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Vampire Weekend have released a new EP featuring two reinterpretations of their Father of the Bride highlight “2021,” recorded by jazz artist Sam Gendel and Connecticut jam band Goose respectively. Each version is 20 minutes and 21 seconds long, hence the title “40:42″. You can find Gendel and Goose’s renditions below.

Vampire Weekend commissioned Sam Gendel to reimagine their song 2021. The only directive was to make it twenty minutes and twenty-one seconds long. In addition to the music, Sam created the original, improvised animation. Ezra Koenig is an outspoken fan of jam bands, and has incorporated the music of the Grateful Dead into Vampire Weeekend’s own performances in the past, so it should come as no surprise to hear Vampire Weekend turned to a talented, up-and-coming band like Goose and a bold, avant-garde jazz musician in Gendel to help stretch the shortest song on Father of the Bride to a runtime worthy of the term “jam.”

“2021” was released alongside “Harmony Hall” as the first singles from Father of the Bride. The song is built around a sample of Haruomi Hosono’s “Talking.”

Vampire Weekend commissioned the  breakout rock/jam outfit Goose to reimagine their song 2021. The only directive was to make it twenty minutes and twenty-one seconds long. Vampire Weekend wanted to go with the two new covers reads, The 40:42 EP is out now. We asked two of our favourite artists (West Coast saxophonist Sam Gendel and the Connecticut-based jam vanguards Goose) to create 20 minute 21 second versions of “2021.” They knocked it out of the park.

Both created striking, exploratory works that stand on their own. We hope these 40 minutes and 42 seconds of music will provide some peaceful, vibey atmosphere as we all move through 2021.

The 40:42 EP. Out now:

Rostam (full name Rostam Batmanglij, formerly of Vampire Weekend) shared a new song, “Unfold You,” via a video for it. Rostam self-directed the video, which features himself and actress Hari Hef . “Unfold You” was inspired by a Nick Hakim song and features saxophone playing by Henry Solomon. Sax sells! Meaning, the sax part sent the song over the edge. 

Rostam released his debut solo album, Half-Light, in 2017 via Nonesuch Records. Since then he’s produced the latest albums by Clairo and Haim.  In recent years, Rostam has focused primarily on producing, working with Clairo on Immunity and Haim on their new album Women In Music Pt. III. Although the ex-Vampire Weekend member has not formally announced a new project, “Unfold You” is his first official new solo music since 2017’s Half Light. “Under a lulling beat, mesmerizing saxophone licks, and shimmering keys, ‘Unfold You’ speaks to Rostam’s willingness to be open to a new love,”

Rostam had this to say about “Unfold You” in a lengthy press release statement:

“In November 2017 I played a show with Nick Hakim at Cafe De La Danse in Paris. This was the first Rostam show outside of America. I wasn’t familiar with Nick’s music but I was immediately drawn to it. Later that night in my hotel room I was winding down after the show and listening to some of Nick’s records. The song ‘Papas Fritas’ came on, it’s an instrumental track, and I suddenly found myself singing a melody over it and recorded that in my voice memos. Anyone writing songs probably has a few hundred voice memos on their phone. I kept coming back to this one though, and when I returned from a North American tour in February 2018 I booked some days at my favourite Vox Studios in Hollywood.  

“That’s where I first met Henry Solomon, who came in to play sax on ‘Unfold You.’ I had written out some sax lines for a few sections of the song, but others we arranged together in the studio. I wasn’t exactly sure where ‘Unfold You’ would land. I hadn’t finished writing the song, but I continued building out the track with Nick’s ‘Papas Fritas’ as its backbone. I decided I’d let the recording process take me where it would.

“‘Unfold You’ was the first thing me and Henry had worked on. A year later, I’d ask him to come back to Vox and record some sax lines I sketched out for the song ‘Summer Girl,’ which I was producing for Haim. Henry can also be found playing himself in PTA’s [Paul Thomas Anderson] video for the song.  “Summer Girl’ came out within a few months of us starting to record it, but ‘Unfold You’ took years. In some ways it had to—because the recording of the song tracks an evolution and a metamorphosis for me. As I write this, I’m finishing a record that deals a lot with the subject of change and for this whole album, change was what I was searching for musically.

In the summer of 2016, I was sitting on a park bench on Commercial street in Provincetown, Massachusetts. I found myself in conversation with a stranger who left me with a piece of advice that has stuck with me. ‘Change is good,’ he said, ‘Go with it.

Rostam had this to add about the video: “Hari and I found ourselves in the same quarantine pod in Massachusetts this past July. We also found we had a bunch in common, having gone to the same college nine years apart. The video was shot on the Dune Shacks Trail during the last several days of the trip.”

Father of the Bride is Vampire Weekend’s fourth album, It’s the long-awaited follow-up to 2013’s Modern Vampires of the City. Since then founding member/producer Rostam Batmanglij left the band as a full-time member.

It’s been almost six years since we last heard from New York’s Ezra Koenig and co. Here they have gone deep into the address book and called upon a wide array of collaborators from Danielle Haim to Hans Zimmer to Mark Ronson. It all comes together thanks to careful indie-pop curation from Koenig.

Previously Vampire Weekend shared two songs from Father of the Bride“Harmony Hall” and “2021,” as well as a video for “Harmony Hall.” Then they shared two more songs: “Sunflower” (which features Steve Lacy of The Internet and “Big Blue.”Then they shared a video for “Sunflower” directed by actor Jonah Hill and featuring comedy legend Jerry Seinfeld and rapper/visual artist Fab 5 Freddy. Then they shared another two songs: “This Life”and“Unbearably White.”

“This Life,” which features backing vocals from Danielle Haim of the band HAIM, “We Belong Together,” a duet with Haim, .

This year Vampire Weekend released a new album, Father of the Bride, today via Columbia. The band already shared six songs prior to the album’s release, but the album features 18 tracks so there are 12 other songs . Three of those songs are duets with Danielle Haim of HAIM, including album opener “Hold You Now.” Our favorite of the non-singles is probably another duet with Haim, “We Belong Together.” In it the band’s Ezra Koenig and Haim sing about all the ways they belong together, but also admit that it might not be enough to actually keep them together.

There is a simple rule in pop music: if you find yourself with a double album to fill, make a bloody mess out of it. You can eventually locate unity or conceptualism à la The Who or The Kinks—but for god’s sake, have a mad blast either way. For their first album in six years, Vampire Weekend and singer-songwriter Ezra Koenig sailed beyond the alterna-nerd pop Graceland cover act usual. Here, Koenig and VW jump through piano-rich ballads, bachelor pad lounge music, jam sounds, outlaw country, samba, emo, and cinematic atmospheres, making it all sound unified and blissfully cascading in a fashion you’ve never heard from them before. The not-so-haunted proceedings of Father of the Bride are more theatrical and orchestrated—but with just a smidgen less quirk and busywork—than their music of the past. We knew that Vampire Weekend was charmed, but on Bride, they’ve actually become charming.

Father of the Bride feels like Vampire Weekend has grown up emotionally, and their music is richer for it. It’s an ambitious double album, sweeping through the joy, the pain, the success and the failure of young adult life.

The catchy hooks and sing-a-long lyrics are still there in tracks like ‘Harmony Hall’, ‘Bambina’ and ‘This Life’, and there’s some impressive collabs with Danielle Haim, Mark Ronson, and The Internet’s Steve Lacy.

Father of the Bride is the band’s fourth album. The band’s last album was 2013’s Modern Vampires of the City.

This record is an incredible listen , yes. It is also more than that. It is an artistic touchstone. It stands as an example of how great art should make you feel, of the line between accessibility and profundity, A forward-facing album with a focus on the theme of rebirth, it does, at times, look over its shoulder, taking inspiration from classic country.

Father of the Bride released 3rd May 2019:

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Vampire Weekend have shared yet another taste of their highly-anticipated LP Father of the Bride” in the form of two singles, entitled “This Life” and “Unbearably White.” . The rollout to “Father of the Bride” – due out on May 3rd – CONTINUES!.

Following on from the release of “Sunflower,” Vampire Weekend return with “This Life.”

It’s an ebullient piece of music that finds Ezra Koenig sharing vocal duties with Danielle Haim, with both artists singing about life’s woes over a sanguine guitar line that alludes to Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl.”

The first tune features additional vocals from Haim guitarist Danielle Haim as well as guitar work by Time Crisis (Jake Longstreth), who hosts a Beats1 radio show with VW frontman Ezra Koenig.

On the other hand, the very tongue-in-cheek “Unbearably White” – which acknowledges a criticism often hurled at the band – is a production-heavy, somewhat psychedelic come down.

Father of the Bride will be release on May 3rd via Columbia Records

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Last week, Vampire Weekend continued to roll out tracks from their upcoming new album, Father of the Bride” (due out May 3rd via Columbia Records), and today the band shared a new video for one of the new tunes, “Sunshine,” a playful track featuring The Internet’s Steve Lacy.

The video, which was directed by Jonah Hill and features some disorienting camera work, follows Lacy and frontman Ezra Koenig as they walk through Upper East Side Manhattan staples Zabar’s and Barney Greengrass, and happen to run into comedian Jerry Seinfeld at the latter establishment.

Vampire Weekend will play a run of London shows later this month

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Vampire Weekend are rolling out the advance tracks from their new double album two at a time. At the top of this year, Ezra Koenig explained that we were to expect a two-song dispatch once a month until “Father Of The Bride” sees official release this spring. That began last January with “Harmony Hall” and “2021” but February’s planned pair of tracks did not materialize. Koenig told us on Instagram last week, the band “wanted to get it out in February but we were convinced by intelligent people to wait a week to get some ducks in a row.”

So now, a week into March, comes the latest double drop. They’ve also confirmed a March 5th release date for Father Of The Bride and revealed its official cover art.

The ostensible A-side of this latest pairing is “Sunflower” which will soon have a video directed by Jonah Hill at Zabar’s on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. A collaboration with the Internet’s Steve Lacy, it’s billed as “the sibling song” of “Flower Moon” which Vampire Weekend previewed at a show last summer. The other song out today is “Big Blue” which got its first airing at a Lollapalooza .

Father Of The Bride is Vampire Weekend’s first album in a whopping six years. Their last release was 2013’s masterful Modern Vampires Of The City. A lot has happened since then, including the departure of founding member Rostam Batmanglij, though he was still involved with the creation of Father Of The Bride.

Vampire Weekend at Lollapalooza music festival photographed by Koury Angelo in Chicago, IL, USA on 04 August, 2018 for Rolling Stone.

“In some ways [our first three albums were] like kind of one massive period of obsessing, making music, touring, all those things,” Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig has said. “I think now for the first time in a long time I kinda feel like, a little bit more relaxed. Like, ‘Yeah, we’ll definitely make a fourth album.'” Details are still scant, but the indie rock foursome’s leader revealed that he wants their fourth album to “feel like a new era.” He also said that discarded songs from the Modern Vampires sessions are among the tracks being considered for the as-yet-untitled project.

The NYC outfit recently returned with the joyous new track to launch their upcoming album, ‘Father Of The Bride‘. Ezra Koenig and co. have also announced a lengthy US tour, along with a summer date in Dublin. Now, the group have shared the colourful new visuals for their comeback tune.

The ‘Harmony Hall’ video sees Vampire Weekend cooking up pancakes as a snake lurks around their vibrant kitchen. Later, we see the guys perform in a candlelit room, backed by a dazzling Catherine wheel firework.

Harmony Hall/2021 available everywhere now

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Vampire Weekend fans have been waiting for the band’s fourth album (possibly titled Mitsubishi Macchiato, but also probably not) for absolutely ages. The follow-up to 2013’s Modern Vampires of the City is the band’s first album for a major label, and is, according to frontman Ezra Koenig, complete. It will be the first Vampire Weekend album since the group’s Rostam Batmanglij left to pursue a career as a solo artist and pop songwriter, although he will contribute to the album in some capacity, and Ariel Rechtshaid, who worked on the group’s last record, is back on board. There’s no release date, but the band did debut a few new songs at a Lollapalooza aftershow. In the meantime, there’s always Neo Yokio.

After a very long rollout, Vampire Weekend have finally released their first new songs since 2013’s great Modern Vampires of the City, “Harmony Hall” and “2021.” They’ve also revealed that the “FOTB” initials for their new album title stand for Father of the Bride. As hinted when he first left the band, this is their first album without Rostam Batmanglij but Rostam did contribute production to the album.

“Harmony Hall” is one of Vampire Weekend’s classic Paul Simon-esque tunes, but a little folkier and more stripped back than we’re used to from VW. It’s got a callback to the “I don’t wanna live like this, but I don’t wanna die” line from “Finger Back,” and it features a Grateful Dead-esque guitar solo from Greg Leisz. “2021” is more of an ambient interlude type song, and it samples Yellow Magic Orchestra’s Haruomi Hosono.

Father of the Bride is an 18-song double album, expected out this year (exact release date TBA), and Ezra Koenig said in a Beats 1 interview with Matt Wilkinson that they’re putting out at least four more songs before its release. He also mentioned that The Internet’s Steve Lacy contributed to the album.

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ROSTAM – ” In A River “

Posted: September 14, 2018 in MUSIC
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Rostam Batmanglij is a man of his word: The Grammy-winning multi-instrumentalist who first came to fame as a member of Vampire Weekend recently teased the impending release of the first single from his forthcoming second solo album, and said single has indeed arrived. “In A River” is Rostam’s first new music since the September 2017 release of his acclaimed solo debut Half-Light, though the details of his follow-up album remain mostly under wraps. “In A River” opens only with bright mandolin chords and the idyllic intimacy evoked by Rostam’s vocals (“Slide into the cool mud / Underneath the pines / Somewhere to your right or left / Is my body you can find”), which are soon joined in the chorus by a thumping 808 beat. Like its eponymous body of water, the song slows and speeds at intervals, contracting and expanding its instrumental palette in a way that feels as unknowable as nature. The song’s core sentiment is as simple as its instrumentation is complex: “We are swimming / with no clothes on / in a river in the dark,” Rostam sings. “And I am holding / onto you, boy / in the faint light of the stars.”


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The ex-Vampire Weekend songwriter and instrumentalist has worked all over pop music in the past few years—producing Charlie XCX, making an album with the Walkmen’s Hamilton Leithauser, remixing Ty Dolla Sign, among many other projects. Now he’s throwing it all into his own debut album, Half-Light, with the big drums and singalong melodies we’ve come to expect from Vampire Weekend, filtered through a singular songwriter with as much potential as anyone working today.

Rostam’s “Bike Dream” from the album Half-Light, due September 15, 2017 on Nonesuch Records.