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I Had A Dream That You Were Mine

At the moment among my favourite love sonsg is “A 1000 Times” by Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam. It has  haunting instrumentation coupled with Hamilton’s classic howl. It’s taken from the album “I Had A Dream That You Were Mine”. I have it on repeat on my Ipod, in the car, and on  our dog walks, If I had thought the song was likeable when I first heard it on the radio,  A truly incredible album from several very talented musicians. The throwback sound will make you feel nostalgic and the gripping vocals will echo in your ears. The somewhat surprising collaboration between key members of The Walkmen and Vampire Weekend. Plus a truly wonderful video.


Vampire Weekends Rostam Batmanglij and The Walkmens Hamilton Leithauser released their collaborative album “I had A Dream That You Were Mine”  last September check out the music video for “A 1000 Times” (co-directed by Josh Goleman and Rostam) from the record. It stars both of their dads, as well as actors portraying the band at various stages of their lives. Leithauser discussed the video “Both of our dads are going to be the stars of this thing,” he said. “I’m really into that.” .

In a press release, Rostam wrote:

There’s a photo hanging on the wall at Hamilton and his wife Anna’s apartment. It’s Hamilton as a teenager in a white shirt and black jeans, surrounded by 3 of his best friends wearing the same thing; they’re playing in a band on some sunny lawn. It looks like they might be covering “Louie Louie”. I think this photo is hung at my eye level because every time I’ve been to their apartment I’ve remembered seeing it. At some point something must have clicked and inspired me to come up with this video concept— though I gotta confess originally it was meant for a different song we wrote together, one called “I Retired”. Also I want to give a shout out to Josh Goleman—this is the 3rd video we’ve directed together. I think we’re on to something.

Hamilton added:

The first concert I ever saw in my life was my dad’s band ‘The Del Ray Desperados.’  My dad was (and still is) the lead singer, Don Zientara was (and still is) on guitar, and there’s no question that’s where I got the idea that maybe I could try it some day.  When I heard the idea for this video, I knew my dad would pull it off, and I also knew there was only one kid who could get the job done right.  As anyone can see, Sam Nivola is only a few years (months?) from stardom.

The musical partnership between Hamilton Leithauser and Rostam Batmanglij began, as so many do, by disturbing the parental peace. The former lead singer for the Walkmen and former multi-instrumentalist from Vampire  Weekend are both originally from the city of Washington, D.C., and they’d meet up when they went home for the holidays. 

Leithauser, now based in Brooklyn, and Batmanglij, who was based in Brooklyn but now lives in Los Angeles, released their first collaborative album together,  “I Had A Dream That You Were Mine” ,

Written and recorded from July 2014 to February 2016, the record pairs one of rock’s great voices with a pop auteur . The result are lush arrangements and doo-wop tropes Batmanglij toyed with on the last Vampire Weekend album and fills them with another charismatic vocalist from indie rock band The Walkmen, Hamilton Leithauser, who brings his smoky croon and elegantly rumpled lyrics. 

The two first met in March 2008, when Vampire Weekend were in Atlanta to open for the Walkmen, Leithauser and Batmanglij didn’t start working on songs together until years later, beginning with “1959,” which turned out to be the final song on I Had a Dream That You Were Mine . Batmanglij ended up writing, producing, and performing on two tracks from Leithauser’s solo debut LP, 2014’s “Black Hours” (“Alexandra” and “I Retired”). “It was a progression from there,” Leithauser says. They recorded almost the whole album in Batmanglij’s home studio in Los Angeles making it the first LP cut there—except for the drums, played by the White Rabbits Stephen Patterson, which they did in an outside studio.

They decided to bill themselves by their names, rather than as another Hamilton Leithauser solo record that happened to be co-written and produced by Batmanglij  “We wanted to put the record out in that way that both of our identities would be intact, said Batmanglij .

Peter Matthew Bauer former member of that great band The Walkmen, now with a new inspiring band featuring members of the Fleet Foxes and the Sound Team, if Hamilton Leithauser carried the expectation, Peter Matthew Bauer provided the unexpected highlight! Peter roped in a band of “dirtbag greasers” to help him make a thrilling step into the solo limelight, with a record that brought a huge variety of influences and experiences together into a coherent and timeless debut album.

Lyrically curious, it dealt openly with his experiences of religion, and in particular spirituality, all told with an open mind and the feeling of listening to someone with a great understanding of both the pros and cons.


Musically it was a thrilling ride through the best bits of the American music scene and infused them with some distinctly middle-eastern sounds. A record packed full of hooks, it slowly weaves it’s way into your brain and stays with you long after it’s finished, it’s a record we’ve gone back to time after time and it just gets better on every listen,


When The Walkmen announced their “extreme hiatus” at the back end of last year, we began to worry we might loose the talented New Yorkers forever. Luckily in 2014 they showed that whilst the band might not be going strong, the musicians within are still relentlessly creative and stunningly talented.Of course the man with the most pressure on his shoulders was frontman Hamilton Leithauser. As the spokesman for the band he carried with him into his solo career a sense of expectation, and on “Black Hours” he did not disappoint. He pulled off the tough balancing act of remaining loyal to his established fan base and taking his music into new directions with aplomb! Fans of The Walkmen need look no further than I Don’t Know or closing track The Smallest Splinter.

Those of us who wanted to see what makes him stand out as a solo artist though, were arguably treated even better. Gorgeous crooned-piano ballads, like 5AM & St Mary’s Country were equal parts Frank Sinatra and Tom Waits. Dylanish-country stompers like I Retired and the frankly bonkers run-away mine train feel of lead single Alexander. It was an album that had so much to give already, and yet hinted that even better might be to come. The Walkmen are dead long live The Walkmen!


Bob Boilen Tiny Desk Concert’s feature some great bands and musician and this is really special Hamilton leithauser the frontman from the incendiary band THE WALKMEN  performs some songs from his solo album “BLACK HOURS” while the band take a hiatus with the Walkmens Paul Maroon on guitar a great performance,

the former Walkmen frontman lead singer Hamilton Leithauser releases his first solo album later this month titled “BLACK HOURS” there has already been a fair few tracks available and it all sounds so good, Loud Rock’n Roll and piano led solo songs and orchestrated rhythms.Other members of the Walkmen already have solo albums ready and waiting its been good times for fans of this brilliant band.


Peter Matthew Bauer and one of the other WALKMEN band members to have a solo album out this month,



Another track from the upcoming solo album BLACK HOURS from the vocalist Hamilton Leithauser of the Walkmen not out now until June 2nd , but this further track is a great song he has also announced Hamilton will be at the GREEN MAN FESTIVAL in August.

Frontman and Lead singer for the legendary WALKMEN has this excellent lead single for the new album “BLACK HOURS” also features Dirty Projectors member Amber Coffman,