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UK group Snapped Ankles have once again descended from the trees to gift the world with a new album, their third “Forest Of Your Problems” , Due out on July 2nd via The Leaf Label. If you’re unfamiliar, legend has it Snapped Ankles are wildmen of the woods, living in the branches and looking like a pile of leaves that have come to life to play danceable komische post-punk with a mix of synthesizers, guitars and foraged instrumentation. They produced this one themselves with regular collaborator and The Comet Is Coming member Danalogue on mixing duties.

There’s a new congregation in the forest! After a year of solitude in the woods, faced with tangible apocalyptic threats to the modern world, the woodwose are back!, But the community has divided, boundaries have been marked out and hedges erected.

The four tribes have gone to war. Choose your doctrine. The Business Imp, The Nemophile, The Cornucopian and The Protester all want to save you, take you to the moon, smother you in wellness or just sell you a tree to hug. It’s a dark fearful world out there and here are your spirit guides to lead you through the Forest Of Your Problems. Take care on the path!

The first single from the album is “Rhythm is Our Business,” a storming, crazed banger set to a manic beat that owes just a little to The Fall and maybe a little to the B-52s. The band have also announced a fall UK/EU tour, Snapped Ankles‘ last album, Stunning Luxury. 

 The Cornucopian Edition: exclusive to Rough Trade Shops. Individually numbered transparent blue vinyl with black splatter LP in paper bag + bonus ‘Parasite Sessions’ CD

• The Nemophile Edition: Bandcamp exclusive ‘woodland healing’ recycled vinyl with pink splatter LP in paper bag (also available with exclusive T-shirt)

• The Protester Edition: ‘forest floor’ recycled vinyl LP (available in the best independent record shops worldwide)

• The Business Imp Edition: black vinyl LP

Taken from Snapped Ankles third album “Forest Of Your Problems”, released 2nd July 2021.

BAY 126VRT The Cornucopian mockup with inner and bag RGB300


Snapped Ankles release their brand new violations of songs by Can (Bel Air), The Fugs (CIA Man), Joey Beltram (Energy Flash) and The Comateens (Ghosts). Famed in mediaeval folklore, it has been suggested that the woodwose represent the opposite of civilisation. Outcasts at the fringes of society – that place inhabited by hunters, criminals, religious hermits, herdsmen, and others who operate on the margins. That place where rock and roll found its voice, long before its inevitable commodification. On Violations Snapped Ankles dare to show their hand. Here are the records and artists that shaped them. Outsider music. Recreated on logs and drums and rusty wire. Shot through with tetanus, electricity and bile. Society is on the verge of collapse. Get out while you still can.


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The bundle of joy born today, June 1st, 2018, Whale City. What a luxury. Welcome to Whale City. 2018.  Brain-melting psychedelic riffage, frantic punky percussion and jagged, thumping bass licks. Warmduscher have crafted a dynamic combination of heavy, mindless riffs and meticulously crafted nuanced rock, like only they can.

The second album from Warmduscher. South London recidivists Warmduscher include members of Paranoid London, Fat White Family and Childhood. There is power in repetition. Longtime Warmduscher biographer Dr Alan Goldfarb describes Whale City as “a rock opera so vast in magnitude that – were in not for my being strapped naked to a chair in a garage – could send a man hurtling towards the outer perimeters of uncharted space.” It’s difficult to argue with. The characters that inhabit Whale City are, as the title suggests, larger than most aquatic life forms. A cast of millions. Pretty Lilly, Whale Jimmy, Uncle Sleepover, Ice Cream Keith, Disco Minny. The people you walk by late at night with bottles in their hands and money in their pockets. The woman with bright red lipstick and straight razor smiles. Thrill seekers to a person. Powerful. Intoxicated.


Intoxicating. In the words of Clams Baker, Whale City is “a playground for the people that have stepped above and beyond their comfort zone.” What are you waiting for? If you love the repetition of the Fall, the chaos of Fat White Family and own a Pebbles or Nuggets compilations – then this a must have.

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Snapped Ankles release their brand new violations of songs by Can (‘Bel Air’), The Fugs (‘CIA Man’), Joey Beltram (‘Energy Flash’) and The Comateens (‘Ghosts’). Limited white vinyl edition with download code. From the forest floor: These four tracks were dug up from the sturdy roots of the Ankles undergrowth – but in the process the original recordings were damaged. We reconstructed them using the latest in biomechanical stem re-assemblage processes, which invariably has lead to some misinterpretations and considerable violations of the original recordings. As we tried to decipher the magical genetic code of the originals, events around them informed the nature of these violations; forest fires tore through the wealthy neighbourhood of Bel Air, friends vanished into the dating app dimension never to be seen in solid earthly form again, and as our log synths pounded along to a broken copy of Joey Beltram’s ‘Energy Flash’, we created a possession so potent that the we were left pondering the difference between the mental states of ‘trance’ and ‘ecstasy’. Having unearthed The Fugs’ ‘CIA Man’ some years before, we were shocked to discover a newer more sinister agency had taken over from the diatribe’s protagonist with an updated set of ills. Now the forest is full of agents, we are taping up our microphones and masking our connections!

SNAPPED ANKLES release new video for CIA Man (NSA Man Violation) from their upcoming #RSD18release off the Violations EP. The white vinyl features four tracks which have been re-interpreted and violated compared to the original recordings.

The Best Light Is The Last Light is the new EP from woodland agitators Snapped Ankles, following their debut Leaf single ‘I Want My Minutes Back’ with something a little more substantial to get your teeth into. Since their move to the city, the woodwose have gorged on cinema and left this gleaming carcass. Read about the band and E.P. in the latest edition of Electronic Sound magazine. Listened to it last night . Loved it. Bought the vinyl this morning. Can’t wait for the album now!


‘Now settled in fertile east London, SNAPPED ANKLES maintain the feral energy of the forest. Fight or flight. Primal motorik rhythms, the rush of white noise and post-punk angles; an aural onslaught played out on homemade log synths, electrified guitars and sticks beating hell on taut animal skin.

Snapped Ankles have flourished in the sub-tropical climes of warehouse and squat parties, moving onto performance art collaborations with filmmakers and shows in unlikely locations such as barber shops, games arcade and the forests they once called home. They plough a singular furrow at improbable angles. The woodwose have discovered electricity and they’re not afraid to use it.’

SNAPPED ANKLES will be live in-store at Rough Trade Nottingham for a special album launch show, celebrating the release of their debut album ‘Come Play the Trees’, released 29th September on The Leaf Label.

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Colleen’s fifth studio LP, will be released this April on Thrill Jockey Records. COLLEEN’s US and EU dates features a special evening at Cork Opera House (w/ Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh) on Sunday May 3rd 2015. aka Cécile Schott, is really one of those artists where if you know, you know. Her run of albums from 2003-2007, mostly on The Leaf Label presented an exquisite set of dream-worlds, where you could easily drift away on her loops of cellos, bells, flutes and musical boxes. But then a six-year hiatus from the music world made it almost seem like it HAD been a dream. However, she returned with The Weighing of the Heart in 2013, easily up there with her very best work – and now, teamed up with Thrill Jockey, she’s showing that she’s stronger than ever. This is the first track from her Captain of None album coming on April 7th, and damn, it’s beautiful.