to get a copy of our new album, “Let’s Be Ready”. We’ve partnered with longtime friends Nevado Records who will be releasing the record worldwide on June 16th. We have a handful of US appearances planned with many more to come later this summer.

The Wooden Sky has been making music for over a decade, so when one of the founding members left the band, the Toronto folk-rock band had to figure out how to regroup and move forward. Nowhere near calling it quits, they headed home to Canada and hit the recording studio. To capture the raw power of their live performances, they kept on the move, bouncing throughout several studios in Toronto. They’ll soon be emerging with Let’s Be Ready, their fourth full-length album,

“Maybe It’s No Secret,” the first single from the upcoming album, showcases the Wooden Sky’s exuberant and explosive style, which continues to unfold after repeated listening. It’s a rock-driven track, with steady percussion, playful guitar and an easy, melodic style that, when paired with Gavin Gardiner’s deep, folksy warble, is reminiscent of Tom Petty and other folk-rock greats. The Wooden Sky has a well-earned reputation for putting on incredible and unique live music experiences.

from the Hidden Studio Session, This time, they’ve found their way to the Indie88 Hidden Studio to perform “Saturday Night” from their new record Let’s Be Ready, as well as “North Dakota”, a classic from their 2007 debut album When Lost At Sea.



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